9 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 28

We can probably all do with an extra specially large helping of Wonderful Wednesday today if the news from across the pond is anything to go by. I won't comment on politics here, it's not my thing and I don't have a well enough informed opinion.  I generally look to the Ostrich for my inspiration for coping mechanisms in matters of all things scary/political/adult in general LOL! 

But if you are concerned by things that happen in different countries of which we have no control then here, this will help. THIS helps in everything, it really is universal and can be used for any problem in life. (You're welcome!)

And so onto the wonderfulness....

1. Fireworks Yep! LOVE em! Always have done. I will be clear here, I love well planned large firework displays. I do not love stupid pathetic little bangs that are let off by annoying teenagers in the street (ew) and don't get me started on sparklers...But there is nothing quite like the spectacle of a large colourful booming display. Fireworks make me feel so childlike... I've been coming to our wonderful city display for years and years now. I've been to a few in London too, even the NYE ones! but nothing beats our Carlisle Fireshow.

2. Being REALLY cold Oooh my goodness golly gosh it's here, winter! Autumn zoomed by quick as a flash and we have had snow and lots of it in our fair county these past couple of days. Sadly none in Carlisle just yet but it's certainly cold enough. I can't help to feel a little excited with this super cold snap.... anyone else? Seeing the frost on the grass, seeing your breath in the air, being so wrapped up in your coat, hat, mittens and scarf  (OH yes they are all well and TRULY out now!!!) but still feeling cold... snuggling under a blanket by the fire, aaaargh! LOVE it all. I love seeing little Meg cat enjoy the fire too she's never met one before my new house.  She sits and waits for it to be turned on each evening the proceeds to stretch out as far as felinely possible and snooze and lounge and fire bath for hours...

3. Little bursts of Christmas excitement Yep I love Christmas, I make no apologies, what's not to love? I love the build up to Christmas a lot too. It doesn't bother me a bit that the shops start selling Christmas stuff in June, hello, Christmas snacks are by FAR the best! A little net of chocolate brussels sprouts falls into my basket somehow on my weekly visit to M&S (droool!) But with the super cold weather, seeing decorations in the shops, discussing the BIG day plans with family, booking my work hols, planning party outfits (yes already!!!) I keep getting little bursts of Christmas cheer, and I'm ok with that.

4. Browsing with my mum  Mum and I don't get too much time together these days to browse for hours in the shops like we used to sadly... But on Saturday we had a couple of hours of just that and it was fun! We were hunting for one of our fave things, baby clothes! A present for a friend.... I don't even need to spend any money, just being with my mum, chatting as we go, window shopping and browsing, it's just really rather lovely.

5. Having things to look forward to I fear potentially a little too deep for a ww post... however, I was finding myself getting a little blue over past week or so. Nothing in particular probably just combination of everything, changing season (as much as I love winter, we can all be susceptible to a little SAD from time to time), work stresses and just a lot of nasty, super yucky things happening to people around me... I let them take up too much of my thoughts and got myself a bit down in the dumps.  I have a few good coping mechanisms for this type of thing and can mostly pull myself out before getting too deep.  A huge help is scribbling a list of things to look forward to. Yep it had entirely frivolous and materialistic things on there like waiting for my new shoes (yet more Cons in case you are interested) to arrive, but also Christmas, and seeing my nephew at the weekend, and then things further away like a little break planned for Feb... sometimes when the days are long and the same old, same old drags you down it's good to focus on these little things that give you a reason to climb out of bed in the mornings.

6. Crocheting for babies By FAR my favourite reason to crochet. I never need an excuse to crochet really, I have tons of projects on the go all at once. But you may have noticed I have blogged other posts, apart from WW ones of late! Yep! And they have mostly been crochet, and crochet for babies. I've so enjoyed having a long crochet to-do list of super fun, cute projects, one after the other. I'm really pleased with everything so far too, bonus! And just when the baby crochet runs out it's Christmas! Everyone loves crocheted Christmas presents right? (lol!)

Did you know we're quite the Wonderful Wednesday gang now! There's a hashtag and everything... #wonderfulwednesday if you fancy giving it a go, let us know... and don;t forget to so by the rest of the gang for more wonderfulness, or like me you are just nosey....  SallyHelenMichelleKateCatSamElKerriMimmiIsabelle and Sarah.


  1. Firework displays are lovely aren't they, although I was slightly disappointed with the one I went to this year - it wasn't as big and spectacular as I hoped! Crocheting for babies is so cute! Crocheting is something I've wanted to try for a while now, I want to make cute tops for summer!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I'm going shopping with my mum next Saturday and I can't wait - your post has made me even more excited about it :)

    Re number 5...right there with you, and I've been struggling to peek out of it over the last few days so I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and write a list of things to look forward to. Thank you! C xx

  3. I love a great big fireworks display. I'm off to Disneyland Paris at the end of the month and I'm so excited to see the big fireworks display. But, nope, I'm with you, none of those stupid little fireworks that people like to let off in the street... I just don't understand why people think that's a good idea. Someone did it whilst we were walking by and I almost jumped out of my skin!


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