1 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 19

Wow this past week has flown by! Another super busy week, but GOOD busy rather than stressy work busy, wuhu. Loads to be happy and smiling about at the moment...

1. Solfest Well this has to be my number 1. Last week I mentioned that Mark and I were going to Solfest music festival. It's a relatively small local festival here in Cumbria. There are no big name bands but rather you make lots of new discoveries from smaller bands of mixed genres such as folk, rock, punk, funk etc. etc... It was FAB! We had such a good time. Felt like such a good break, nothing to think about but which bands to see and what to eat all day for 3 days, wuhu.

2. Sunshine Number 1 was made SO fantastic by the weather. It is so true that the weather can make or break a festival. I have been very unhappy in the past at festivals that just resemble swamps for the full 3 days. I was a little anxious about 4 nights in a field in West Cumbria but we were SO lucky with the weather, it was unbelievable! A little light rain over Sat night and Sunday morning but we could not grumble about that. Saturday was so hot we both got all burnt, it could have easily been Portugal it was so nice. Just enjoying sitting on the grass, socking up the fab atmosphere, watching some good bands and drinking fruity cider, bliss.

3. That first shower Festivals are not the most hygienic of places. (ew) We certainly had good intentions this year with our shower tent and camp showers (that didn't go according to plan, but that story is for another day!) I managed to squeeze in a shower mid week in one of the 4 (yes I repeat 4 showers for the few thousand people there!!!) My top tip was to get up at 6 am to brave them! Not the nicest showers in the world, but warm water and soap is always good. Rest of the long weekend let's just say I was ever so grateful for the invention of baby wipes and dry shampoo. But oh my, oh my, that first shower back home in your nice bathroom after a festival.... ahhhh! I could stay in there all day long.

4. Burritos I think I might have found a fave food. I never really have a fave, I'm just not so much of a foodie. I love eating, but don't care much about what goes in there... I could probably live on a diet of Maltesers alone! But hey ho... I am LOVING burritos recently... I bought one each day at a wonderful Mexican food stand at Solfest, bean and cheese packed full with lovely rice and salsa and super fresh, tasted delicious. Now if only I could cook, I could re-create these at home and have something else to eat but Maltesers.

5. A fave playing MY city So I happened to spy a tour listing coming up from a very very fave musician, Frank Turner. (Check him out if you don't know him, just fab!) Mark and I both love him and we have seen him live before. But I glanced down the show listing and a word looked very very familiar to me... Carlisle it said! CARLISLE??? well that's where I LIVE! Sleepy, little Carlisle, where nobody ever EVER plays, that nobody has ever ever heard of! My very fave fave is coming here? Well that did make me smile... snapped up those tickets quick smart. 

6. Back to school It's SEPTEMBER! I want to shout it from the rooftops! (ok so it was August yesterday when this post was meant to go up!) I adore September... the start of the cooler months, I'm odd like that! Autumn, leaves... my birthday! and also that going back to school feeling. A new term, a new pencil case, new shoes.. new exercise books.... ahh! I love it all! September is newness to me, it's probably more significant a 'new' to me than January 1st. It is of course a new year in terms of my age and I've spent the vast majority of my life in academia, so my head works in academic years... loads of school, then loads more uni than was sensible... now I work in a uni too. Well I don't know about you but I'm off to buy new shoes at lunchtime (no seriously I REALLY am!!!).

7. Allotment Screeeam! We have an allotment! We are going to grow stuff (or attempt to grow stuff more likely...)Mark surprised me by putting in an application for our local allotments after a conversation about how nice it would be to have one. Turns out allotments are dirt cheap! £45 a year! That's like FREE! I'm very excited about the vegetable opportunities... but never really having ever grown much before I am a little overwhelmed. The allotment plot is also rather big and overgrown... but we have been told there are big raspberry bushes in there already... wuhu.... wish us luck. I may even turn into an 'allotment blogger' is that a thing? 

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  1. A sunshiny festival must be one of life's greatest pleasures. And also BURRITOS! How good are they? I discovered them at a festival here in Devon last year, SO delicious.
    Congratulations on the allotment, please show off your...squashes? here? I get such growers envy!
    M x

    1. Thanks so much Michelle. I will most certainly be blogging about the allotment.. and our growing successes and failures. I have visions of myself entering county shows with my prize carrots.... so excited! hehe. x

  2. The festival sounds awesome! I do enjoy going to them, but I'm not one for the crowds and the camping so we don't go to many. It's a shame to miss out on the music, but we usually get to see a band or two at a concert each year instead. I'm with you, that first shower is glorious!

    An allotment! How awesome! I wish I had a little garden/space to grow some veggies. I know there are a few allotments near to us, but I don't have the faintest idea of how the Belgian's go about getting one haha. I should look into it!

    ~ K

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Allotments are a lot easier than we thought honestly. Or at least they were with our council. Just go on their website, we applied online and there was a list of available plots and maps to see where they are were. Also I think the price is a throw back to the war effort and 'grow your own' stuff... so will be really cheap for every council I'm sure. I'm sure will be easy to look into. x


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