19 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 26

And without further ado... here is my happy little list for this rather Wonderful (currently sunny) Wednesday...

1. Hanging out with my family This weekend Mark and I popped over to Newcastle to spend the weekend with my sis Jen, brother in law to be Phil and baby James. I blogged it here. And it was just the best fun, I love hanging out with them. When you get to my advanced age sadly friends and particularly big gangs of friends seem to drop off somewhere along the way. I don't feel like I have many friends these days, especially ones who are free for just hanging out. So I invited myself to spend the weekend with my Sister Dearest and it was just what I needed. It's fab to have a sister who is also my best friend.

This hilarious photo below, an outtake from the blog, taken just after I had to witness them two taking 'snogging selfies' - gross! Phil hilariously tried to grab me for a kiss too! ew! hehe. 

2. Discovering new places As explained above and Monday's post (yeah I know on and on and on...) I went to Tynemouth this weekend and you know what it was Fab! Sounds a bit odd but it really reminded me of some posh London borough. Even down to the fact we got there by tube (well the Newcastle Metro! lol) Tynemouth far exceeded my expectations, which is always nice isn't it. I love being in new places and exploring, makes you feel like you have really had a break and a mini holiday.

3. The Good Life Mark and I have a latest box set obsession... yes, yes REALLY! We are watching The Good Life, yes, as in that 70's BBC sitcom! Someone hilariously posted on FB that Mark and I were like Tom and Barbara with our allotment so Mark bought the series on DVD. I thought I would hate it, but actually it is really good. We watch it most evenings, it's very funny in places, I adore Margo, she's my fave. Check it out if you are ever stuck for something to watch!

4. Meg cuddles I love love love how cuddly Meg is. Most days, a couple of times a day she pops up beside me whether when lounging on my bed, or on the sofa and does a little mew. The mew means she wants to be picked up and placed on my chest. There we have such lovely cuddles, she purrs away, and treddles and it's so nice. She doesn't ever really do it because she wants something, she just likes cuddles.  She is quick to tell me when she has had enough of course with a little nibble to my hand...  These colder evenings means she also likes to climb into bed with me and make little nests whilst I'm trying to sleep too, aw!

5. DIY weekend planning We are both off for a long weekend this weekend coming, Fri-Mon and I can't wait. We have had it booked for a while and wondered what to do. We had originally planned to go away, probably glamping with the bikes somewhere. But somehow it has turned into a DIY weekend, we have a list of jobs to accomplish and everything. Whilst I hope to be working hard and getting some jobs around the house complete, it will still be nice to not be at regular day job work, wuhu! I'm excited to see how much we can achieve...

6. Fleur's Vlogtober I've probably rambled on about Fleur many times before on here.. but she is by FAR my absolute fave Youtuber! She is vlogging daily this month too and I am so enjoying watching her. She really does have it all, and has a seemingly idyllic life, but she is not snobby about it. I would rather watch Fleur than any of my fave TV programmes.

7. Snowbites I know the sight of all the Christmas chocolate in the supermarkets, since the end of September, is sending people into irrational rages, but me, well I'm loving it of course! I love Christmas, what's not to love? And as the days get gloomier, it is nice to have something cheery to look forward to. I love spotting the little signs of Christmas everywhere and Christmas basically means one thing right? Chocolate! SO much more chocolate options in the shops these days and my absolute fave fave have to be Cadburys Snow bites... quite literally could eat them until I am sick...

Well that's me for this week.... But how about checking out my wonderful pals over here...  SallyHelenMichelleKateCatSamElKerriMimmiIsabelle and Sarah.


  1. Aw, Meg is so gorgeous!

    I remember watching The Good Life when I was little (80s) and suspect it formed a lot of my expectations for adult life.

  2. Such a lovely list Jo! Meg is adorable!! I used to love The Good Life so much, I may have to check it out again!! Wishing you a very productive DIY weekend!!
    Peta xx


  3. Sisters are the best, definitely. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend in Newcastle! And aww, Meg is such a cutie.

    Mimmi xx


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