1 November 2016

A colourful baby blanket

Made another crochet thing... its a blanket and everything!!! OK, ok I cannot take all the credit for this lovely, it is a collaborative baby blanket made by me and 4 friends for another good friend who just popped out a baby!

The yarn used is all Special DK by Stylecraft which is just a super lovely, soft and squishy and affordable yarn. It also comes in the best range of colours which was really important to us. It is 100% acrylic and never been near a sheep (which I MUCH prefer!) Acrylic yarn is best for babies as it tends to be softer and is washable. Now baby blankets do need to be washable!

We purchased our yarn from the lovely folks here at Wool Warehouse. I love this shop for buying yarn, it is always really affordable, great range, comes so quickly and is always very well packaged. (Wool Warehouse do not know me, nor care what I write on my blog! I am simply stating this as my opinion and was not influenced in any shape or form!)

So our Stylecraft Special DK colours were: 1001 White, 1246 Lipstick, 1114 Sunshine, 1116 Green and 1117 Royal.

I love these primary colours, fab for a baby, especially as we didn't know the sex of the baby until HE was born. But these are truly unisex and our friend is not really a pastely bluey or pinky person so these were a great choice.

I used a 4mm crochet hook for the blanket, as I believe my friends did too.

The way we worked was worked out the size we wanted to achieve, then picked the colours and pattern. The first person started to do the first rows, then from there we worked out how many rows we needed to do the size required and then divided it up so we would all do an equal portion.  We simply passed it through the group and all had a turn.

We have made collaborative blankets before, this is our third in fact. We made this one back in April and then this one way back in  2012. It is now a little tradition with my group of friends. It's great to share something like this and fab that now all my friends share my passion and hobby for crochet!
(good tip there force your hobbies on friends by suggesting collaborative projects in the one and only thing you are good at!!!! lol!)

The pattern we chose can be found on this lovely crafty blog here, it is simply called a granny ripple blanket. I liked this pattern out of all the ones I searched for as it is really clear and has photos.

The one downside to this pattern is that it cannot be edged easily! I do love me a good blanket edging... But it doesn't need an edging really, as when you end your rows it ends with the lovely ripple. We made sure to end and start in the same colour!

And here it is in all its laid out glory... or as much of it as would fit in the camera angle!

Have you made any crochet baby blankets? I would love to see, I'm always looking for new exciting patterns to try as more and more friends seem to be popping out babies these days... :-)

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