10 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 17

Another beach shot from my little trip to St Bees for my header again this week, not been anywhere prettier to take photos (boo). 

Well this little post has sprung up on me yet again and I don't feel organised, nor do I have any ideas yet again... However sitting down to write and think of my list, they so quickly come to me. No matter how 'blah' you think the week has been... plodding along in my normal routine it is really rather easy to spot those lovely things that jump out that make life that extra bit wonderful...

1. Dinosaur claws I was off for two blissful days this week (or last week in an actual M-F work week) I made no plans and just wanted to go with the flow... I ended up meeting my mum in town and she was babysitting my nephew Corey... Corey is absolutely OBSESSED with dinosaurs, of course what's not to be obsessed about, dinosaurs are cool! He knows all the names and can pronounce the super long ones I have not even heard of. 

So of course we popped into a few shops to look for dinosaur related things... he has them all, literally... trying to spot a little present I could treat him to.. 'No I have that one', 'got him'... then we spotted them... huge dinosaur hands (or rather Velociraptor claws I am reliably informed by my nearly 3 year old nephew!) his whole face lights up... yes that will be the present Aunty Jo can buy! 

This post of course needs a visual... raaaaah!

2. Colleagues I am super grateful for lovely colleagues this week. Work is well work, isn't it... I do not hate my job, but I won't also confess to 'loving' my job either. It is a job, it pays the bills. I'm not terribly ambitious I just want something not awful, that I can do, that stretches me a little bit, good pay, good holiday, M-F 9-5 and my job ticks all those boxes... but most importantly for any job I have had over the years are one's colleagues. Life at my uni where I work can be pretty bleak in the summer months, no students, everyone off on leave etc. It makes me miss the buzz of busy offices I have worked at before. But I do have some lovely colleagues here and having those little chats, giggles and yes, let's face it moans, to each other, really do make the day.

3. Reading I have a stack of exciting, lovely books by my bed (and on the shelves) I am desperate to read. I keep telling myself I want to make time to read more, but do I make time to read? No! Why not? No idea.. well not true I blame YouTube, it's all THEIR fault...! Screens dictate my life... I know I enjoy the simple pleasures of reading an actual real life book but actually giving myself time to do that seems impossible. But this week I did... I had about 1 hour of reading a book I've been dying to read... it was GOOD! I loved it... I want to read more... Maybe I will get another few chapters read in another five years or so... 

4. Not being so hard on myself This probably comes into Number 3 a bit too. I'm a 'to-do list' person, always have been, always will be. Yep, I'm that person who writes themselves a to-do list at the weekends... It's usually full of stuff like, READ more... meditate, go for a run, drive more, blah blah... and do I ever tick all of these off? HELL no! Then comes the beating myself up about not having achieved all these things. Well this week I said screw that! (It will probably only last this 1 week!) and I have instead of all the impossibly un-achievable things on my to-do list I picked 1. To focus on my driving... and I've been driving every day. And cos there's only 1 thing on my list, and I've been able to tick it off, cos there's only 1 thing, I feel pretty darn happy with myself.

5. Trying new recipes I tried 2 new recipes this week. I never try new recipes... I suck badly at cooking, so I stick to the few meals I know I can make and I get bored, very bored. This week I made a new risotto, it was delicious, I loved it, it might go in my regular repertoire (lol even I chuckled to myself at the use of that word!) of meals I make until I'm inevitably bored of it... then I made a chick pea curry, with lentils and spinach and all the things, the recipe sure sounded good, but it was NOT! As exclaimed I suck at cooking.. dam it. But you know... Number 4... not being so hard on myself. I tried, it failed, but I did WIN at one of them at least.

6. Suicide Squad We went to the cinema last night, Mark and I and our friend Ailsa. It was good fun, had a good time. Suicide Squad was awesome! Favourite character of course Harley Quinn, she's so dam cool and super funny too. I would SO have idolised her when I was younger.... oh who am I kidding..... I am desperate to dye my hair pink and blue and do my make up and nails mismatched...

What's been making your week that little bit extra happy? Need an extra pick me up... pop on over to the most wonderful of the Wednesdayers... Sally... and not forgetting this lovely bunch too ... MichelleKateHelen, and Cat.


  1. This is a super duper little list Jo! I'm like you, i quite often write myself lists and feel bad for not achieving everything i set out to! I like your idea. At least your whoooole focus goes on one thing and one thing only and you'll feel ever so chuffed you actually completed something. Maybe i might mention that one to my manager......aherm.

    Corey looks SO chuffed with those dinosaur claws! They're quite scary!

    Glad you enjoyed your lovely time off lady and thanks for joining in as always xxxx

  2. I absolutely need some velociraptor claws in my life, how cool! Super auntie points.
    Well done too on finding some reading time, it's something I need to do so much more of, I feel a little like my brain cells give up when I can't find reading time! Must do better Michelle.

    Have a fantastic rest of the week.
    M x

  3. That's definitely a favourite thing about these posts for me, just actually sitting down and realising that there is good things to come out of every week. It's a good thing to practice and I'm so happy to have joined in with Wonderful Wednesday to help me practice more!

    I think I need me some dino hands. Yup. I don't think life will be complete with out them.

    Good colleagues make a huge difference to a job. I have worked jobs where the job itself wasn't all that great, but the people you work with make it something special. Unfortunately at the job I just left, neither the job nor the people where that great. It was definitely time to leave it.

    Yay for finding some reading time! It's always a good thing to find that hour or so to sit down with a good book. I managed to sneak in 30 minutes before getting out of bed this morning, that was nice!

    Happy Thursday!

    ~ K

    1. Thanks Kerri, super glad to have you in our little gang :-)

      I'm off to catch up on your post right now... x

  4. I've yet to see Suicide Squad but it looks like loads of fun and I'm sure I'll love it! The dinosaur claws are so cool and cute too. Dinosaurs are always appropriate. Love that shot you got down at St Bees too - do you live fairly nearby? I'm down in Workington so just about half an hour from the area and I try to visit it as often as possible. - Tasha


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