5 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 24

I'm really embracing all the lovely delights of the new season this week. I'm over the moon it's now Autumn, which means crisp, dark morning runs, acorns, acorn necklaces and brussels sprouts, screeeeam!

1. Acorn picking One of our absolute fave fave things to do of a weekend is to have a little pootle around Keswick. Keswick is a beautiful local touristy town, if you didn't know. As we were walking through the woods we noticed the floor littered with freshly fallen acorns. It is impossible to walk past acorns and not want to pick them up, right? We decided it might be nice to have some oak trees at the allotment, so got a bit obsessed and had pocket fulls of the things (plus conkers too!). They are now in our little yard planted into pots. Fingers crossed for oak trees soon... 

2. Kara on the beach This weekend Dad suggested a trip to the beach with Kara dog... It was beautiful! The air was thick with mist (which made an interesting drive out) and then when we arrived the tide was completely out so you couldn't see the sea at all.  We had the whole beach to ourselves, magical.

3. First sprouts of the season Had my first new season Brussels sprouts this week and my oh my were they delicious. Got them from M&S, of course. I adore sprouts, they just taste of Christmas! They will be my green of choice now for the next good few months, wuhu.

4. Afternoon tea I spent a splendid afternoon on Sunday with all my lovely school friends enjoying a very civilized afternoon tea at a rather posh local hotel. It was so super yummy I forgot to take photos (bad blogger!) there were crustless triangular finger sandwiches, ever so delicious scones with cream and jam, mini cakes and macarons. I do declare afternoon tea to be my very favourite meal. 

5. New necklace I spied on Instagram that one of my absolute fave jewelry designers, Layla Amber,  had added to her beautiful collection the other day. I bought what I thought was the most beautiful necklace ever from her just a few weeks ago, a little wooden woodland animal scene. Then I spied this one (in pic) and it's even prettier, how is it even possible! I adore anything to do with oak leaves and acorns, so I snapped it right up. I'm wearing it as I type.

6. Dark early morning runs I'm so happy to be back in 'running weather'; dark cold, crisp early mornings, wrapped up in thick leggings, coat and gloves, those are the best times to run. I've run twice this week already. Got distracted by a cute cat (always!) and fell up a curb on Monday morning, but I have a nice scabby grazed knee 'trophy' now. But that's the other great thing about running at 6 am in the dark, not many people about to see the less than elegant tumbles! I'm SO happy to be back running, and planning some new dark routes. I didn't run in the month of September at all, that's the first month I have missed since January 2015 (thanks Nike running app), bad Jo.  But it feels good to get back outside.

7. That happy feeling I practically skipped to work on Monday morning (I know I'm nauseating aren't I! lol). Just plodding along and I thought to myself... goodness me I'm in a good mood. Like seriously seriously good mood. Things are good at the moment and I'm feeling positive. It is probably largely to do with the 5k run I did that morning too, running is my happy pill. |I continue to be happy now even on Wednesday morning... what a nice feeling to have... 

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  1. SUCH a good list and i LOVE that sprouts are on here! Seriously one of THE most underrrated and BEST vegetables in all of the land! WE almost had them on Sunday until the Mr declared it 'too soon' {misery guts!}. I told it wasn't too soon or they wouldn't BE there which didn't reeeeally work since in M&S there are already a whole plethora of Xmassy treats. Mmmm!

    I so envy your running - i just can't get on with it and much prefer my bike! And dark mornings are not pleasurable bike riding times BUT there have been some cracking Autumnal afternoons lately which i haven't taken TOTAL advantage of.

    Adore your new necklace - suits you so much!

    Happy mid-week lovely Jo x

  2. Brussel sprouts?! Noooo! They are my least favourite veggie!

    Beaches are such a great place for dog walkies, there's always so much space and if you have a quiet one like you had, plenty of peace and quiet to play.

    I haven't ran since we got into cycling every day (well, weekday at least) but I'm considering getting back into it. I feel like a nice lunch time run would be a nice way to break up the day.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  3. I think you win the Queen of Autumn prize with this week's list! Loved reading it and I adore that necklace!

    Mmm you've got me thinking about sprouts now too, so happy when they're back in season. I cannot get my head around their bad reputation!

    Wonderful to hear how happy you are - hope you're having a lovely weekend! C x

  4. Aww this list really popped a smile on my face!! Exercise has the same effect on me too! That necklace is absolutely adorable! Good luck with the acorn growing :) I hope you get lots of wonderful trees for your allotment.
    Peta xx



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