28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 23

Wuhu! SO much to smile about this past week. For it was my BIRTHDAY last Thursday, yeah ME, ME, ME! Go ME! Celebrate ME! lol. In reality I never shout about my birthday, I just don't deal well at all with being centre of attention and attention seeking in general... I quietly took a couple of days off work, and I don't announce it all over social media either... But here in my little hiding place I can shout all I like... 

But in other news this week has sucked because I'm dying from a cold, feel yukky and it ruined my weekend at a local music festival, bleurgh bleurgh.

Anywho, lots to smile about this week, most of them hugely selfish materialistic things, well come on lets be honest, those the best kind! :-) 

1. Birthdays Yeah, how can you not smile on your birthday, A day to celebrate you! Well everyday is about me to me, but other people recognise my fabulousness a bit more on my birthday, hehe. I spent a lovely day off work getting adored by family and friends, stuffing my face with cake and received some truly lovely pressies. 

2. A new hair do A pressie from me to me on my birthday was a new hair cut. I had it booked in for weeks before hand for this day and wanted to really enjoy it. I don't go to the hairdresser often so it's usually a big deal. I went for a new little colour and a chop. I'm super happy with it. What is it about a new hair cut that feels SO good? I love starting a new season, a new year with new hair. 

3. Autumn dressing Well its FINALLY turned a little cooler this week. I'm really going for it... I have the thick black tights out, the thicker jumpers, heavier dresses, purchased some new boots and even sorted out my mittens and hats in anticipation. I feel all super inspired for putting together autumn outfits, and my many Tatty Devine oak leaf necklaces have come out of hiding too. wuhu.

4. Sale dress Been eyeing up a little fancy denim number in M&S for a while. Tried it on and everything, but decided, in a rare thrifty moment of madness to wait a little while. But payday came and boom, I need to spend ALL the money.  Skipped down to M&S and it's only bloomin well in the sale! In my size! Did a happy squeal on route to the till. That there is fate, FATE! Wearing it as I type with smug smile all over my face.

5. Payday Yep, I've said it! Payday makes me happy, money makes me happy, spending money on things I do not need makes me happy! Of course I'm sensible and squirrel away the bills money, the savings pot money, but the leftovers those there pennies are for me, ME! I work hard (snort!) - (well I attend each day does that count!? lol) at my boring job so I can buy new dresses, shoes, more shoes, make up, necklaces... 

6. Crochet planning Well I could quite happily sit and crochet all the year round, and do in fact. Some think it's odd to crochet in July? I don't think so... but this time of year makes me want to crochet MORE of the things... and my Crochet pinterest board is going mad with ideas... I have many a blanket on the go, baby toys here and there, little pressies for friend's birthdays... and now I'm starting to think of my annual scarf pattern too.... ooooh the possibilities.... excited.

7. Apple crumble I baked! I bought all individual ingredients, mixed them up, bunged them in the oven and out came something yummy! yeah! We won't mention ALL the sugar, ALL over the floor (this is why I don't bake!!! hehe.) Yes apple crumble isn't exactly rocket science, but as somebody who is not too great in the kitchen it was a masterpiece for me. The apples were even picked (or shaken off) by my own fair hands from a neighbor's cooking apple tree. Apple crumble tastes even better with homegrown apples. 

What's been making your week? 

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P.S. That's not my picture, I nicked it off the internets... turns out with all my selfish frivolous spending I forgot to take any decent photos this week... MUST try harder... 

21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 22

Yes, yes that would be a photo of a load of soil, hehe. Yes it's not super attractive but it makes me SO happy, and this is MY happy little list after all.

This weekend was spent 'down the allotment' again, and another productive couple of days was had. We now have all the beds marked out, dug and turned over. Then 1 bed finely weeded. Now the loooong frustrating wait until Spring to start planting, boo! I want to plant stuff now NOW!

I cannot pinpoint anything in particular this week but I feel so happy! I guess just new projects, birthdays looming, the change in season, just all the small things really contributing to my overall good mood. Long may it last... 

So in no particular order... these are some super great things that have made me smile lately...

