8 December 2016

Little crochet cat pal

May I kindly introduce you to Chubby Cat, my latest crochet pal! He turned out a little chubbier than I expected, but I am SO happy with him, he is rather cute.

Chubby Cat is a present for a very special new little arrival baby Bea who came into the world last month.

Chubby Cat is actually known as Kitty Gurumi and is the genius of LuvlyGurumi, you can purchase the pattern for a teeny tiny fee here (come on it's SO worth it! look HOW cute!).

Here is the yarn I used. All of it is Stylecraft Lullaby which you can purchase here...  The black however is Sirdar Snuggly as Lullaby do not do a black. I would LOVE some new Lullaby colours please... anyone, anyone... ! It is such a pleasure to work with this yarn it is so soft and perfect for little baby toys.

Here are the tools I used, crochet hook 3.5 size, scissors, darning needles and of course toy stuffing. As per usual I embroidered my eyes and didn't use safety eyes as per the pattern. Safety eyes are really not at all 'safe' for teeny babies.  But if you are making a Chubby Cat for yourself I am assuming you don;t chew your crochet makes so in that case safety eyes would be ok and probably make a cuter face!

All the little cat bits ready to stuff and sew together.  I'm always SO nervous at this stage, the bits go well and then you think, oh no what will he look like when he is sewn up? But he turned out just dandy I think!

Look at his little face! I always try to copy the faces on the pattern as I love these little minimalist faces they look so adorable.

Here he is from the side, I love his teeny white paws and little tail, squeeal!

I gave him a little red scarf  to keep out the wintery chill, brrrrr!

And here he is with my hand for scale, he's teeny tiny! Ever so cute. Just the most perfect baby toy! Do give it a go yourself, or if you would like me to make you one I would be only too happy to oblige, drop me a line perfecthidingplace@live.com

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