21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 22

Yes, yes that would be a photo of a load of soil, hehe. Yes it's not super attractive but it makes me SO happy, and this is MY happy little list after all.

This weekend was spent 'down the allotment' again, and another productive couple of days was had. We now have all the beds marked out, dug and turned over. Then 1 bed finely weeded. Now the loooong frustrating wait until Spring to start planting, boo! I want to plant stuff now NOW!

I cannot pinpoint anything in particular this week but I feel so happy! I guess just new projects, birthdays looming, the change in season, just all the small things really contributing to my overall good mood. Long may it last... 

So in no particular order... these are some super great things that have made me smile lately...

1. A new piercing Now I mentioned last week change was in the air, and I made a start at the weekend... Just a teeny tiny something but my oh my it made me SMILE! I haven't got pierced since age 18, first week of uni when I foolishly got my eyebrow done (hello visible scar on my FACE for the REST of my life! lol). I went to the super cool Get Pierced in Carlisle and the piercer guy was super lovely.  I have a cute little ring with a little bluey opaly ball thing in my diath (google it!!) oooh and there's a pic on my Instagram too... and WHO else should I meet in the waiting room, well only JUST the inventor of Wonderful Wednesday Miss SALLY TANGLE herself! Now what else can I pierce....?

2. Kat Von D Make Up I adore Kat, been such a huge fan since her Miami Ink days. She brought out her make up range what feels like a million years ago and it was just available in the US. I did make a pilgrimage to Sephora last summer when I was in New York (I LOVE to drop that in every chance I get hehe) to purchase a couple of bits. But it made me so happy to know she is available in the UK now in Debenhams. So I was fully expecting to pop into my local branch and see her amazing stand there and then swatch (get me with my beauty blogger lingo!) all the stuff and things. But alas, no... she's got a stand in Debenhams in London, if that's any use to you! (grrrrrrr!) But I won't grumble too much. I ordered some eyeshadow on the website and got it delivered to my store next day free so almost like I bought it there right? But her range is so so pretty and it's a little closer now so I'm happy with that... 

3. A new organiser I love organising, love tick lists, diaries, calendars etc etc. I have several for myself. But what is EVEN more exciting is getting the opportunity to organise other people too. hehe. I literally have no clue how people live without a diary, or at least a calendar. Like how? Mark is one of those people... (wierdo!) but HE suggested we get a little calendar so he doesn't forget some weekend activities we have booked etc. So of course I bought a super pretty HUGE academic year organiser calender thing, complete with little to-do list sections and STICKERS. It's on the kitchen wall. I spent a delightful (no really I loved it!) evening adding in all the important things, making monthly to-do lists for us and sticking on the little stickers... So what are the chances he actually looks at the thing now we have it... hehe?

4. Lunch with Mum and James We had an unexpected little teeny visitor on Saturday. I arranged to meet my mum in town Saturday morning. She was going to come to the piercers with me (yes big wuss I needed my mummy to hold my hand) but turns out piercing and tattoo shops not so baby friendly.. hehe. But after my piercing we all went to a delightful little cafe for a lovely lunch, such a nice treat. James (he is my very nearly 2 year old nephew btw) is making me smile SO much recently cos the little guy is off, walking confidently all over the place, what a star.

5. Allotment planning Well the allotment is consuming most of my time at the moment. When not digging I'm thinking about digging, reading about planting, pinning pins onto my allotment Pinterest board. Mark is off buying things on Ebay and we are both just planning and dreaming about our dream garden. It's just making me so so happy. I love our new little together hobby.

6. Classical music I cannot quite believe how this has been missed off my list for the last few weeks... But for a little while now I have been getting into classical music (please don't tell my 18 year old self she would have a fit!) but lovely plinky plunky simple piano music in my ears as I walk to work. I adore it, so so relaxing. I have wanted to learn piano since I was teeny and it's re-igniting that desire. To be able to play these tunes that I listen to, I would just love that.

7. Morning Coffee Well well well,  who would have thought it? Me drinking coffee? I don't do 'hot' drinks.. (except for the odd hot choc, but even then I prefer luke warm choc!) but tea is repulsive eugh, and coffee just tasted burnt right? I admit it, I do have the occasional red bull (or blue cow - or whatever the cheapo supermarket versions are called). Sometimes you just need that caffeine kick to get through the day right? I always always drink sugar free though. But red bull is seen as rather 'dirty' isn't it. (it is less caffeine than your average coffee fact fiends...!)So I have been teaching myself to like coffee. It's going moderately well, I'm over the gagging stage after I drink it now... But I'm loving the extra little buzz and skip it gives me in the mornings, seems I've been doing adulting wrong all this time... and been attempting to power through on my poor poor natural energy reserves! Why I am teaching myself into new bad habits I don't really know....?

How was your week? Let me know in the comments, what's been making you smile. 

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  1. I'm incredibly jealous of your allotment and can't wait to see what you grow (the worst bit really IS all the waiting though!) Well done on getting the hard labour done!
    And the daith, is that the one supposed to help with migraines? I was thinking about giving it a go so I won't ask about pain levels (I haven't had anything pierced since my tongue at 18 - the fear aged 32 is significantly higher!) Sadly I don't think the wonderful Sally will be hanging about in my local studio!

    Have a brilliant rest of the week.
    M x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I have no idea about daith being good for migraines, I just thought it looked cool. Migraines are not something I have ever had (touching all the wood!) It didn't hurt one bit and continues to not hurt now, perfect piercing really! It's tucked away so doesn't catch on anything. GO for it! x

  2. I WANT that allotment!!!! Wow lucky you!! And - have you tried Einaudi for beautiful, relaxing piano music? It's dreamy :)

    1. Hi Helen. You are more than welcome to pop along and help out at the allotment (you would get veggies if/when we ever grow any!) hehe!) YES Einaudi is who I am listening to, LOVE him, his stuff is amazing. x

  3. What a wonderful list yet again! :) Your allotment sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see what you grow, what a shame you have to wait until Spring to plant anything! Your nephew sounds adorable :) xx


  4. I'm so jealous of your allotment (although I do quite well out of our neighbours' allotment at certain times of year!). Enjoy the digging and growing!


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