3 January 2017

2016 in craft

And the second in my annual round up posts. You may have spotted my 2016 Adventures post here, well this time it's my 2016 in craft.

It really does make me truly happy to compile all these makes together into one post to look back upon. (It also makes it super easy for future reference when I am searching links and patterns to things, hehe). But it's all part of reflecting on my year and my achievements. I'm always super proud of everything I make and this makes me happy.

If you fancy a look back over the other years makes, you can find 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 here.

The bunny above was a little present for baby Alex who was born in March.

I made a start on a blanket for me this year, this blanket is currently still sitting in much the same state as this photo. I have since started on another 2 blankets for myself, all currently unfinished! hehe.

I loved this collaborative crochet blanket for the first of my dear friend's babies born this year.

I had SO much fun making some smaller crafts for my god daughter's craft fair to raise funds for her charitable projects linked to her gap year.

This teeny robot buddy was made to celebrate my awesome nephew James turning 2 whole years old!

This little bee buddy was a wee pressie to welcome the second of my friend's babies, Sammy who arrived in October.

Baby Sammy also received this collaborative crochet blanket. I love the super bright colours.

Baby Bea was the final new arrival of the year, appearing in November. I crocheted this wee chubby cat pal to welcome her.

Baby Bea also got a collaborative crochet blanket this time in bright oranges and purples, her mum's very faves.
I feel like there were LOADS more makes this year, and oh, yep, turns out there was, I've not been crafting any less I've just been blogging about them less! 
So I also made.... 2 cushions for me complete with zips, a few more crochet bunnies, a pretty spotty zippy wip bag for a friend, red gingham kitchen cupboard curtains, christmas tree decorations for friends at work, a crochet batman, a gingerbread man crochet decoration I completely forgot to blog! (all the pics are still on my phone, bit late now, eh!) I'm also working on a couple of new blankets which will share soon and I made a start on a new scarf for me, which is likely to be finished for winter 2020! haha.
Here's to more happy crafting in 2017! :-)


  1. Are your fingers not aching ??? Lol . So glad that my crochet lessons paid off , you are far better than the teacher !!

  2. These look so cute! I love the blankets and little Bee. I can't even sew, let alone crochet bears and robots. Maybe I'll give it a whirl this year!xx


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