7 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 31

Helloooo, I'm in such a good mood today, it could very much be to do with number 2.... more on that later, but also it's only 1.5 weeks until my xmas hols start!Screeeeam! I'm not feeling in the least bit proper Christmassy yet and still have ALL the presents to buy (oh and decide on too!) but we won't think about all that for now... Nope, for now it is time for that little slice of wonderfulness on a Wednesday....

1. Vlogmas If you don't 'DO' youtube then you will have no idea what on earth this is! lol! But basically lots of Youtubers who vlog regularly do a thing in December where they vlog daily. My very absolute faves Fleur de Force, Zoella and Tanya Burr are vlogging daily and it is SUCH a treat to have 3 new vids every day. In fact there are so many days I'm still a few days in the past and just cannot keep up. Youtube for me has pretty much taken over normal TV viewing now, it's ALL I want to watch. Check them out if you haven't already....

2. Gym I'm back! yes! I've done 2 days this week and I feel good, a 2 WHOLE days, can you believe it, lol! heheh. I do hope obviously I can keep up this motivation. I did a general cardio day on Monday with some intervals on bike, and running machine then a spinning class yesterday and you know what I frigging loved it. I buzzed back home as high as a kite! Just feels awesome to be back at it and to be doing something physical again and working hard to get those endorphins flowing. I've been so lazy recently.

3. Sewing for friends A friend emailed this week to ask if I could make a little something for her daughter, of course I said! no problem! I planned it, got the bits together (made entirely from existing craft stash) and had it all done and completed ready to post 2 days later (I'm SO good!) Love little sewing projects like this and it's nice to be able to do things for friends.

4. Getting dressed up It was our office Xmas party last Friday night. I put on my spangly dress, with my sequin little bolero thing and sparkly jewelry and made a bit more effort with my hair and make up. I really enjoy getting dressed up, when you have time and not rushed etc it can feel really fun. The party was lovely, lots of yummy food and fun conversation. More of these evenings please! I don't get out much.

5. A nephew day Last Saturday I spent the whole day with my nephews and it was fab. Firstly a visit to Corey (3) and we played with his dinosaurs and then with his duplo and then of course with 'aunty Jo's phone'. I even got him interested in Pokemon, looking through all the Pokemon I have caught in turn with great interest. Then 'baby James' (2) popped by and we all went to Grandma's house to hang out more. Super fun!

6. Zoella hand cream Treated myself to a little something in Superdrug the other day. Went in for basic hair bobbles came out with a bag full of stuff I didn't need (always the way am I right!?) but one of said purchases was Zoella handcream. I'm a HUGE Zoella fan as explained above too, but never bought her products. But after hearing her talk about the handcream I must admit I was intrigued, and it was £5 and on offer.... it smells of Gingerbread! It is divine! I cannot stop smelling it and putting it on.

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  1. I never really get Christmassy, it's not really something that the husband and I do. I just sort of let the world go by and enjoy the extra time off work. And maybe a bit of extra tasty food haha.

    Ahh, vlogmas, it just clogs up my Youtube feed haha. I do watch a few that I like but I must admit, it's hard for me to find YouTubers that I genuinely find enjoyable to watch. Although, I do prefer seeing people's lives to the other more informative YouTube videos.

    Yay for the gym! OK, I don't go but I do enjoy my daily cycle so maybe it's the same. I didn't get to cycle much in November, so it's nice to be back about there.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Christmas isn't for everyone, but I'm just a big kid so always appeals to me. :-) Wish I could get out to cycle more, much rather be off on my bike than in the gym but biking out on countryside roads not so much fun in the dark :-(

  2. Oooooh vlogmas has been swooning every time I go on youtube! It has taken over all of my viewing time! Well done on getting back to the gym! It's something that is on my to do list starting tomorrow. (fingers crossed!)

    I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.
    Peta xx


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Glad someone else loving Vlogmas too, I don;t think I've watched any 'normal' tv yet this month! Did you get to the gym? x


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