1. A new piercing Now I mentioned last week change was in the air, and I made a start at the weekend... Just a teeny tiny something but my oh my it made me SMILE! I haven't got pierced since age 18, first week of uni when I foolishly got my eyebrow done (hello visible scar on my FACE for the REST of my life! lol). I went to the super cool Get Pierced in Carlisle and the piercer guy was super lovely.  I have a cute little ring with a little bluey opaly ball thing in my diath (google it!!) oooh and there's a pic on my Instagram too... and WHO else should I meet in the waiting room, well only JUST the inventor of Wonderful Wednesday Miss SALLY TANGLE herself! Now what else can I pierce....?

2. Kat Von D Make Up I adore Kat, been such a huge fan since her Miami Ink days. She brought out her make up range what feels like a million years ago and it was just available in the US. I did make a pilgrimage to Sephora last summer when I was in New York (I LOVE to drop that in every chance I get hehe) to purchase a couple of bits. But it made me so happy to know she is available in the UK now in Debenhams. So I was fully expecting to pop into my local branch and see her amazing stand there and then swatch (get me with my beauty blogger lingo!) all the stuff and things. But alas, no... she's got a stand in Debenhams in London, if that's any use to you! (grrrrrrr!) But I won't grumble too much. I ordered some eyeshadow on the website and got it delivered to my store next day free so almost like I bought it there right? But her range is so so pretty and it's a little closer now so I'm happy with that... 

3. A new organiser I love organising, love tick lists, diaries, calendars etc etc. I have several for myself. But what is EVEN more exciting is getting the opportunity to organise other people too. hehe. I literally have no clue how people live without a diary, or at least a calendar. Like how? Mark is one of those people... (wierdo!) but HE suggested we get a little calendar so he doesn't forget some weekend activities we have booked etc. So of course I bought a super pretty HUGE academic year organiser calender thing, complete with little to-do list sections and STICKERS. It's on the kitchen wall. I spent a delightful (no really I loved it!) evening adding in all the important things, making monthly to-do lists for us and sticking on the little stickers... So what are the chances he actually looks at the thing now we have it... hehe?

4. Lunch with Mum and James We had an unexpected little teeny visitor on Saturday. I arranged to meet my mum in town Saturday morning. She was going to come to the piercers with me (yes big wuss I needed my mummy to hold my hand) but turns out piercing and tattoo shops not so baby friendly.. hehe. But after my piercing we all went to a delightful little cafe for a lovely lunch, such a nice treat. James (he is my very nearly 2 year old nephew btw) is making me smile SO much recently cos the little guy is off, walking confidently all over the place, what a star.

5. Allotment planning Well the allotment is consuming most of my time at the moment. When not digging I'm thinking about digging, reading about planting, pinning pins onto my allotment Pinterest board. Mark is off buying things on Ebay and we are both just planning and dreaming about our dream garden. It's just making me so so happy. I love our new little together hobby.

6. Classical music I cannot quite believe how this has been missed off my list for the last few weeks... But for a little while now I have been getting into classical music (please don't tell my 18 year old self she would have a fit!) but lovely plinky plunky simple piano music in my ears as I walk to work. I adore it, so so relaxing. I have wanted to learn piano since I was teeny and it's re-igniting that desire. To be able to play these tunes that I listen to, I would just love that.

7. Morning Coffee Well well well,  who would have thought it? Me drinking coffee? I don't do 'hot' drinks.. (except for the odd hot choc, but even then I prefer luke warm choc!) but tea is repulsive eugh, and coffee just tasted burnt right? I admit it, I do have the occasional red bull (or blue cow - or whatever the cheapo supermarket versions are called). Sometimes you just need that caffeine kick to get through the day right? I always always drink sugar free though. But red bull is seen as rather 'dirty' isn't it. (it is less caffeine than your average coffee fact fiends...!)So I have been teaching myself to like coffee. It's going moderately well, I'm over the gagging stage after I drink it now... But I'm loving the extra little buzz and skip it gives me in the mornings, seems I've been doing adulting wrong all this time... and been attempting to power through on my poor poor natural energy reserves! Why I am teaching myself into new bad habits I don't really know....?

How was your week? Let me know in the comments, what's been making you smile. 

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14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 21

Let's just dive straight into it this week... my little list of wonderfulness...

