8 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 11

Well I don't know what happened last week, but I wasn't feeling particularly wonderful, I couldn't bring myself to write this little post... I know that's more the reason I SHOULD force myself to write this... but it just wasn't happening. Nothing major, just a mid week slumpy grump I think, all good now.

In my 2016 goals I stated my main goal for the year was 'to be happy' and I am still very much interested and focusing on this.  Because I am taking more time to notice my happiness this year I do also notice the downs a bit more too. Why does it happen? You can be perfectly happy one day then in a really low and sad mood the next, seemingly for no reason at all!  I refuse to believe we, as women are slaves to our hormones, but is that it? There has to be more to it... 

Anywho, this little weekly list, compiling it, writing it, and reading my fellow WWers really is integral to my happiness. So if I'm missing from this space each week, do feel free to give me a nudge...

So what is on my wonderful list this week then??? Let's get right into it...

1... The prettiest necklace. I love necklaces, they are pretty much the only jewelry I wear and I am lost without one on. I like quirky ones, plastic ones, name necklaces, odd necklaces... I adore Tatty Devine but I am quickly discovering more and more amazing new designers, mostly through Etsy. I purchase THE prettiest woodland scene necklace from an amazing designer called Layla Amber this week and it could not be more perfect.

2... Relaxing in the garden. I was doing the housework on Sunday afternoon (booooring) and I looked outside and realised I hadn't stepped one foot out in the glorious, 'hottest day of the year' sunshine... (told you I was in a funny mood!!) So I grabbed a picnic blanket, a stack of books and mags, my sunglasses and a drink and had a couple of hours just relaxing in the sun. I NEVER do this, but it felt amazing.... really improved my mood.

3... Super hot days. I have said it many times, I'm a winter person, I like wearing clothes. As much as maybe the weather lately has been a teeny bit too hot for me, I do not want to complain about super sunny hot days in this country! It feels lovely, makes me feel relaxed, like I'm on holiday, or should be on holiday! Let's all meet up in the beer garden...

4... Competing with myself. I hate competition, I actively avoid it. I shall never compete with anyone, and most certainly not in any form of exercise. However competing with myself is sometimes a good thing. I've been enjoying my evening bike rides lately, and have started properly logging them. I'm enjoying trying to go faster and faster each time and I'm seeing some progress too. But just for me... you won't find me on Strava etc... ew, no!

5... Happy happy friends news. Isn't it great when your friends receive wonderful news, the joy just spreads! A few friends have expressed super happy, lovely things this week and I am over the moon for them all.

6... People making my crochet patterns. A lovely lady commented on an old blog post, my Incredible Hulk free crochet pattern and asked for some advice. We have emailed since and she sent me a photo of her finished Hulk... isn't it fab to think other people are actually coming across my little patterns and making them. Makes me feel very happy and proud.

7... Early morning drives. I'm still loving my early morning drives in my new car. I'm trying to be a bit more brave and this Sunday went a different route, and challenged myself to some scary things I usually avoid. Hopefully getting somewhere with the driving... little baby steps...

8... Skinny Cow Mint Choc Ice Cream lollies. I mentioned in previous posts I'm healthy eating and trying to watch what I eat recently, which means not as many treats. I discovered these amazing delicious marvels in the supermarket and they are super low calorie (for an ice cream!!!) and SO delicious! I love anything choc mint, and they taste dam good to me. They are certainly needed in this weather!

What has been making you feel wonderful this week?

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  1. I'm SO glad you're back Jo! I know how you feel....i sometimes have to force out the happy i really do! Sometimes i would much rather go to bed in a sulk or eat hobnobs in my pyjamas lol.

    These are some lovely bits though! I'm like you {in fact don;t judge but i just bought a rain coat the other day - because it was such a bargain and i'm secretly (between you and me} rather excited to be able to wear it! I'd planned a workout today and i'm really really struggling with the motivation to do it...i'm just TOO HOT!! I have been out on my bike this morning though....

    Have the loveliest rest of week Mrs xxx

  2. I completely understand how you feel, Jo, sometimes I really do struggle to dredge up enough positivity to write these weekly posts. I always feel better when I do though and it's lovely to see you back and posting - will be sure to give you a nudge next time :)

    I'm not great with hot weather either but it has been really lovely to see some sunshine after such a long time. I prefer it over the weekend though - being stuck on the tube in office clothes in the hot weather is no fun at all. I think it might be time for the first Pimms of the year soon...

    Enjoy the rest of your week xx


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