28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 23

Wuhu! SO much to smile about this past week. For it was my BIRTHDAY last Thursday, yeah ME, ME, ME! Go ME! Celebrate ME! lol. In reality I never shout about my birthday, I just don't deal well at all with being centre of attention and attention seeking in general... I quietly took a couple of days off work, and I don't announce it all over social media either... But here in my little hiding place I can shout all I like... 

But in other news this week has sucked because I'm dying from a cold, feel yukky and it ruined my weekend at a local music festival, bleurgh bleurgh.

Anywho, lots to smile about this week, most of them hugely selfish materialistic things, well come on lets be honest, those the best kind! :-) 

1. Birthdays Yeah, how can you not smile on your birthday, A day to celebrate you! Well everyday is about me to me, but other people recognise my fabulousness a bit more on my birthday, hehe. I spent a lovely day off work getting adored by family and friends, stuffing my face with cake and received some truly lovely pressies. 

2. A new hair do A pressie from me to me on my birthday was a new hair cut. I had it booked in for weeks before hand for this day and wanted to really enjoy it. I don't go to the hairdresser often so it's usually a big deal. I went for a new little colour and a chop. I'm super happy with it. What is it about a new hair cut that feels SO good? I love starting a new season, a new year with new hair. 

3. Autumn dressing Well its FINALLY turned a little cooler this week. I'm really going for it... I have the thick black tights out, the thicker jumpers, heavier dresses, purchased some new boots and even sorted out my mittens and hats in anticipation. I feel all super inspired for putting together autumn outfits, and my many Tatty Devine oak leaf necklaces have come out of hiding too. wuhu.

4. Sale dress Been eyeing up a little fancy denim number in M&S for a while. Tried it on and everything, but decided, in a rare thrifty moment of madness to wait a little while. But payday came and boom, I need to spend ALL the money.  Skipped down to M&S and it's only bloomin well in the sale! In my size! Did a happy squeal on route to the till. That there is fate, FATE! Wearing it as I type with smug smile all over my face.

5. Payday Yep, I've said it! Payday makes me happy, money makes me happy, spending money on things I do not need makes me happy! Of course I'm sensible and squirrel away the bills money, the savings pot money, but the leftovers those there pennies are for me, ME! I work hard (snort!) - (well I attend each day does that count!? lol) at my boring job so I can buy new dresses, shoes, more shoes, make up, necklaces... 

6. Crochet planning Well I could quite happily sit and crochet all the year round, and do in fact. Some think it's odd to crochet in July? I don't think so... but this time of year makes me want to crochet MORE of the things... and my Crochet pinterest board is going mad with ideas... I have many a blanket on the go, baby toys here and there, little pressies for friend's birthdays... and now I'm starting to think of my annual scarf pattern too.... ooooh the possibilities.... excited.

7. Apple crumble I baked! I bought all individual ingredients, mixed them up, bunged them in the oven and out came something yummy! yeah! We won't mention ALL the sugar, ALL over the floor (this is why I don't bake!!! hehe.) Yes apple crumble isn't exactly rocket science, but as somebody who is not too great in the kitchen it was a masterpiece for me. The apples were even picked (or shaken off) by my own fair hands from a neighbor's cooking apple tree. Apple crumble tastes even better with homegrown apples. 

What's been making your week? 

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P.S. That's not my picture, I nicked it off the internets... turns out with all my selfish frivolous spending I forgot to take any decent photos this week... MUST try harder... 


  1. Apple crumble! How can I have forgotten to make one and it's nearly the end of September! Sounds yum :)

    1. Oh there's still SO much time left for apple crumble. I forgot how delicious it is. Yum! x

  2. Big Happy Birthday for last week!

    I haven't baked a crumble in such a long time! But I'm quite into my baking at the moment, so I might have to give it ago. I also need to cook for big batches of winter foods, like soup, to get us through the lezy cold months!

    Feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and bday wishes. Def give PPLE CRUMBLE A GO, i was so happy with how mine turned out. x

  3. Woo happy birthday! That always makes it an exciting week that's for sure. Apple crumble is one of my ultimate fave desserts, haven't had one for ages!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and bday wishes! x


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