1. Weeding So who would have thought I would enjoy weeding. If you read my allotment post here, you will see the extent of the 'weeding' we had taken on. I was hugely daunted, but once got stuck in, really rather enjoyable. Yes my back, shoulders, arms and legs all ached like hell but grabbing armfuls of pesky weeds and pulling... then digging over the horrid soil uncovering fresh, beautiful dark soil underneath (and many juicy worms!) was really rather therapeutic. 

2. Allotment people Yes, yes, another allotment one... you have been warned that I will become an 'allotment bore' hehe. But at the weekend we met SO many nice people down our allotment. Just super friendly and encouraging. We came away with fresh tomatoes, raspberries, potatoes, corn and a huge marrow... tons of advice and offers of help. I'm so pleased we have stumbled upon this little community.

3. Date night On Friday night Mark and I went out for dinner. We went to an actual restaurant, somewhere neither of us had been before, we had wine and everything! Then we went to the pub after for a couple more, it was super nice. I guess when we lived apart we did make more effort to do things, as seeing each other was more of an 'occasion'. We have vowed to do 'date night' once a month now and we will try new restaurants... I do hope we stick to it...

4. A change I can feel it in the air... not only a change in season, a change to my age (ugh mega groan) but I want a little change too.. I'm craving it... so what's a girl to do... of course, I have decided to change my hair! hehe. I'm also experimenting with new make up, wearing my contact lenses instead of glasses more and considering some new tattoos and piercings too... 

5. Vikings LOVING this TV show. It's a new one (to us) Mark and I have got into, and super enjoyable. The main character viking guy is basically viking Jax Teller (and anyone who knows who that is will now HAVE to watch it!). I really love it when Mark and I get into a new programme to watch together. It has opened up so many questions though, as it is based on real historical characters and events (probably loosely) I know nothing about this period of history. I do remember making a Viking long ship in the primary school playground though.

6. Being helpful I always like to be helpful, especially at work. A lovely part of my job as Alumni Officer is to do little bits of research about our university history and keep some archive materials. A lovely lady got in touch recently, to research her father who came to our uni in the 1940s. I met her, showed her lots of old photos, prospectuses etc and she was very pleased. I received the loveliest message from her later than day thanking me. Makes me happy I can help like this in small ways.

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12 September 2016

Allotment: the beginning...

We got an allotment! Screeeam! And this weekend was our very first allotmenting weekend, I thought I would bring my camera along to document the journey... Prepare yourselves for many more allotmenting blog posts to come, as I feel I have found my new 'thing'.

Of COURSE I have a Pinterest board already.... is allotment blogging a thing? Well NOW it is, ha ha ha.

Our allotment is super cute! It is only a hop and a skip from our house. There are quite a number of plots on our allotment, all different shapes and sizes. There are nicely kept little lawn paths between plots. Mark and I had a lot of fun exploring our new place, and er 'borrowing' many ideas for our own little garden.

What does one wear for allotmenting then? eek! I had a bit of a freak out when I realised I didn't own any 'allotment' clothes. I don't own any trousers that are not either leggings, jeans or running/biking tights. Leggings it is then... at least they are comfy. And of course I had to add some stripes and spots.

These are my 'before' and 'during' shots of my outfit... hehe.

So what exactly are we dealing with then here at the allotment? Are you imagining a beautiful patch of freshly turned soil in neat little rows (yeah I was too!) nope.. er this above is (or was!) our allotment this weekend. A rather overwhelming huge patch of waist height weeds and nettles. Eeek, and gulp...

Not just weeds of course, nope, loads of bits of broken shed, green house, many random bins and bits of wood and just crap really. We certainly had our work cut out...

But it was not all doom and gloom and heavy work... we uncovered a few little treasures... Some rhubarb was carefully transplanted into a new home...

We uncovered a sweet little strawberry patch. Strawberry season seems to have passed us by, but hopefully we can maintain these little plants for next year?

Loads of raspberries! My absolute fave, so this is awesome! Our raspberry plants are huge! We did have to cut them back a bit which was a little sad. The raspberries were also huge! But a little past their best and squishy so we let them be.

I was also thrilled to find so many wee animal friends in our new garden. It was a mini best heaven! There were a million spiders (I was SO brave and tried to ignore them) millipedes, slugs, snails, wood lice.. you name it we saw it in abundance! Kind of felt bad for digging up their home...

