15 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 12

This week the main feeling has just been tired... I don't think I'm sleeping particularly well, probably a lot to do with the heat. Also I am 'forcing' myself to go on little drives early in the mornings.. so I am going to bed nervous! And that adorable little cat of mine starts mewing in my face, diving under the covers, paddling across my back, gently batting my hair with her paw... from about 4am each morning, aw.

Anywho, there are always positives to pick out from the week, so here's my happy little list...

1. Penelope Keith: At Her Majesty's Service. I've been LOVING this little series on TV. I don't often watch 'regular' TV or notice nice programmes so I was happy to discover this one. Penelope Keith is visiting The Queen's residences, popping behind the scenes and meeting interesting people.
2. Make up. I'm getting more and more obsessed with make up recently.  I can credit my make up obsession to my YouTuber obsession, in particular Fleur de Force and Zoella. I love watching their reviews and hauls of new products. I'm really enjoying experimenting a little, trying new things and wearing a little more. Make-up is the ultimate treat purchase, a few quid for a pretty new nail varnish, or a lipstick and I'm happy!

3. Crochet projects. I have SO many crochet projects on the go at the moment. With bunnies for new babies, blankets and a set of superheroes too.  Not to mention of course the blanket I was actually making for myself. I love starting a new crochet project, picking colours and yarns, finishing them all is an entirely different matter...

4. Road trip planning. I just had a week off work recently, but I am already counting down until the next one. We really shouldn't have to work at this time of year...! Mark and I wish to do a little camping road trip in July, up through Scotland visiting some pretty places and taking the bikes. I'm enjoying looking at maps and plotting routes. If anyone has suggestions of amazing places we have to visit, do let me know.

5. Evening bike ride people. I think I mention it a LOT, but I love my evening bike rides along the river... I do admit to getting grumpy sometimes because I do like to treat it as a work-out and get my speed up. But then I'm forever stopping for groups of teenagers, slow walking couples, little kids, dogs... But this week I've tried to be a bit calmer about it all. I came across two ladies on horses, so random to see horses on the little path. I squeezed in and got off my bike so I wouldn't scare the horses and had a little chat to the ladies. I am very considerate on my bike and people on the whole are in good moods and friendly.
6. Routine. I think I will have to admit I am a routine person. It sounds super boring... but I do function better if I stick to little routines and know what I am doing and I'm all organised. I have a little routine going this week of driving practice early each morning and evening bike rides straight after work. I kind of like to know what I am doing, it all keeps me sane, 

7. Chocolate milk. I've been allowing myself a little treat each day of some delicious chocolate milk. It's actually Alpro (so dairy free, vegan) and low fat, so not too naughty really, but tastes SOOO good ice cold in my pretty flowery melamine tumbler.
8. THIS Mayim Bialik vlog. I'm a HUGE Mayim Bialik fan, I adored Blossom when I was younger, Amy is my very fave character in Big Bang (I dressed up as her once too for a costume party!) she's super funny, intelligent, she's vegan, geeky, and she loves cats... How could she be more cool?

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  1. Happy Wednesday to you! Tiredness aside it sounds like it's been a good one, planning the next trip or adventure makes everything better (as does chocolate milk!)

    And thank you - I'm home alone tonight and a bit of Penelope Keith snooping around the royals sounds like just the ticket. After I've watched BLOSSOM ON YOUTUBE. Brilliant.

    Enjoy the rest of your week
    M x

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Michelle. Hope you enjoyed Penelope and Blossom! :-) x

  2. I think it's so important to have something to look forward to after a holiday - another one is even better! Scotland is somewhere we'd like to see more of as well so while I don't have any advice to share, I'm looking forward to reading all about what you get up to afterwards!

    I love the idea of the Penelope Keith series too - it sounds wonderfully cosy :)

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and a fab weekend x

    1. Thanks loads for your comment Cat. I've been to Scotland a fair bit, but always super keen to go more. I think our ideas are bigger than practicalities though, I don't think we can get around too many places unless we want to be driving for hours on end each day. Hope you enjoyed Penelope Keith prog! x


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