12 September 2016

Allotment: the beginning...

We got an allotment! Screeeam! And this weekend was our very first allotmenting weekend, I thought I would bring my camera along to document the journey... Prepare yourselves for many more allotmenting blog posts to come, as I feel I have found my new 'thing'.

Of COURSE I have a Pinterest board already.... is allotment blogging a thing? Well NOW it is, ha ha ha.

Our allotment is super cute! It is only a hop and a skip from our house. There are quite a number of plots on our allotment, all different shapes and sizes. There are nicely kept little lawn paths between plots. Mark and I had a lot of fun exploring our new place, and er 'borrowing' many ideas for our own little garden.

What does one wear for allotmenting then? eek! I had a bit of a freak out when I realised I didn't own any 'allotment' clothes. I don't own any trousers that are not either leggings, jeans or running/biking tights. Leggings it is then... at least they are comfy. And of course I had to add some stripes and spots.

These are my 'before' and 'during' shots of my outfit... hehe.

So what exactly are we dealing with then here at the allotment? Are you imagining a beautiful patch of freshly turned soil in neat little rows (yeah I was too!) nope.. er this above is (or was!) our allotment this weekend. A rather overwhelming huge patch of waist height weeds and nettles. Eeek, and gulp...

Not just weeds of course, nope, loads of bits of broken shed, green house, many random bins and bits of wood and just crap really. We certainly had our work cut out...

But it was not all doom and gloom and heavy work... we uncovered a few little treasures... Some rhubarb was carefully transplanted into a new home...

We uncovered a sweet little strawberry patch. Strawberry season seems to have passed us by, but hopefully we can maintain these little plants for next year?

Loads of raspberries! My absolute fave, so this is awesome! Our raspberry plants are huge! We did have to cut them back a bit which was a little sad. The raspberries were also huge! But a little past their best and squishy so we let them be.

I was also thrilled to find so many wee animal friends in our new garden. It was a mini best heaven! There were a million spiders (I was SO brave and tried to ignore them) millipedes, slugs, snails, wood lice.. you name it we saw it in abundance! Kind of felt bad for digging up their home...

Just as Mark was cutting back the raspberry jungle this little sleepy guy popped out to say hello! Aw! Don't worry we carefully put him back in and he nodded back off to sleep.

I am determined to make our garden hedgehog and other wildlife friendly, so if you have any tips?

And in the strawberry patch, this little guy, he was quite jumpy! But again he got moved carefully unharmed by our spades!

Happy, sweaty, exhausted allotmenting faces...

Sticky buds everywhere!! I used to love these when little, but there were more sticky buds on me at the end of all the weed pulling than actual clothes!

I was a little daunted when we began, I won't lie. But turns out it wasn't as hard as I feared. We did work dam hard of course but the actual weeds themselves pulled out quite nice and we had the place cleared and chopped down to soil height in no time. It was actually quite therapeutic just pulling out handfulls of weeds. You can spy our big piles on the photo above...

So you wanna see a progress shot! I am quite pleased when I look at this. Looking at it at the end of Sunday I still felt like so much to be done, but then remembering back to what it looked like first thing on Saturday and it makes me smile!

The black plastic sheeting is actually covering up a path not a bed. Underneath there is beautiful freshly dug soil and NO weeds.

We have drawn up a little plan and we are going to carefully measure out neat and tidy beds to start digging and planting ready for Spring.

Our plot has a teeny shed, it is not high enough to stand in and frankly I never want to go in there as it is just one big huge spider's nest... shudder...

Little teeny shed will be getting replaced eventually but for now it makes a fabulous place for our mega cute allotment sign!

The ceremonial hanging of the sign happened on Saturday just before we left for the day. This is OUR plot! wuhu!

I may have snuck round and took photos of some dream allotments, check out this one! GOALS!

So it turns out allotment people are amazingly amazingly lovely! We were digging for a little while on Saturday and Margaret from the allotment near us popped over with a bag of raspberries.. she said you can't do a day's work and not have anything to show! She popped back later with the sweetest tasting little tomatoes I ever did eat! HOW nice!

Then on Sunday our allotment haul grew EVEN bigger... another lovely lady popped by to tell us she was super impressed by our work so far and gave us this giant marrow (what do we do with it, it won't fit in the fridge!!) and some corn (we had smothered in butter grilled for tea, delicious!!) and loads of potatoes! Score!!!

So only day 2 and our allotment bounty is rather fine! hehe.

Something tells me it aint going to be quite that easy.... Stay tuned folks for more allotmenting adventures...


  1. Oh how awesome! I can't believe the difference it has already made after you've pulled up all the weeds! Amazing work and I'm excited to see more updates. I would love my own place to grow things, so I'm going to enjoy living vicariously through you guys!

    Also, I have no idea what to do with such a giant marrow!

  2. I LOVE this Jo and i'm super jealous! I can't wait to see what you do with your pretty little plot - you have done so well so far and how friendly was everyone?!? Such a sweet thing to share their veggies with you!

    Hmmm the marrow thing....is it maybe a courgette? Looks more courgette than marrow but i might be wrong! Either way you can't go wrong cutting it in half and stuffing it and baking it. If it's courgette they're lovely if you scoop out the centre and fill with crumbled feta/ricotta and cous cous and bake them. SO yum!

    Failing that, soup?!? You know when this crazy weather has passed.....

    Sal xxx

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for your comment. I have NO idea the difference between a courgette and marrow! Is it not just a marrow if it gets big? hehe. I must learn something about veggies if I'm going to grow them right? hehe. x

  3. Hi great to read your blog,me and a freind have taken on our allotment with a chicken coop this year,alot of hard work but well worth it.

  4. Hi Jo,
    Nice that you are starting a vegetable garden! I am curious to read the progress you are making. This year I am planting my own vegetable garden with greenhouse. I intend to put a lot of tomatoes in it! Good luck and have fun :)


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