Just as Mark was cutting back the raspberry jungle this little sleepy guy popped out to say hello! Aw! Don't worry we carefully put him back in and he nodded back off to sleep.

I am determined to make our garden hedgehog and other wildlife friendly, so if you have any tips?

And in the strawberry patch, this little guy, he was quite jumpy! But again he got moved carefully unharmed by our spades!

Happy, sweaty, exhausted allotmenting faces...

Sticky buds everywhere!! I used to love these when little, but there were more sticky buds on me at the end of all the weed pulling than actual clothes!

I was a little daunted when we began, I won't lie. But turns out it wasn't as hard as I feared. We did work dam hard of course but the actual weeds themselves pulled out quite nice and we had the place cleared and chopped down to soil height in no time. It was actually quite therapeutic just pulling out handfulls of weeds. You can spy our big piles on the photo above...

So you wanna see a progress shot! I am quite pleased when I look at this. Looking at it at the end of Sunday I still felt like so much to be done, but then remembering back to what it looked like first thing on Saturday and it makes me smile!

The black plastic sheeting is actually covering up a path not a bed. Underneath there is beautiful freshly dug soil and NO weeds.

We have drawn up a little plan and we are going to carefully measure out neat and tidy beds to start digging and planting ready for Spring.

Our plot has a teeny shed, it is not high enough to stand in and frankly I never want to go in there as it is just one big huge spider's nest... shudder...

Little teeny shed will be getting replaced eventually but for now it makes a fabulous place for our mega cute allotment sign!

The ceremonial hanging of the sign happened on Saturday just before we left for the day. This is OUR plot! wuhu!

I may have snuck round and took photos of some dream allotments, check out this one! GOALS!

So it turns out allotment people are amazingly amazingly lovely! We were digging for a little while on Saturday and Margaret from the allotment near us popped over with a bag of raspberries.. she said you can't do a day's work and not have anything to show! She popped back later with the sweetest tasting little tomatoes I ever did eat! HOW nice!

Then on Sunday our allotment haul grew EVEN bigger... another lovely lady popped by to tell us she was super impressed by our work so far and gave us this giant marrow (what do we do with it, it won't fit in the fridge!!) and some corn (we had smothered in butter grilled for tea, delicious!!) and loads of potatoes! Score!!!

So only day 2 and our allotment bounty is rather fine! hehe.

Something tells me it aint going to be quite that easy.... Stay tuned folks for more allotmenting adventures...

7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 20

What a wrinkled/lined hand I have? hehe... looks a bit odd up close like this... but hey ho, love this picture... and what it symbolises...

Do you ever feel like you are just 'getting through' the weeks and looking onward towards the weekends? That's what I feel like so much lately. I focus on what I want to do at weekends and count down the days in my head. I plod along same old routine on the weekdays. Then the weekend comes and wizzes by super fast and I feel unfulfilled... then the cycle starts again.  Humph. 

These little posts do help a lot though, help me to focus on the good things in my week, the things that break the monotony. But I could try a lot harder to be more mindful and live in the present, enjoy everyday... any tips?

This week's little list then...

1. Baby acorn I loved finding this! Did a little squeal! Was in the park at the weekend on my way to my parent's house. Acorns are so meaningful to me and just seeing them makes me so excited for this time of year.. the falling leaves, my birthday, Halloween, Bonfire night... then on to Christmas! wuhu! I adore wandering round the shops and seeing the new Autumn/Winter collections... thick woolens, scarves, tights... but it is still a little too warm for my liking.m Is it bad to wish the warm weather away?

2. James I got my littlest nephew (he is two this month)all to myself this weekend, he came to stay at my house for the first time and we had so much fun! He was a perfect angel as per usual. We went to a nearby farm park, played in the ball pool, on the slides, saw some fluffy bunnies... We enjoyed exploring aunty Jo's house and chasing Meg the cat.. and we even had a trip to see cousin Corey. Thank you James for a lovely weekend.

2. Goats At the farm park at the weekend were loads of baby goats! They were super cute. A few even came to the edge of their pen and let me stroke them, aw! Goodness me is there anything cuter than a baby goat? Owning a baby goat is seriously one of my major lifetime ambitions. I could watch them all day... sadly James's attention span for the baby goats wasn't as long as I would have liked... hehe (he preferred the bunnies).

