17 October 2016

A visit to Tynemouth...

This weekend was just super! Mark and I popped over on the train to Newcastle to visit my favouritest people, Sister Dearest, Phil and little James.

Once in Newcastle Central Station we jumped on the Metro and made the journey (around 45 mins) out to the coast to Tynemouth. Jen and Phil have been a couple of times and Mark has been a lot when he was at uni in the area, but I had never been before so was very excited.

We found Jen and Phil in the carpark at the station the set about exploring the amazing market they have in the station, on the actual platforms. It's there most weekends I believe and it was fab! A real mix of foody bits, antiques, crafts and bric a brac stuff.

I was most impressed with Tynemouth, I didn't really know what to expect. Seaside places are usually quite tacky and dated in my opinion, but Tynemouth seemed hip and trendy with lovely gifty shops and bars, and loads to explore....

The above pic is the Priory, we didn't go in, just admired it from over the moat.

Jen and Phil all smiley at the Priory.

Mark was really keen to do the walk from Tynemouth over to the next little place Cullercoats, a favourite walk when he was a student. We wanted chance for James to have a little sleep so a walk along the sea front was great.  We couldn't walk on the sand with the pushchair but the walk up on the top along the road was just as picturesque.

I admired the determination of the surfers out in the sea! It was quite cold, but perfect surfing conditions, I would imagine as it was very choppy!

Clearly all the excitement was too much for some...

Smiley sister selfies!

The boys

James did wake up eventually and enjoyed a little walk on the sand, kitty came too naturally!

We were super lucky with the weather, it didn't rain, and wasn't too cold either. As the afternoon went on we got some cool moody lighting for beach photos. Jen and I ended up miles behind the boys due to snapping, oh and probably James too!

A little windswept...

Look what we happened to find in Cullercoats, the cutest little tearoom with an ice cream hatch, score!

Britishness test... have you ever successfully managed to visit a beachy place (no mater what time of year) and NOT purchased an ice cream! I do declare this to be impossible!

Oh and delicious the ice cream was too, yum yum!

Back towards the town, I couldn't resist snapping some of the cutest little houses. It is a very picturesque place.
With a vast array of super cute doors! 

I can't wait to visit again sometime, and maybe go in one or two of the shops next time...


  1. Great photos, it looks like a wonderful day! You and your sister look so much alike :) C x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Cat. I looked at these photos and thought we looked alike too, I've never really seen it much before! x


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