6 June 2016

Lake District Camping Trip - Part 2 - Latrigg Walk

Day 2 today of our lovely lovely little Keswick break the other week.  Gosh this feels like a lifetime ago now... sob sob!

So Part 1 is here, the Wednesday night we arrived and went for a walk into Keswick. Thursday day we spent the whole day at Whinlatter biking all 3 trails, I got no photos of this though.

So Friday we decided to go for a long walk. We got up early, packed up the tent and got ready and parked the car in the main car park in Keswick.  We had a little wander round town, got some provisions and set out on our walk.

Our walk started behind the swimming pool in town and down the road a bit, you get to a path leading up to Latrigg and Skiddaw, signposted for Skiddaw. That little peek in the background there is where we were going, I didn't fancy Skiddaw today, a long boring steep climb...

Just checking the map to make doubly sure we were going for the much smaller Latrigg and not Skiddaw! lol.

The path is fairly steep to start off with but offers lovely views as you climb up, and on this peaceful, sunny weekday it was simply perfect. A good climb on a walk is good I think, get the endorphins rushing, and feel like you have done some work.

This is our usual walking set up, Mark racing ahead and slow me behind stopping to take loads of photos!

The fells were covered in the beautiful sight of bursting yellow gorse bushes.

A little breather with the view beginning to get good...

I love Latrigg, I've climbed it a good few times now. It's a fell I know by sight easily as it was one I used to look up to from my grandparent's house which is just at the foot. It was always SO big when I was little.

In reality it is a lovely quick and easy walk to do, but you are still rewarded with amazing views across the lake and town.

Just one last little push up to the top...

And the reward....! aaaaah!!! My beautiful Keswick.

Oh what's this, another teeny peek....

And a stop for a spot of lunch...

We spied a pretty purple flower at the top.

This little guy was rather photogenic, and actually seemed to stop and pose for me.

We were really keen for a longer walk today, so instead of just coming back down again, we kept going to make it circular.  You come down from the top and the obvious path drops into some farm land and out onto a little road.

I couldn't resist snapping these pretty white flowers. No idea what they are, but they look like daisies and I like daisies a lot.

So next the path meets the Keswick Railway footpath and then you can walk back along this lovely path into town. But the railway footpath is closed currently due to stupid Storm Desmond. The path runs alongside the river and it flooded very badly wiping out the original railway bridges along the path. Very sad, it is a very favourite walk and cycle path.  Hopefully it will all be fixed soon.

So instead of the railway path we continued on little country roads to the village of Threlkeld. Through Threlkeld you pop over a field and run across the main road. This is obviously not a field that gets many visitors as the sheep practically attacked us! hehe. They just spied people and ran towards us, presumably it was dinner time. But I've never known sheep to do that before, usually they run the opposite direction. It was cute though, they were all bleating madly... I felt bad, Mark said it wasn't a good idea to give them any Mars Bars..

Over the other side of the road and river, we followed some more small roads in the direction of Castlerigg stone circle and then back into Keswick.  We had been on some of these roads from the opposite direction before when we biked the Old Coach Road but I wasn't sure how they join up from here, I was just turning each corner hoping it would become familiar... eventually it did after some steep climbs.

The weather had got out super hot by then, but I remembered there is usually an ice cream truck on sunny days outside the stone circle; so the promise of big ice creams got me up the last bit.

Yeah the ice cream truck was there! I think literally every visitor to the stone circle on this day had an ice cream in their hands. (Oh what a good job that would be!!! there would be no unhappy customers, because ice cream!!).

We enjoyed our well earned ice creams gazing at this beautiful ancient spot. This is Castlerigg Stone Circle.

Now Keswick was just a mile or so down the hill, down, phew! It was nice to look back out across and up to Latrigg from the other side of the river/road.

The Keswick town sign, a welcome sight after a day's walking, meaning we were nearly home and could rest. I thoroughly loved this walk, would very happily do it again and again, very much wish I was there as I type from a stuffy work office in my lunch hour... ugh.
According to Fitbit, we walked a total of 13.64 miles that day with 31,817 steps, not bad going!

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