3. Useful apps I've always been somebody who loves lists and loves keeping a diary and planner. I always thought that nothing really beats a paper to-do list and being able to tick it off. But I was looking at apps one day for my phone and discovered all sorts of useful to-do list ones and schedule ones, and even goal setting ones... I must admit they are really useful. I have been enjoying making lots of different project lists on these.

4. Victoria Who else is watching this delightful ITV programme? I'm loving it! If it's a period drama, better still a royal period drama I know I'm going to be all over it.. but I do think this is especially enjoyable. Go check it out if you have not done already.

5. Dinner with friends I had a really lovely dinner last Wednesday evening with work friends. 2 of the work friends have actually been left a year now, but we keep in touch. It's always fab to catch up, especially over super yummy tapas in the evening.

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2 September 2016

Festival: The make up and accessories...

I went to a festival, Solfest to be exact. It's a local Cumbrian festival I've been to a couple of times before. I blogged our first time here... So instead of showing you all the pics of the bands, the stages, the food and all the fun we had, the WAY more interesting pics are what I wore... all the clothes, accessories and of course the make up!

I had a LOT of fun make up shopping. Even more fun when Mark said he wanted to join in with the make up too, wuhu! Well why the hell not. Really festivals are the only chance grown up very sensible people in their thirties get to wear neon face paint and glitter, got to make the most of it.

Mark purchased these neon paints on Ebay, they were really good, great quality and very vibrant.

I popped to good old Claire's accessories. That shop overwhelms me, there's just so much stuff in there, and it's all sparkly and pink and I just don't know where to put my eyes. It's very exciting, I wanted ALL the stuff, but had to remind myself I am a grown up woman (boo).

Glitter eyeshadows, yes! These were gel like, sort of glitter mixed with vaseline, so smudged off really quickly, wasn't too impressed.

I picked up the Snazaroo face paint brushes in The Range.

I packed all our exciting make up together in it's own little bag. (Of course the 'normal' make up was in a whole separate other much larger make up bag. Hehe.

I think the only time I have brought make up to a campsite has to be at a festival.

But I actually really enjoyed spending time each morning doing my face. I usually spend about 5 minutes doing it, the same old thing, day in day out as I rush out the door to work. Taking my time to do my face and experimenting with different looks was lovely.

I also had loads of fun picking out some fun accessories to bring along with me. I have a whole jewelry drawer full of silly jewelry that I would not wear on a daily basis, but great for festivals, so I don't throw them away!

It's all about the bracelets at a festival, you have to accessorise up the arm that holds your festival band. In normal everyday life anything on my arms drives me insane but I liked the look of all these colourful bracelets.

So here's look 1 on day 1 above. Mark wanted tribal inspired face paint, I just went for a look I found on Pinterest naturally. Check out my glitter round my eyes. I had a ton of glitter on here but I'm not great at selfies.

Mark also has glitter neon green hairspray on here, it was quite vibrant IRL. However there was glitter neon green hairspray everywhere, literally everywhere for the whole rest of the festival...

Day 2, I'm still loving the dots over my eyebrows look. This time alternate neon orange dots and little sticky jewels. I wanted to wear my glasses but wasn't sure neon face paint went with glasses? Oh well... Plus a little girl said I looked silly, but then again she did think it was ok to wee on the grass in front of us so not sure I trust her judgement, lol!

I'm fully embracing the bunches look for my hair. Really it was mostly too yucky and greasy to wear down, but I detest myself with hair scraped back into a pony. I like to have something round my face, so bunches I thought would be a good idea. My hair is too short for the ever so trendy plaited bunches sadly.

You can see my whole outfit here. I continue to take 5 year olds as my style icons of choice and I rocked this snazzy little dunga dress.... with stripes, leggings and cons... totally pulling it off right? right? (I don't honestly care, I like wearing it).

On my nails for the weekend I went for neon orange, the colour is from brand W7 and then a Barry M black for the dots.

I even convinced Mark into some festival nails! We purchased these neon green and blue varnishes from a stall at the festival. Mark was less than patient with the drying stage so rather smudgy...

