2 September 2016

Festival: The make up and accessories...

I went to a festival, Solfest to be exact. It's a local Cumbrian festival I've been to a couple of times before. I blogged our first time here... So instead of showing you all the pics of the bands, the stages, the food and all the fun we had, the WAY more interesting pics are what I wore... all the clothes, accessories and of course the make up!

I had a LOT of fun make up shopping. Even more fun when Mark said he wanted to join in with the make up too, wuhu! Well why the hell not. Really festivals are the only chance grown up very sensible people in their thirties get to wear neon face paint and glitter, got to make the most of it.

Mark purchased these neon paints on Ebay, they were really good, great quality and very vibrant.

I popped to good old Claire's accessories. That shop overwhelms me, there's just so much stuff in there, and it's all sparkly and pink and I just don't know where to put my eyes. It's very exciting, I wanted ALL the stuff, but had to remind myself I am a grown up woman (boo).

Glitter eyeshadows, yes! These were gel like, sort of glitter mixed with vaseline, so smudged off really quickly, wasn't too impressed.

I picked up the Snazaroo face paint brushes in The Range.

I packed all our exciting make up together in it's own little bag. (Of course the 'normal' make up was in a whole separate other much larger make up bag. Hehe.

I think the only time I have brought make up to a campsite has to be at a festival.

But I actually really enjoyed spending time each morning doing my face. I usually spend about 5 minutes doing it, the same old thing, day in day out as I rush out the door to work. Taking my time to do my face and experimenting with different looks was lovely.

I also had loads of fun picking out some fun accessories to bring along with me. I have a whole jewelry drawer full of silly jewelry that I would not wear on a daily basis, but great for festivals, so I don't throw them away!

It's all about the bracelets at a festival, you have to accessorise up the arm that holds your festival band. In normal everyday life anything on my arms drives me insane but I liked the look of all these colourful bracelets.

So here's look 1 on day 1 above. Mark wanted tribal inspired face paint, I just went for a look I found on Pinterest naturally. Check out my glitter round my eyes. I had a ton of glitter on here but I'm not great at selfies.

Mark also has glitter neon green hairspray on here, it was quite vibrant IRL. However there was glitter neon green hairspray everywhere, literally everywhere for the whole rest of the festival...

Day 2, I'm still loving the dots over my eyebrows look. This time alternate neon orange dots and little sticky jewels. I wanted to wear my glasses but wasn't sure neon face paint went with glasses? Oh well... Plus a little girl said I looked silly, but then again she did think it was ok to wee on the grass in front of us so not sure I trust her judgement, lol!

I'm fully embracing the bunches look for my hair. Really it was mostly too yucky and greasy to wear down, but I detest myself with hair scraped back into a pony. I like to have something round my face, so bunches I thought would be a good idea. My hair is too short for the ever so trendy plaited bunches sadly.

You can see my whole outfit here. I continue to take 5 year olds as my style icons of choice and I rocked this snazzy little dunga dress.... with stripes, leggings and cons... totally pulling it off right? right? (I don't honestly care, I like wearing it).

On my nails for the weekend I went for neon orange, the colour is from brand W7 and then a Barry M black for the dots.

I even convinced Mark into some festival nails! We purchased these neon green and blue varnishes from a stall at the festival. Mark was less than patient with the drying stage so rather smudgy...

Our final day make up looks. I did a lovely fancy eyebrow on Mark, alternating dots with a more manly square whilst Mark painted some little flowers on my cheek.
And finally a montage of all our festival faces over the weekend.

So thoughts on neon face paints? yay or nay? Am I a bit too old? hehe...


  1. Never too old! I think they look great and I love your outfit too! Thumbs up from me :) C x

  2. I do love the polka dot nails! They are very cute!


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