4 November 2016

A crochet bee pal

Well, I'm on FIRE at the moment... churning out ALL the crochet... check out this little bee pal, couldn't you just SQUEEZE him!

He is of course the genius of Luvly Gurumi, I made him but followed their pattern, I could never design anything quite so adorable. Luvly Gurumi patterns are available on Etsy and only cost a few pounds. Do consider paying for patterns every once in a while if you are keen on crochet, if you have ever tried to come up with one yourself you will know they are hell a hard work!

So this little guy was a present for a friend who has just had a wee baby boy. She likes bees, in fact she is a beekeeper! So I thought she would approve... Nothing quite like a constant stream of friends having babies to keep the crochet motivation going. Babies, birthdays, Christmas... I ALWAYS crochet! But babies are my best excuse, hehe!

Here's the stuff I used... Firstly the yarn, the super cute yellow is Stylecraft Lullaby yarn in 1795 Primrose. It is the cutest baby yellow. Stylecraft Lullaby is my absolute ALL TIME fave yarn, I am still yet to find anything to beat it. I only wish it came in more colours. You can buy Stylecraft Lullaby from Wool Warehouse.

The black is Sirdar Snuggly 312 black. As Lullaby doesn't come in many colours I sometimes throw in a bit of Sirdar Snuggly, it has a much more diverse colour range and the yarns work really well together, same consistency and thickness etc.  But Lullaby is just that extra bit more squishy and soft.

For the face I used some cotton yarn these red and black ones are Creative Cotton. I used my ever trusty 3.5 crochet hook and also some darning needles to sew him all together.

Boo! I never use safety eyes (as the pattern suggests) for babies as I don't believe them to be all that safe! I embroidered the eyes on instead. Also the pattern calls for a little button to secure the 'hood' so it can be taken on and off but I sewed it together to be safe also. I don't want to risk small parts in a present for a baby.

I always stuff my baby toys with safe and secure proper toy stuffing. I pick it up from my local craft shop, a huge bag is usually only a few pounds and does for a number of wee toys. Just ensue that your stuffing is fire safe and all that...

Did I mention that he has little wings! Well of course he does, he's a bee, how else will he fly? AAArgh!

Here's my hand to show scale, he's quite teeny.

Here's a shot of some crochet tools I used again poking out of my zippy WIP bag that I made, it's awesome, did I mention I made it! I just like to throw in pics of it here and there cos I can.... it has sheep on it :-)

Luvly Gurumi (link above) really are THE best at patterns. Not only the cutest toys imaginable, but super clear, informative print outs. I pretty much have them all now. I'm very organised and keep them all together in one of those clear pocket folder things (I'm special like that!).

And one final glimpse in all his cute glory! Want me to make YOU a bee? Drop me an email and I will... perfecthidingplace@live.com 

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