25 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 10

1. A week off. YES! I am off this week, wuhu, this in itself is all the wonderful I need really. I seem to have been waiting for this week for so so long. Of course whilst dreaming about it it was to be the prefect week, a great mix of productive stuff done in the house and lovely sunny days out etc. Then I will go back to work all fresh and motivated. But somehow it is Wednesday already and er, not been quite so productive as I'd planned! hehe

2. Lazy unplanned days. I love to plan, I love to feel like I have achieved something. But the first proper days of my hol I've done precisely nothing! I've taken some naps, I've watched a lot of YouTube, curled up with a purry Meg... just pottered about... and it has been nice. I've not felt like doing much really. Sometimes it's nice just to be lazy.

3. A day with Dad and Kara. So I haven't been in the house all the time this week, on Sunday Dad and I went for a lovely walk up to Alston and the South Tyne Railway. We enjoyed our day in Keswick the other week a lot but we both felt guilty for not taking the dog! haha (dog people will get this!!!) so we chose a day out where Kara could come to. We walked up the line a few miles as far as we could go, had a little picnic and then got the little model train back again. I love this walk, a very fave.

4. The perfect chocolate brownie. I've been eating healthily for the past few weeks, but of course life is for living so I am allowing myself a little treat. That treat came in brownie form on Sunday on my day out. Now I don't know if it's just been a while since I ate anything like this or this was simply THE most perfect chocolate brownie ever. Gooey, thick and almost black in the middle with that delicate crisp crackley outside... oh dear god, I could eat these until they come out of my ears...!

5. Camping to look forward to. So it's not going to be a completely boring week of staying indoors... we have been planning a little camping trip. The first camping trip of the year is always Keswick, it's a little tradition of ours. (Check back on my blog posts past few years!!!) Keswick is easy, we know it super well and it's really close to home if it rains too much and the tent collapses. (Pessimistic much, NO we just live in Cumbria!!!) I cannot wait to be outside for 2 nights and 3 days.... I really feel like I need this little trip.

6. Super bright flowers. All of a sudden, everywhere all of the bright big flowers have popped up! They do this to me every year, I never seem to catch the bud stage... I just look around one day and they they all are. A lovely sight. I couldn't stop snapping on a little walk over to my parent's house the other morning... Rhododendrons are a fave, the biggest and brightest ones, and then loads of others I won't ever know the names of (as much as my Mum tries to tell me!).

7. A dainty lunch. So I did venture out for a couple of hours on Tuesday, actually walked to work (ugh) but only to meet friends to go out for lunch. There have been two birthdays recently so any excuse to celebrate in a dainty tea room with the promise of amazing cake! and what a lovely little place, all dainty cups and saucers and proper cake forks. A very lovely place with lovely people, made me smile a lot.

8. Finding the perfect top. Well that's probably a very bold statement to make, as said top has not even arrived yet and I've never seen it in real life... but I just KNOW it will be perfect (or rather I just know there will be tantrums if not!). I have an idea in my head of what I want my summer wardrobe to be and I've been scouring ALL the online clothes shops to find the bits I need. But I found THE top the other evening and quick as a flash with a couple of clicks it shall be mine... but then the waiting... moan and double groan!

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  1. Yes yes YESSSSSS! to weeks off, always to chocolate brownies {my all-time favourite treat!}, to ALL of the colour all of a sudden {in fact i also wittered on about this!} and you lucky duck for a lovely weekend camping! I shall do a merry sun dance for you!

    Thanks so much for joining along lovely Jo xxxx

  2. Ahhhh weeks off are so wonderful! They could be the entirety of a Wonderful Wednesday post! Hope you have a really lovely time.

    Heee I loved the picture of your dainty lunch that you posted on Instagram...I seem to recall I was feeling quite hungry at the time and your picture only amplified that!

    Enjoy your week - have a fab camping trip! C xx

  3. Hope you had the most wonderful week off, sometimes it's a great thing not to have any plans and to just see what your body wants! Off to find your camping posts, I need some fodder to persuade the husband he wants to camp again-he's in a post cruise delusion of grandeur!
    Have a lovely weekend
    M X


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