20 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 6

Well goodness me, its been a pretty stressy busy few days! I think I might have written that the move has been 'relatively stress free' on last week's post, well that's caught up with me now! LOL!

This past weekend was the final weekend of the moving, everything is out of my flat now, including the cat! My my I have a lot of stuff, you don't realise this fact until you start packing it all up and transporting it from one place to another.

But it's all done, everything is in its new home, I just need to spend a bit of time at the flat cleaning it up before I hand back the keys. That might be a tough one....

So let's keep focused on the positive, with this week's happy thoughts...

1. That 5pm feeling.  As much as I do like my job, I like coming home from work even more! As I have so so much to do at home with moving I have just been desperate for time spent in my new house. I want to finish the unpacking, and organise everything, settle Meg in and just enjoy being with Mark. I have been feeling that 5pm freedom feeling acutely this week.

2. Surprise cupcakes. My friend Anna (who I also work with, yeah!) popped up to visit me in the office on Monday morning, said 'Happy Monday' and popped the prettiest yellow cupcake on my desk! How sweet! A lovely gesture, it put a smile on my face all day, not least when I scoffed it down at lunch time, it was delicious! Thanks Anna! :-)

3. A new route. You know when you walk the same old route every day, everything looks the same, you stop noticing something new and you just drift off into auto-pilot. Well of course I moved house so I have new routes to figure out. I love the feeling of approaching a familiar place from a different viewpoint and route. Do you know what I mean? Ever get to your house by approaching the other end of the street? It makes it look and feel SO different? Just me? Approaching work this week from a different road has been so interesting.

4. New Cons. I live in Converse! I have a classic black pair of lows that I wear with dresses (I'm always casual, even in a dress!) and I have a black 'high' pair that have some studs on (ooh!) that I wear with jeans. I have TONS of other pretty shoes, but I always just want to wear my cons. They go with everything! My mum recently introduced me to a weird sale shopping site where she bought a bag. She informed me they had a Converse sale, so I was straight there. SO many pairs, and all pretty much half the price you pay in the shops, score! I spotted the perfect pair, half way between a lo and a high (who knew they existed!!!) and they are stripey and have red stars on the tongues, I'm more than a little bit in love with them. 

5. A field to myself. I love walking home from work to my parent's house across the local park. The park is exactly in between my parent's house and work and is just the loveliest of routes when I am going to visit them. The last leg of the walk is through a field, we always knew it as 'the Cow's Field' when we were little and used to sneak off to play there. It is usually a gamble whether it is soggy and muddy (my Cons arn't terribly practical footwear now!! hehe) but I mostly always have the field to myself. I can't help but turn back several times as I walk across and just stop and enjoy the view and the peace.

6. Wooly Wednesday. So not only is today Wonderful Wednesday but it is Wooly Wednesday too. We have started a new gang at work for crafters. The aim is to get some work colleagues together every Wednesday lunch time and knit or crochet or stitch together, have a chat and eat our lunch... It's not happened yet as I write this but just the thought of some sociable crochet time is really making me smile.

7. Meg in her new home. Well, I won't lie it hasn't gone too great. She was incredibly scared in her box in the car and then when we let her out in the bedroom she climbed into the bed, made herself a nest under the covers and stayed there all day. We eventually got her out and she darted straight under the chest of drawers. She didn't eat or sleep for 36 hours, but last night she was relaxing a bit, treadling my lap, purring away and even washing herself. She's eaten now too. Mark and I have been imagining Meg at this house for ages so its SO nice to finally have her here... enjoying all the big bright windows to look out of. 

8. Taylor Swift. In particular THIS the best thing I've watched in aaaaages! Can TS be any more perfect? I love her! This little question series on Vogue's Youtube channel is so fascinating to me, I've loved the others they have done too, like Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon, if you are into your celebrities, DO give this a watch.

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  1. Such a lovely little list! I love the idea of Woolly Wednesdays - and also the idea of using your lunchour a bit more productively, what a nice idea. Also nice that you've got things in common with those you work with too, since we do spend such a huge amount of time there!

    Don't judge but.....i don't own a pair of trainers at all, let alone a pair of converse - i sort of don't think i'm cool enough...? Also i have a pretty pair of pastel cath k pumps that just make my feet seem huge. Weird. I'm okay with that though, i'm all about the impractically coloured brogues with ribbons for laces.....

    Poor Meg! Bless her! Glad to hear she's getting settled in now though. It sounds like it'll be a lovely place for her to be and she'll have two people to give her tummy tickles instead of just one so that can't be bad!

    Happy mid-week xxxxx

  2. Oh I completely understand the moving nightmares and how somehow the stress doesn't creep up on you until right at the end! I had a big cry when we came back to our flat to do a final clean before handing the keys back. It was very cathartic though and I haven't looked back since, and your new happy little home with Mark and Meg (now that she's settled in!) is going to be great.

    I love converse too! I've been considering getting some new ones too - I have two pairs - black and green but the black ones are almost worn through now. I used to have a red pair, which I also wore until they fell apart, and have been thinking about getting a new pair of those... I found some laces with strawberries on which I paired them with!

    Love the idea of your crafty Wednesday lunchtimes :) Thank you so much for your crochet tips - I've ordered some hooks and wool, but still waiting for the hooks to arrive!

    Have a lovely weekend xx


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