4 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 8

Another week down already! Phew, this one has wizzed by, come to think of it April has wizzed by too, so much so I've completely forgotten to blog my month in review... I wonder how late TOO late is!? hmm...

Anywho... I am trying my best to always find time for this little post, as compiling it makes me smile. The lovely lovely comments I have received every week on these rambly musings make me smile EVER so much, so thank you all!

So this is what's been keeping me going this week...

1. Date night. Mark and I went on a proper traditional date night this week, dinner and a movie! We went out for a lovely Italian and then to see Captain America: Civil War, it was a good film, the food was yummy and the company not bad either! wuhu. I love going to the cinema, we like our 3D films, get the VIP seats, Fanto Frozen big cups and snacks... I could honestly see anything, the film doesn't really matter, but sharing the experience with someone nice.

2. M&S cookie dough bites. Erm, YES! That's all that needs to be said really... Just heaven in a mouthful ... Go and find these at once... they are stupidly good.

3. A new place to run. I love my running (haven't done as much as I would hope recently, but let's not dwell on that...) I had my usual running spots which is probably not ever a good idea as you get into a routine and have the usual 'stopping' and resting spots too! I've moved house now.. so need new running places... along the river on a lovely path through fields, past dog walkers... that will do nicely...

4. A new Cath Kidston bag. Well this is a very sad tale and a very exciting one all at once. I adore adore adore Cath! I literally couldn't even contemplate using any other brand of bag (I'm entirely serious!!!) My beloved current Cath's handles are coming off, ugh. I have had it for a few years and use it daily and stuff too much into it and sling it around... So I felt it might be time for a new one. This saddens me a lot as I love this bag. But ooooh choosing a shiny new one... now this is fun, still haven't made up my mind, but the choosing and perusing the bags online, in the shop and online some more is not a bad way to spend one's time. Oh Cath, you're just SO pretty...

5. A smiley welcome from my baby Nephew. I was babysitting for my littlest nephew this weekend. He's a year and a half. I met him and my sister in the Metro Centre (they live nearby) and he recognised me and a big smile came across his face. I love that he recognises me now and knows me, and crucially is happy to see me. He is a pleasure to babysit for (we won't mention the vomit and the diarrhea without a nappy on, bless him!) but he is a little angel.

6. Cats on the window sill. I'm really enjoying my new walk to work, it's through an area of town I'm not too familiar with, or explored much before. I try to go down a different street each time too. The area of my work is very residential, with lots of cute little terraced streets. I love walking past one particular house where I spotted two cute black and white cats curled up on the window sill, they have very similar markings too. This morning I was walking past and there were not two cats but three! I was delighted.

7. A new toy for Kara. My family have an old collie dog called Kara, she lives with my mum and dad, but I think of her as my dog, or our dog. I'm clearly her favourite person ever! Mainly cos I bribe her with toys and treats a lot. I love vising Kara, but she has the best (or worst it should be) puppy dog eyes ever, every time I leave she looks so incredibly sad I feel guilty for hours after. So I do like to treat her, and often bring toys which she sits and chews and destroys in minutes, but who cares... They bring her happiness. She is getting on a bit now and won't be here forever, this is something that I can't even contemplate, but I love seeing her get so excited and puppy like when she gets new toys. 

8. Holiday countdown. The image above is not new, it was taken months ago on a beautiful walk. Looking through my phone for suitable photos is sad as I don't feel like we have done anything in ages. In reality I had a lovely day out in the lakes only last month and enjoyed a long weekend camping the month before. But there is nothing really in the pipeline, nothing planned, except for a week off at the end of the month. Mark and I are both off together and I am desperate to get out and about, camping, walking, biking, just being outside, yes please. Moving is stressful, work is busy, I want something to look forward to. This little break coming up is keeping me going.

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  1. Hehe I went to watch Captain America: Civil War this week too - really enjoyed it! I love a trip to the cinema to one of those types of movies as well - a real popcorn and soft drink film!

    Which Cath bags have made your top round-up?! I adore her shops too, I could spend ages browsing in them! She does a wheely suitcase now too which I'm incredibly tempted by but just.can't.justify the purchase at the moment!

    Enjoy the rest of your week - short week, woo! C x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Cat. Yeah Civil War was ace wasn't it. Marvel movies really are perfect for date night as they are not too 'boyish' and have cool girls in them and funny bits. I'm going for a mini busy bag in a navy floral (forget the name of it) but took aaaages to choose.... I really do want a rucksack too... and I might be 'watching' a few old style ones on Ebay also.... I'm getting obsessed a bit! hehe. x


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