6 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 14

Here's a list of happy things that have been keeping me going this week...

1. Stripes. Judging by my wardrobe and the 'dream' wardrobe saved bookmark pages on the computer, I apparently have a thing for stripes! hehe.  ALL my clothes recently are stripey, and to find items I like I often just put 'stripe' into the search on clothes shop websites. A good couple of years ago I would never have worn stripes, not flattering, too bold... but I just don't care now. The boldness makes me happy, and as for flattering... well I judge clothing by how it makes ME feel.. and stripes make me smile a lot.

2. New Massive tent. I'm SO excited! Mark and I just bought a massive new tent. We went round to his parent's to put it up in their garden last night (It won't fit in ours) you can stand up in it and it has a proper porch area you can sit in on deckchairs. I love camping, it's one of my very favourite things to do. But camping in a little bit more luxury, and not having to do that awkward shuffle from horizontal to vertical, all whilst balancing on one leg simultaneously stepping into your wellies and not hitting your back on wet tent roof as you climb out, OH yes!

3. Camping trip planning. This links to number 2... we have booked a trip for 2 weeks time, wuhu wuhu! We are off to Kielder for three nights to test the new tent out. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but with a little village, a huge reservoir to wander or bike around and of course fantastic mountain biking red graded trails, I think we will find enough to keep us amused. Cannot WAIT!

4. Pet Lamb YouTube Channel. I am just LOVING these ladies. They are fast becoming one of my fave things to watch on YouTube. At first they were just baking vids, nothing wrong with a baking vid, except when you are trying to be a bit more healthy... but they have branched out into tag vids and chatty vids, they are just super fun and lovely to watch.

5. Getting stuff done. This is my super busy time of year at work. (I know BAD to mention work on my blog!) I'm an Alumni Officer so at this time of year a whole new bunch of alumni are welcomed, so there are emails to write, graduation bits to plan and data... oh the endless data... I have about a space of 2 weeks which are historically manic panic for me.  But this time I actually feel in control and on top of things and it's all coming together nicely. I'm actually excited about graduation week, next week, wuhu!

6. Something super exciting to look forward to. Something SO exciting happened this week. Aaaargh, I cannot really spill the beans (maybe in future posts?) but somebody close to me booked something amazingly happy that they have been thinking about and wanting for EVER! Very happy for them, but also happy for me as I get something super lovely to look forward to. 

7. An evening with friends. On Friday night a bunch of us popped up the road, over the border to Dumfries, Scotland to catch up with another good friend. It was an evening of yummy food, crochet and fab chats. What could be better really?

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  1. What a wonderful week! I am so jealous of your tent!! I adore camping! Have a wonderful time on your 3 day camping trip. I also love stripes, they just add a little quirky twist to outfits don't they? I tend to feel rather french in a strip!
    I'm so happy I found your blog through Sally's blog :)
    Peta x

    1. Hi Peta, thanks so much for your lovely message! x


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