7 October 2016

A crochet robot...

It was my littlest nephew's birthday recently, he is 2. So of course I crocheted, I ALWAYS crochet! I had spied the cutest robot pattern some time ago and remembered I had squirrelled it away for just such an occasion. I had so much fun bringing this little robot pal to life.

This is not my pattern, sadly, I am nowhere near as skillful as this! This is the genius work of Amy Gaines. Check out her shop NOW for THE cutest knit and crochet toy patterns.

The pattern was really well written and super easy to follow.

For the yarn I chose Lullaby by stylecraft, you can buy it right here. I used colours Misty, Deep Blue and Berry. The pattern called for a black yarn, but I didn't have any suitable black yarn and anyway I think he looks rather dashing in the navy!

I ADORE this yarn, it is my very very VERY favourite! It is simply perfect for everything you want to make to do with babies, blankets, toys etc. It is the softest yarn, lovely to work with, washable and cheap! win!

I also used a small amount of embroidery thread for his mouth and some safety eyes. I am always concerned over safety eyes but I am confident these will be fine for James. He is 2 now and never really been much of a chewer! I will of course make sure that my sister knows of the risks and supervises play.

You also need a crochet hook, I used my trusty 3.5 and some darning needles.

Well hello there! I was so pleased with him as soon as I put his face on. He's rather cute.

Little squidgy fat legs.

hehe, I love these little hands.

The pattern is simple, but actually genius. I have never come across something quite like this. If you crochet just in back loops then your work starts to change direction and go upwards. It creates these fab little 'lip' bits, which I think look great.

So the little lip bits are round the head, body and the legs. It helps create sort of a flat squared off shape, rather than the usual round shape of amigurumi toys.

Here he is doing a twirl for you...

And here he is again with my hand in the shot to get an idea of scale. He's quite teeny really, just a really nice size for a baby toy.
Come across anything cute I NEED to crochet? Let me know...

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