30 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 30

Here's a little happy list of some stuff that's keeping that smile on my face recently...

1. Taking photos I bloody love taking photos! I am not going to use the word 'photography' here as I don't think that is what I am doing! hehe. I use my iPhone, I don't know about settings and focus, and all those other scary words I just point my camera at stuff and press the button. I have a little fiddle with lighting and I enjoy framing my pictures well but other than that I just snap.  But I just love snapping. I'm very much enjoying my new iPhone 7, it's funny to look through old blog photos, which have always been taken on my phone and see the differences as the iPhone cameras improve (and I would like to think my photo taking skills along with it).  Even if I had a big fancy camera I don't think that I would use it, I love that my camera is in my pocket and with me wherever I go at all times. 

2. Fresh air Mark and I enjoyed another beautiful walk last weekend, there's a blog post all about it here. I have a cold at the moment and was feeling pretty grotty at the end of my super busy stressy week last week. Mark had suggested a walk at the weekend mid week but I didn't think I would be up to it.  But I was and we went, and yeah walking up steep bits full of cold in the freezing cold makes breathing difficult but I am SO glad we ventured out. Seriously there ain't much a bit of beautiful scenery and amazing fresh air can't cure.

3. Getting to the other end This whole month has felt busy and stressy, both with work stuff and out of work stuff. I have been away from home overnight 3 times this month too which always makes me a bit discombobulated (gosh what a good word!!!) and then graduation (not mine, I work in a uni) I have simply been surviving by checking my diary each day and bobbing along from one thing to the next. Looking over my diary for the next few weeks and there are so many happy blank spaces (sometimes this is bad but at the moment good!) and then 2 weeks off for Christmas to look forward to too.... I have that happy feeling of 'getting out the other end'.

4. Sunday evening tidy up I always do the house work on a Sunday afternoon/evening. Pretty much without fail (ok ok once or twice I am super lazy!) I drag myself round the house with the hoover. I can never be bothered, it seems a lot of hard work but I know it is always worth it. I hate an untidy, dirty house and I hate starting the new week with an untidy, dirty house. I have my little routine and I just plough through, hoovering, polishing, dusting, bathroom cleaning etc etc.  Takes a couple of hours but I LOVE the feeling of a clean and organised home.

5. Christmas crafts Oooh, well you know I ALWAYS love crafting, but Christmas crafting, well that's a whole new level!!! I have a Christmas craft Pinterest board, duh, naturally! I have been super enjoying picking out fun little things to make for friends and family. Everyone loves a handmade Christmas gift right? (lol, probably not!). I'm even hand making my office secret santa gift this year. The budget is £5, but how do you put a value on crafts? The only problem is I never seem to have quite enough time to make everything that I want to make . 

6. More babies I visited one of my bestest friends and her new baby last night. So that's the second baby to be born from my little group of bestest school chums recently. It was fab to have two friends pregnant at the same time, but it's going to be even more fab to have two new babies! And one is a boy and one a girl, perfect! I love seeing my friends become mothers, aw! My friend admitted last night, it was a lot of pain, lots of hard work in the first few weeks but she beamed when she said it is SO worth it, just mega aw! 

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  1. I feel you, I travel a loooot and it always makes me feel a bit stressy!! I need to get into a bit more of a Sunday tidy up, I always end up leaving it then having to do a giant clean!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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