25 July 2016

Afternoon Tea at Armathwaite Hall

Recently we enjoyed a very posh afternoon tea at a beautiful country house hotel in the Lake District, Amathwaite Hall, just outside of Keswick.

Ok, so we don't normally frequent such places, this was a lovely gift from Mark's brother and sister in law. A whole gang of us went along... Mark and I, Mark's sister, son Alex and partner Neil with his 3 boys and Mark's parents.

Armathwaite Hall is a Grade II listed building, 4 star country house hotel and spa on the shore of Basenthwaite Lake. I have wanted to visit for ever, but never really had the opportunity before... So when we got the vouchers for Christmas I have been super excited... I couldn't resist snapping some photos...

I even loved the driveway... you always know you are going somewhere special when there is a long drive lined with Rhododendron bushes.

The back of the hotel was even more spectacular than the front... Check out that view out towards Bassenthwaite Lake.

There are acres of beautiful grounds, which guests are invited to explore... I love this old row of trees.

The hotel is really well known also for it spa. I will have to come back and sample the facilities here another time...

There was a wedding happening when we arrived, with wedding guests out on the lawn and drinking on the terrace, how lovely.

So of course on to the CAKE... it was delightful as you would expect! Because there were SO many of us there was SO much food! droooool...... I couldn't wait to get stuck in..... I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate, a fresh made warm cinnamon and apple scone with fresh cream, a little lemon cheesecake in glass, cute little cheese and cucumber finger sandwiches (with no crusts - screeeam!) Yummy yummy yummy!
The afternoon tea that we enjoyed was a gift, but if you wish to go it costs £22.50 per person, booking is essential.
Where have you been for a fabulous Afternoon Tea? It is by FAR the best meal of the day! hehe.


  1. Apple and cinnamon scones? Be still my beating tastebuds!
    This looks stunning though, a completely beautiful place to spend an afternoon with finger sandwiches. It really reminds me of a place we have close to home, the building, the setting, everything - I must check if they're sisters.
    M x

    1. The scone was warm too, yuuumy! :-) The place was very special, not very 'me', felt a little out of place, bit too posh, but certainly nice to try it on for the afternoon.x


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