25 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 29

I'm back! (yes ok, so it's a little late.... lol!) I missed last week, actually thought I had missed a few weeks, but no turns out just the one. But that's kind of how I have been feeling lately... time is racing SO fast (can we just take a minute to comprehend that Christmas Day is 1 month today!!!) I feel like I need to somehow catch up with myself and stop for a moment... I don't know where I have been, what I have been doing, but I just feel so 'busy'.

I'm looking forward to getting this week out of the way frankly and I can hopefully finally wind down a bit...

But having moaned on now there have been some pretty darn wonderful bits and bobs over the past couple of weeks, so without further ado...

1. My littlest nephew saying 'Aunty Jo' I was vising my sister and nephew the other weekend. I had a crappy journey in a too warm, packed out train so grumped off in a huge rush and crush of people only to be greeted by the most wonderful thing EVER! My littlest nephew James (aged 2) was there to greet me (obvs with Jen too) and he spotted me from far back in a crowd of people and a huge smile formed on his face. Then as I approached he quietly said 'Aunty Jo!!!' aw! Mega aw! This was the first time I had heard this new trick and I was ever so proud and honored.

2. Feeling inspired I was at a conference last week for a couple of days. Yawn, work related point, yawn! I work in alumni relations and due to its very nature it is not competitive, we can't steal another uni's alumni! So it is SO sharey and supportive an industry, I always find conferences very inspiring due to this.  But there was one talk at this conference that blew me away! And I was literally buzzing furiously scribbling down ideas. You know when you think you have heard it all, and get all arrogant thinking yeah, there's nothing new I can hear or learn and then that one thing, put a different way, a new idea just sparks your imagination and you get that excited inspired feeling.

3. New cosy knits I've acquired (thanks mummy!) not one, not two, but 3 super cosy new knits of late and I cannot telly you how excited I am to wear them. I love over sized super snuggly jumpers, long length ones so over the bum, super soft, slouchy and cosy warm. Honestly I am so excited to wear them, if I didn't get funny looks I could easily wear all 3 at once! lol!

4. Oxford So said conference above, was in Oxford, not somewhere I have ever really been before. And I loved it, was thoroughly magnificent and I was blown away by the pretty streets and old buildings and history plus not to mention the sheer NUMBER of pokestops (sorry but it's true, literally everything was a pokestop! lol - yes I'm still playing it, yes I'm a big sad geek, yes!)

5. Autumn sunshine It has been super cold and super frosty this week but also mostly sunny. We enjoyed the prettiest wintery walk last weekend and I was just so delighted by the pretty autumn sunshine. I took photos for a blog post here and I didn't even edit them. I usually lighten photos, brighten up and have a little fiddle with contrast etc but these were just lovely as they were. There really are some very pretty days at this time of year.

6. A new puppy So Mark's parents surprised us all this week by posting a photo onto Facebook introducing a new member of the family! Teeny chocolate brown Cockerpoo puppy Dillon! What!!!? He was a surprise to everyone, something they had been planning and plotting for some time though. So we rushed over there as soon as we could... and we were climbed over, bounded upon, nibbled, chewed, attacked  and we couldn't be happier. Seriously is there anything else that is guaranteed to put a ridiculously massive loopy grin on your face than a brand new puppy. My goodness he is cute, all big paws and the softest, curliest coat... they are not going to be able to keep me away!

7. Frank Turner We saw one of our fave artists Frank Turner in our very own city this week, screeeam! We have seen him before and he just puts on the most energetic, fantastic fun live shows ever! In the middle of a very very busy stress week this was perfect escapism... I danced and clapped along and sang at the top of my lungs.

Did you know we're quite the Wonderful Wednesday gang now! There's a hashtag and everything... #wonderfulwednesday if you fancy giving it a go, let us know... and don't forget to so by the rest of the gang for more wonderfulness, or like me you are just nosey....  SallyHelenMichelleKateCatSamElKerriMimmiIsabelle and Sarah.


  1. Ohhh you're winter knits sound so lovely and cosy! :) Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Peta xx


  2. Haha Jo, you really threw me with this going up on Friday - I was so confused! Better late than never though (although I was so busy and the time just ran away with me so missed this week). Love the sound of your cosy winter knits - you can never have too many, and well played to your little nephew! Good job! C xx


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