2 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 27

Could that photo BE any more Autumn... This is the beautiful Acer??? on our uni campus in Ambleside, a much admired tree, especially at this time of year when it turns this beautiful red.

I'm writing this wee here post from Ambleside (which is a small town/village in the Lake District, a very touristy place and very quaint!) still, and that in itself is pretty wonderful! I was however working from 9 am until 11 pm yesterday, but 'work' was a lovely reunion for some alumni celebrating 50 years so it was nice work.  They really were the nicest people and I loved speaking to them, worth staying at work late....

So, here's the rest of my little list, which includes a few from last week too, as time seems to be escaping me at the moment and last week Wed wizzed past without giving me a second for this happy little post...

1. Foggy frost YES, It's officially cold now, I LOVE it. I walked to work in the week in the very first frosty mist and I had the biggest smile on my face all wrapped up in my big coat and scarf. Am I the only one who gets excited when the weather forecast predicts the plummeting temperatures? It just feels so cosy at this time of year, I love wrapping up, I love dark nights and slowing down.... love it all (until in reality its rainy and windy for weeks on end of course!!)

2. Halloween Yep, I love this too! What's not to love? Dressing up is super fun, pumpkins, sweets, ALL the sweets! I got super excited this year as I live in a house with an actual door that people can see... I have lived in a top floor flat for years so this is a novelty. I put up Halloween tinsel and sparkly skull bunting (its rather fabulous) at the window, carved a couple of pumpkins and even hung a skeleton on the front door. I had TONS of trick or treaters, like FAR too many to count and it was SO fun! I had my big bowl of sweets ready and they were all so polite and fun in their costumes. I was a teeny bit sad to not have any sweets left for myself at the end though, hehe.

3. Candles This is a lot to do with what I was talking about being cosy. I'm SO in to candles recently. Actually a little treat started by Mark, he loves a scented candle and always has them burning in the house. I now love them too and it feels weird not to have them on in the evenings. We have a salted caramel on at the moment and a spiced fruity wintery one, my oh my... soooo good!

4. Kara dog She has no doubt made it onto this happy little list numerous times before, but I just love our little old doggy. She lives at mum and dad's house but she is our family dog, I really think of her as my own! I'm quite clearly her favourite! She goes wild when I walk in the door, so happy and barky and licky and bouncy. I must admit I cannot help buying her little treats, new little things to eat and toys! Here she is with her new Halloween ball and socks (screeeeeam!) She bites through them in no time, but they provide her joy and fun for that little time and it's lovely to see her so excited. I had a couple of days off recently and one of the first things I thought I wanted to do was take this old girl out for a walk, one of my fave things to do...

5. New shoes ALWAYS new shoes! What could make one happier in life than a new pair of shoes? Well let me tell you, these are SALE Cath Kidston shoes no less, bargaintastic they were. OK so they might not be most people's choice for a winter shoe, being, er canvas and all but its pretty much all I live in. This is a brave departure for me as they are not Converse, but they have owls on, OWLS! I have fully embraced and come to terms with cold soggy feet all winter and I'm fine with it. 

6. Date night Mark, for this month's date night suggested the local pub, well it's not quite local being 4 miles away, but its near where he works and is a rather lovely pub with good food. So we set off on foot, oh yeah, we walked, 4 miles there, 4 miles back in the pitch black! Through a country track with no street light what so ever! Only the light of our head torches to guide the way. It was SUPER fun! I was scared, I will freely admit, I'm not the best in the dark, but it was just the right side of scared to be exciting... perfect adventure for a wintery evening. Plus he can't escape talking to me, walking alone together in the dark for 8 miles! hehe. 

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  1. Ahh I totally agree with you, I LOVE this kind of weather, in fact I'm waiting for it to get even colder as it's not quite fully hat and scarf and gloves AND warmest coat weather just yet! Also, love that your Mark was into candles before you, exactly the same as me and my mr, he has recently become completely obsessed, is it a new man-thing? xx

  2. I love the idea of walking down the lanes in the dark to a nice cosy pub and back again! I love living in the countryside with proper dark nights :)

  3. Socks for your doggy, love it!


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