Our final day make up looks. I did a lovely fancy eyebrow on Mark, alternating dots with a more manly square whilst Mark painted some little flowers on my cheek.
And finally a montage of all our festival faces over the weekend.

So thoughts on neon face paints? yay or nay? Am I a bit too old? hehe...

1 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 19

Wow this past week has flown by! Another super busy week, but GOOD busy rather than stressy work busy, wuhu. Loads to be happy and smiling about at the moment...

1. Solfest Well this has to be my number 1. Last week I mentioned that Mark and I were going to Solfest music festival. It's a relatively small local festival here in Cumbria. There are no big name bands but rather you make lots of new discoveries from smaller bands of mixed genres such as folk, rock, punk, funk etc. etc... It was FAB! We had such a good time. Felt like such a good break, nothing to think about but which bands to see and what to eat all day for 3 days, wuhu.

2. Sunshine Number 1 was made SO fantastic by the weather. It is so true that the weather can make or break a festival. I have been very unhappy in the past at festivals that just resemble swamps for the full 3 days. I was a little anxious about 4 nights in a field in West Cumbria but we were SO lucky with the weather, it was unbelievable! A little light rain over Sat night and Sunday morning but we could not grumble about that. Saturday was so hot we both got all burnt, it could have easily been Portugal it was so nice. Just enjoying sitting on the grass, socking up the fab atmosphere, watching some good bands and drinking fruity cider, bliss.

3. That first shower Festivals are not the most hygienic of places. (ew) We certainly had good intentions this year with our shower tent and camp showers (that didn't go according to plan, but that story is for another day!) I managed to squeeze in a shower mid week in one of the 4 (yes I repeat 4 showers for the few thousand people there!!!) My top tip was to get up at 6 am to brave them! Not the nicest showers in the world, but warm water and soap is always good. Rest of the long weekend let's just say I was ever so grateful for the invention of baby wipes and dry shampoo. But oh my, oh my, that first shower back home in your nice bathroom after a festival.... ahhhh! I could stay in there all day long.

4. Burritos I think I might have found a fave food. I never really have a fave, I'm just not so much of a foodie. I love eating, but don't care much about what goes in there... I could probably live on a diet of Maltesers alone! But hey ho... I am LOVING burritos recently... I bought one each day at a wonderful Mexican food stand at Solfest, bean and cheese packed full with lovely rice and salsa and super fresh, tasted delicious. Now if only I could cook, I could re-create these at home and have something else to eat but Maltesers.

5. A fave playing MY city So I happened to spy a tour listing coming up from a very very fave musician, Frank Turner. (Check him out if you don't know him, just fab!) Mark and I both love him and we have seen him live before. But I glanced down the show listing and a word looked very very familiar to me... Carlisle it said! CARLISLE??? well that's where I LIVE! Sleepy, little Carlisle, where nobody ever EVER plays, that nobody has ever ever heard of! My very fave fave is coming here? Well that did make me smile... snapped up those tickets quick smart. 

6. Back to school It's SEPTEMBER! I want to shout it from the rooftops! (ok so it was August yesterday when this post was meant to go up!) I adore September... the start of the cooler months, I'm odd like that! Autumn, leaves... my birthday! and also that going back to school feeling. A new term, a new pencil case, new shoes.. new exercise books.... ahh! I love it all! September is newness to me, it's probably more significant a 'new' to me than January 1st. It is of course a new year in terms of my age and I've spent the vast majority of my life in academia, so my head works in academic years... loads of school, then loads more uni than was sensible... now I work in a uni too. Well I don't know about you but I'm off to buy new shoes at lunchtime (no seriously I REALLY am!!!).

7. Allotment Screeeam! We have an allotment! We are going to grow stuff (or attempt to grow stuff more likely...)Mark surprised me by putting in an application for our local allotments after a conversation about how nice it would be to have one. Turns out allotments are dirt cheap! £45 a year! That's like FREE! I'm very excited about the vegetable opportunities... but never really having ever grown much before I am a little overwhelmed. The allotment plot is also rather big and overgrown... but we have been told there are big raspberry bushes in there already... wuhu.... wish us luck. I may even turn into an 'allotment blogger' is that a thing? 

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