14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 21

Let's just dive straight into it this week... my little list of wonderfulness...

1. Weeding So who would have thought I would enjoy weeding. If you read my allotment post here, you will see the extent of the 'weeding' we had taken on. I was hugely daunted, but once got stuck in, really rather enjoyable. Yes my back, shoulders, arms and legs all ached like hell but grabbing armfuls of pesky weeds and pulling... then digging over the horrid soil uncovering fresh, beautiful dark soil underneath (and many juicy worms!) was really rather therapeutic. 

2. Allotment people Yes, yes, another allotment one... you have been warned that I will become an 'allotment bore' hehe. But at the weekend we met SO many nice people down our allotment. Just super friendly and encouraging. We came away with fresh tomatoes, raspberries, potatoes, corn and a huge marrow... tons of advice and offers of help. I'm so pleased we have stumbled upon this little community.

3. Date night On Friday night Mark and I went out for dinner. We went to an actual restaurant, somewhere neither of us had been before, we had wine and everything! Then we went to the pub after for a couple more, it was super nice. I guess when we lived apart we did make more effort to do things, as seeing each other was more of an 'occasion'. We have vowed to do 'date night' once a month now and we will try new restaurants... I do hope we stick to it...

4. A change I can feel it in the air... not only a change in season, a change to my age (ugh mega groan) but I want a little change too.. I'm craving it... so what's a girl to do... of course, I have decided to change my hair! hehe. I'm also experimenting with new make up, wearing my contact lenses instead of glasses more and considering some new tattoos and piercings too... 

5. Vikings LOVING this TV show. It's a new one (to us) Mark and I have got into, and super enjoyable. The main character viking guy is basically viking Jax Teller (and anyone who knows who that is will now HAVE to watch it!). I really love it when Mark and I get into a new programme to watch together. It has opened up so many questions though, as it is based on real historical characters and events (probably loosely) I know nothing about this period of history. I do remember making a Viking long ship in the primary school playground though.

6. Being helpful I always like to be helpful, especially at work. A lovely part of my job as Alumni Officer is to do little bits of research about our university history and keep some archive materials. A lovely lady got in touch recently, to research her father who came to our uni in the 1940s. I met her, showed her lots of old photos, prospectuses etc and she was very pleased. I received the loveliest message from her later than day thanking me. Makes me happy I can help like this in small ways.

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  1. First of all i have to confess to doing a little shudder when you said 'juicy worms' lol aaaargh i just hate hate hate creepy crawlies. I think they're amazing, and if they werent there we wouldn't have any food BUT bleeeeugh!!!

    You cant beat a little bit of job satisfaction - whatever it is that you do and that sounds like an interesting task too!

    I'm also feeling like i need a change too AND funnily enough the first thing that came to mind was hair! Oh how fickle us girls can be! Also wondering if i should take the plunge and get my nose pierced since i have been going on about it for aaages!

    Love your list Jo - thank you lots as always!!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sally, Do IT with the nose! we can go together, I want new ear ones... I'm nervous to go on my own though... But can't stop thinking I want it done.
      Hehe, I don;t much love creepy crawlies myself. But I was quite proud I was able to ignore them and get on with the digging. It was interesting to see so many and so many different types! x

  2. I love weeding, once I get started I can spend hours in my garden pulling out all the weeds. I just find it sort of therapeutic i guess. I can't wait to read more about your allotment adventures!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Yes I can see that weeding is going to be quite fun, I am a bit impatient though and just want it all planted and looking lovely already! hehe. x

  3. Yet another lovely Wonderful Wednesday post! Oh I find weeding rather therapeutic if i'm honest! Your date night sounds wonderful too! I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    Peta x

  4. I'm still impressed by your weeding skills! I can't wait to see what you do with the allotment in the future.

    I love little changes, changing my hair is my favourite way to change things. I do need to change the colour again soon, but I think I will wait until next month to do that. I'm even tempted to put some fancy colours in it again... even though I only just decided I wanted to go back to a more normal colour haha.


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