28 November 2016

Walla Crag Walk

We went for another lovely walk this weekend... it's great to get outside, especially at this time of year and make the most of any times that it is not raining!  We have been lucky it has mostly been dry up here, but very very cold.

Our chosen destination this weekend was Walla Crag and Ashness Bridge which is just outside Keswick, Cumbria. You simply drive out of Keswick on the Borrowdale road and not far up come to a car park set in the woods, in Great Wood actually. Then the walks are easily signposted from there.

It was an amazingly beautiful walk, and just my type of walk, not too challenging, and included a bit of everything, stunning lake views, open countryside, fields of animals and woodland. The scenery seemed to change round every corner which makes the walk all the more interesting.

The walk is basically walking up Walla Crag on one side, past Ashness Bridge then over the Crag and back down the back to the car park, a lovely loop path.

That lake down there is Derwent Water.

I couldn't stop snapping the view as it changed every so slightly round every bend.

Me on a bridge! I'm not great on bridges, even teeny ones like this (it was quite a drop!!!) I have to wait until Mark has cleared the bridge before stepping on... as there is usually the 'hilarious' bouncing trying to make it rocky for me... honestly, people have no consideration! hehe.

As we reached the turning point of the walk the view was beautiful behind us back down towards Keswick.

Of course we had to take a selfie at Ashness Bridge. This wee old bridge is probably one of the most photographed spots in all the Lakes.

The path got steeper and rockier as we ventured up...

On the top of the crag the scenery changed again to open moorland, it looked quite wild on this day as the sun was starting to disappear.

We stopped on top of the crag for the view.  I like putting subjects in my views, so here's my photo of Mark taking a photo of the view.   You can see the town of Keswick clearly here.

I always enjoy little styles and gates....

And finally dropping back down into Keswick. Isn't it fascinating when you know somewhere so well but you are on a different walk to usual and you are not sure where it is going to pop out? Well, I love this bit anyway...

I spotted these guys on the way down... check out those snowy tops too!

The walk ended back where it started in Great Wood, but was a lovely walk through the woodland back to the car.

A thoroughly enjoyable walk. It took just over 2 hours and has a good amount of ups and downs, nothing challenging at all! And the views, as you can see are so worth it!

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