27 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 15

Ooops, I've been a little absent the past couple of weeks from this little post of joy. Last week I was on holiday and the week before was a super busy at work I just plain forgot!

So loads to catch up on... let's get into it... my round up of what's been making me smile lately...

1. The middle of nowhere. OK so I went camping, you've probably seen the post all about that already... Yes one or two of my happy little list will be about said camping because truly I cannot think of anything that makes me happier than being in a stunning place, in the tent, exploring with my Mark. We went to Kielder, which is the most remote village in the country. It was only an hour away but I felt like I was a WORLD away... It felt like a different planet... amazing.

2. Pokemon Go.. Probably a controversial one! haha. But I LOVE it, and this is MY blog! :-) Yes I freely admit I am a 30 (odd) year old woman who enjoys catching imaginary creatures on her mobile phone! hehe. Yes this is how I choose to spend my time, not all my time, but some... Mark and I both love it. I love it for many reasons... I have never really liked computer games... find them boring and tedious and frustrating... but this one I can do, you collect stuff, simple! In terms of games it is a fantastic achievement! We were literally in the house the other day waiting for the rain to stop so we could go out and play computer games! hehe. It gets people out... we are already quite an active couple, we do loads outside, but on the average evening we are inside sitting watching TV, well Pokemon Go makes us go out in evenings.  We've walked miles and I've discovered new bits of my new neighborhood. It actively encourages you to notice bits and bobs of historical interest (poke stops) around your city (score!) and the amount of new people I have said hello to, had conversations with, or nodded and smiled at has been amazing! It's a fantastic community... Plus everyone I've met playing so far has exceeded the age of 25! What's NOT to love?

3. Heat. My golly it was hot last week, eh!? We were camping on the hottest two days of the year and it was just simply glorious! I think I mentioned just HOW nice the weather was about a million times. Yeah that epic storm the next day was probably my fault! hehe. We were so lucky with the weather for our week off and it being hot whilst on holiday makes it feel like a 'proper' holiday! We were in Keilder in Northumberland, not exactly known for its tropical temperatures, but it just made it all the more magical. I admit, I am not one who adores baking hot weather but if I am away from it all, and therefore don't give two hoots about what I wear or having to wear make up, it's just fab!

4. Running. This has probably appeared on here a few times, but the past few days I've been running again! wuhu. Looking through my Nike Plus app, there has never been a month in past couple of years I haven't actually ran, but it feels ever so long since my last running spurt. I've put running aside in favour of biking recently and I've very much enjoyed clocking up the miles on my two wheels. But the other day I felt like a run, so I did and it was good. I've been out the past few mornings too and I've been planning new routes and getting all excited about it again. I want to get back up to my 10ks soon.

5. Crocheting blankets. I cannot stop pinning pictures of super pretty crochet blankets... I've been in the middle of a few different ones lately, with blankets for friends and commissions... I started a  new blanket for myself (I'm nowhere near the end of the last one I started). I've done a good few rows of said new blanket and now I want to start another... We had another friend recently announce a pregnancy so looks like I get to plan yet another one... wuhu!

6. Costume planning. We are going to a music festival next month, wuhu! Just a little local one... But on the Saturday night everyone dresses up for one huge costume party. Sometimes with a theme, sometimes without... Last time we were ShAmy (as in Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang) we thought our costumes were amazing, but we saw a lot of puzzled faces! hehe. This year we thought we had THE best costume idea ever and I was getting all excited and carried away.... aaargh... we were going to be our Pokemon Go characters (mine has purple hair, wuu!) I realise this is probably only exciting for me... hehe. But then they announced a theme... so back to the drawing board... theme is 'Jungle' so I guess I'm going as a leopard or something then? Anyone got any more creative suggestions?

7. The power of tidying. So judging by the point above I'm not the most 'grown up' of people... but there is one grown up thing that does suit me and that's cleaning and tidying.. I do like to keep a clean and tidy house. I've felt somewhat out of sorts recently... with a super busy stress time at work, then a week on hol.  At the weekend I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially with the idea of going back to work. But I gave myself a few hours and gave the house a good seeing too. I felt lighter and happier instantly, ah!

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Oh, and I actually posted TWO, yes TWO whole blog posts this week about things other than wonderful wednesdaying... You can find all the photos from my camping trip here and a super posh Afternoon Tea here.

What's been making your Wednesday wonderful?


  1. I love a bit of tidying. Well actually, not so much the tidying but the tidy house afterwards. Makes me all calm and zen :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Helen! Yes you are probably right, it is certainly more the feeling afterwards than the tidying I enjoy most. x

  2. I still do not get Pokemon Go but I do love the good bits of it, the bringing people together and getting them out and about moving. And anything with instant fancy dress inspo is a great great thing.

    I'm off to vicariously camp and afternoon tea with you. Have a brilliant rest of the week.
    M x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Michelle. x


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