16 December 2016

More Collaborative Crochet

I'm here with yet more completed crochet to show off! :-) This time another lovely baby blanket. This was a collaborative blanket made with friends. It is now a little tradition with a group of friends to make each other baby blankets, you can see our other efforts here, here and here.

So we made a blanket that divided equally with rows and colours etc and just did our set rows and passed it on. Great idea to work on a project all together and hopefully means a little more than your average baby gift.

The colours used here are quite interesting. We did not know the sex of the baby when we made the blanket plus we knew our friend disliked anything pastel.  her favourite colours are orange and purple so who says they shouldn't be used for a baby blanket? The colours looked so bright at first and an odd choice, but we actually all agree that they work so well together. I think our friend was pleased with the final product! :-)

The yarn used is Speak DK by Stylecraft, which you can find here I thoroughly recommend this yarn for any blanket project. It is super cheap, comes in a vast array of beautiful colours and is completely washable, which you certainly need for a baby!

The pattern we used was Attic 24's Granny Stripe. A super easy pattern but really effective.

We followed the pattern even to the edging. I am so pleased with how it all turned out and adore this little scalloped edge, so pretty.

The best thing for me about the blanket is it is completley reversible. A blanket really needs to be reversible when you just throw it on etc,  But others have made have not been and it just looks odd in my opinion.  But each row here you tun and work on the other side, so each side is identical, there is no front or back.

I continued reversing on each row even down to the edging.

And in Attic 24 tradition here is my ta-da! Complete with my feet (and my deer socks, screeeam!) to show the scale.  It is quite small as designed as a pram blanket for a baby.

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  1. It's lovely , unusual but nice . My fav is still Jens bear blanket though . Xx


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