7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 20

What a wrinkled/lined hand I have? hehe... looks a bit odd up close like this... but hey ho, love this picture... and what it symbolises...

Do you ever feel like you are just 'getting through' the weeks and looking onward towards the weekends? That's what I feel like so much lately. I focus on what I want to do at weekends and count down the days in my head. I plod along same old routine on the weekdays. Then the weekend comes and wizzes by super fast and I feel unfulfilled... then the cycle starts again.  Humph. 

These little posts do help a lot though, help me to focus on the good things in my week, the things that break the monotony. But I could try a lot harder to be more mindful and live in the present, enjoy everyday... any tips?

This week's little list then...

1. Baby acorn I loved finding this! Did a little squeal! Was in the park at the weekend on my way to my parent's house. Acorns are so meaningful to me and just seeing them makes me so excited for this time of year.. the falling leaves, my birthday, Halloween, Bonfire night... then on to Christmas! wuhu! I adore wandering round the shops and seeing the new Autumn/Winter collections... thick woolens, scarves, tights... but it is still a little too warm for my liking.m Is it bad to wish the warm weather away?

2. James I got my littlest nephew (he is two this month)all to myself this weekend, he came to stay at my house for the first time and we had so much fun! He was a perfect angel as per usual. We went to a nearby farm park, played in the ball pool, on the slides, saw some fluffy bunnies... We enjoyed exploring aunty Jo's house and chasing Meg the cat.. and we even had a trip to see cousin Corey. Thank you James for a lovely weekend.

2. Goats At the farm park at the weekend were loads of baby goats! They were super cute. A few even came to the edge of their pen and let me stroke them, aw! Goodness me is there anything cuter than a baby goat? Owning a baby goat is seriously one of my major lifetime ambitions. I could watch them all day... sadly James's attention span for the baby goats wasn't as long as I would have liked... hehe (he preferred the bunnies).

3. Useful apps I've always been somebody who loves lists and loves keeping a diary and planner. I always thought that nothing really beats a paper to-do list and being able to tick it off. But I was looking at apps one day for my phone and discovered all sorts of useful to-do list ones and schedule ones, and even goal setting ones... I must admit they are really useful. I have been enjoying making lots of different project lists on these.

4. Victoria Who else is watching this delightful ITV programme? I'm loving it! If it's a period drama, better still a royal period drama I know I'm going to be all over it.. but I do think this is especially enjoyable. Go check it out if you have not done already.

5. Dinner with friends I had a really lovely dinner last Wednesday evening with work friends. 2 of the work friends have actually been left a year now, but we keep in touch. It's always fab to catch up, especially over super yummy tapas in the evening.

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  1. I'm starting to think I'm the only person not wishing the summer away! I like hanging on to it as long as possible and just waiting patiently for autumn to come along. So far, it's still very summery here in Belgium.

  2. Little acorns, little humans and little goats! Sounds a-ok to me. Hanging out with little people can be so much fun, I love how much imagination they have.
    Super glad these posts are helping you find the happy things, I'm still working on proper mindfulness myself but I just recently joined Gemma's Wednesday mindfulness meditation calls, it just lets me take ten minutes slap bang in the middle of the week that are just for me. Not sure if it's your bag but here's the link if you fancy it http://www.littletinypieces.co.uk/

    Have a brilliant rest of the week
    M x

    1. Hi Michelle, this sounds brilliant, thank you so much. I am very interested in mindfulness, find it fascinating, but still very much at early stages. I will def check this out. Thank you. x

  3. Me and my friends went on holiday when Victoria started and we rushed back to the B&B early in order to snuggle up with snacks to watch the first episodes. It now feels funny to watch without them, but I'm still loving the series.
    Lke Kerri says, please can we hang on to summer just a little bit longer? The weather is still so deliously warm.
    I hope you can find yourself a purposeful life soon. One where you are present in the moment.
    Have a fab weekend xx


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