14 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 32

Well I'm attempting to get myself more in the Christmas spirit... This week's list is just ALL the Christmas things, and as I type this at work (on my lunch hour don't worry!!!) my whole office is covered in decorations and my screen is adorned with tinsel... so I'm trying my very very best to get Christmassy over here...

1. Putting up the tree Wuhu! Mark and I put up our trees at the weekend, yes trees, we have two! Well we moved in together this year (aw!!) and we both had a tree so now we have two and ALL the decorations. Mine is super over the top cutesy and not at all matching.... or grown up or themed or classy... lol! (would you expect anything less of me!) Mark's is very understated with simple round baubles and matching ones. I am also loving the fact I get to sneak little crochet bits and bobs round the house (I'm not normally permitted lol!) but these are 'decorations' so its ok... winning!

2. Mulled wine During our weekend of attempting to feel in the spirit of the season we made ourselves some mulled wine on Sunday evening, yep, yep on a school night and everything. And do you know two large glasses and I felt a little light headed. (I don't drink much!) but it was SO tasty! I think we ought to have way more mulled wine evenings. 

3. Present shopping Popped into town with Mark on Saturday and crossed off a load of people from my xmas list, score! We went into little local shops and mostly spent our xmas present pennies in independents which felt great. I very rarely go into town so popping into the shops to choose lovely things for others was really rather nice.

4. Glittery phone case Bought myself a little something... it is quite festive, but it can also be used all year round too. Glitter isn't just for xmas kids! Its a  Skinny Dip Iphone 7 clear case with glitter embedded into it, but not just any old glitter, colourful star shaped glitter, it's so sparkly. I LOVE it.

5. Sewing cushions I had a lovely day on Sunday, mostly spent sewing on my sewing machine. I made a little pressie for a friend then I made 2 cushion covers for myself. I love buying fat quarters of pretty fabric and I have so many. They never have a use in mind, I like to think one day I will learn to quilt I guess, lol! But they make excellent cushions. I made the sweetest little hedgehog cushion with a ditsy floral on the reverse side. I then turned my very favourite gingham curtains from my old flat into another cushion cover, complete with zips, go me!

6. My Mum This little list is for looking at the little things in life, little bits of your day that add up to make it bright. But I don't mention here enough the bigger things and the important people that have a huge impact on my happiness... My mum made me smile lots this week, I was feeling pretty blue (I don't think she even knew) but just some kind words and gestures in a text from mum was all I needed to put a big smile back on my face. Mums are just ace aren't they. 

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  1. Awwww, glad to be of help xxxx😊😊🎄🎄

  2. Mums are ace - and it's lovely to see that she reads your blog too :) Do share some photos of your cushions - you're so talented (I love the crochet blanket you shared this week!) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovely. C x

  3. The tree is the only part of Christmas that I enjoy, but we're not having one this year because we're away for the holidays. I have been enjoying the lights of other people's though, which I like to nose at through their windows haha.


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