21 August 2016

Craft Fair Crafts

I've made my very first items for a craft fair! exciting! I had SO much fun with these...

My Goddaughter got in touch recently to ask if I would like to make some crafty items to sell at a craft fair she was organising in aid of some charities she has been supporting on her gap year. Check out Georgia's blog here to read all about it... You can also donate to her JustGiving page here... Georgia is fund raising to provide safe water and a toilet block to a school in the Gambia where she spent 3 months. We are all super proud of Georgia!

I hope these little craft items can help to raise a little bit of money...

So I decided to try and make lots of little bits in the time I had as I figured they might sell better, also perfect excuse to make some cute little things I don't normally make.

I also set myself a thrifty challenge to only make items from my current craft stash. I easily achieved my challenge, and could have made double this! (I have a big craft stash!)

I started (naturally) with a Pinterest board full of inspiration for super cute small crafts.

As you can see from my Pinterest none of these patterns are mine, they were all inspired and I got the patterns free online, you can find all the links below:

Strawberries http://www.ravelry.com/projects/kathykoo/crocheted-strawberry 

Apple http://www.planetjune.com/blog/free-crochet-patterns/amigurumi-apples/

Lemon http://media.craftyarncouncil.com/sites/default/files/health/StitchAwayStressLemon_Crochet_CYC.pdf

Baubles http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/bauble-decoration.html

Hanging hearts - Not exactly a pattern, I just 'borrowed' this idea from this pin... https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/164240717640396350/ I simply drew a heart shape and used my machine to stitch them all in one chain.

All my crochet items, the fruit and baubles are made using Rico Creative Cotton which you can find here and I used my trusty 3.5 crochet hook.

Pretty hanging hearts...

These amazing Attic 24 baubles aren't just for Christmas! I purposely chose non-Christmas colours. I love these hanging round my house all year round, I hang them from drawer knobs etc.

I might have to go back and make myself one of these wee strawberries, super fun to make, and I think look really good!

Of COURSE I was also excited about packaging up my little crafts! Again all the packaging I already had in my stash. Some simple clear plastic bags and some cute stickers to seal them. I purchased my stickers on Etsy ages ago, but the shop here seems to now be closed. There are TONS of sticker shops on Etsy though to find similar...

I also popped in one of my little business cards to each package... Just to show who made them and also might get me a little crafty business... you never do know! hehe. I got my business cards from the amazing Moo.

I loved seeing my little crafts all packaged up like this! I do hope someone wants to buy them....???

This has REALLY made me want to do some more craft fair crafts... might have to check out some local opportunities...

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