29 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 13

Doh, missed last week yet again! I will be honest this past week has not be the happiest for me, lots of busyness, lots of stress and lots of falling out which has made me very sad. 

But there are always those little wonderful bits too and over the past couple of weeks it has been so important for me to focus on these.

1. Gaining confidence in driving. I probably bang on about driving every week but it is a huge focus for me. It is the 1 thing currently that I do that scares me the most, stresses me the most, but when going well, makes me smile the most. This week driving is going super well and I am seeing a positive difference. When super lovely, generous people are willing to give their time to help me gain my confidence for no reason than to be nice then THAT makes me truly smile.

2. James. I am a very lucky aunty, as I have the cutest and sweetest two nephews in the world. Weekend before last I was babysitting for my youngest, James (he's 2 in September) in Newcastle for 3 days. I had the best time with him playing, at the park, swimming, ball, jigsaws... He is the sweetest little boy and so intelligent. Just thinking about him puts a smile on my face.

3. ALL the nail varnish! A couple of friends have recently commented that a new shop in an outlet retail park not so far away has some fab nail varnish. (I'm a nail varnish obsessive, and nobody has caught me with nude nails since about the age of 14!) I was excited, but thought, well it can't be that good, nothing is THAT good! haha. Well I went and it's THAT good, in fact not just THAT good BETTER! I was all a giddy! The phrase 'like a kid in a candy store' will forever be changed to 'like a Jo in a nail varnish store.'

4. New socks. I'm really enjoying buying and wearing new socks lately, hehe. Socks are a funny thing, something I've never really bought much of for myself. You tend to get them for Christmas right, just me? I love pretty, bright socks, with silly patterns that I can wear with jeans under converse high tops when nobody can see. I bought some with corgis and crowns on recently! Wearing cheerful brand new socks to work simply makes me smile.

5. A scone with my Dad. I missed Father's Day as I was away babysitting in Newcastle. So last weekend I drove (yes drove!) Dad to a local garden centre where we had coffee (him) and hot choc (me) and lovely big fresh baked scones. We do like a scone! It was nice to have some time with Dad and catch up.

6. GOT. Last night's was the last Game of Thrones in the latest series. My sister came round, which is such a rarity, and we sat down with Mark and Meg to watch it with some snacks. It was a GOOD episode (no spoilers here don't worry) and confirmed lots of things we have been suspecting. But it was just also nice to watch all together. One of the main things I enjoy about big TV shows is discussing it all and suggesting theories etc, all part of the fun.

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