13 January 2017

How I plan to stay organised in 2017

So I usually do some sort of annual post looking back on previous year's goals, reviewing them and then setting some more.  Well, I'm changing it up a bit...

2016 was great in so many ways (I moved in with Mark this year!) but it was also a bit crap in so many ways and looking back I don't feel like I achieved much.  Yes I have set many goals for myself this year, I always do, and will continue to always do so.  But this year I think it is more interesting, and probably better for my chances of actually achieving them, to discuss and focus on the HOWs instead of the whats.... 

I love a paper diary, I cannot see me ever moving away from this.  But for 2017 I am moving a lot more of my organisation onto my phone.

My paper diary is to keep on track of appointments, holidays, dates etc etc.  This little neon pink diary from WH Smiths is really teeny and slim, it is a week per view.  This holds all my work meetings and my personal dates.  For me, these need to all be in one place if I ever have any chance of keeping on top of things.

In the small notes section and in gaps during the months I have set up lists of daily habits, a year per view calendar to help me plan out my year, financial monthly plans and a blog plan.  All in one place, small and compact so I can carry it with me everywhere I go.

I'm getting SO into my apps recently, I keep discovering more and more useful ones. I often download a bunch of new ones of the same type, try them out and see which ones I like the feel of. The third row up on the screen shot of my phone's home screen are all my daily organisational apps.  These are what I believe will keep me on track of my goals for 2017.

My old diaries have always been stuffed full of post it note lists, scribbled notes here and there with no order to them.  I have now found a new system that works for me SO well.

I adore the app Todoist, essentially just lets you create loads of lists.  As you can see I have lists for everything. I LOVE a list... but they are all here in one place where I can see them now.  You can create daily to-do's or allocate them to categories.  You can either swipe to tick your actions off or swipe the other way to postpone them for another day.  It is SO fun to use and I feel super productive.

Next up is an app called Pennies. I love the simplicity of this app.  I will never use an app that doesn't look and feel nice and this one is just a joy to use with its big bright bold fonts and colours.

So pennies, er, tracks my pennies.  Once I have allocated bills and savings and all that important stuff, this app let's me keep a better track of all the leftover money.  The above is just set up for an example, I won't reveal my actual budgets!

So each time you spend, you simply log it on the app, easy peasy. You can have multiple budgets of all different types too and it can calculate daily spends for you and all sorts.

Probably the most exciting and useful app in terms of goal setting and habit tracking is an app called Strides. You set up all your goals on here, so use the template ones or set your own.  Then you decide how and when you will log them, ether a bad habit, good habit, and if you want reminders to track too.

Each night before bed, I simply visit my strides list and swipe if I have achieved them.  It calculates your 'streak' so it's fun to see this going up each day when you achieve your goals.

Another of my daily apps is Fitbit.  This works alongside my fitbit device obviously, that I wear each day.  I just upgraded my device to the Alta and I love it.

So I track my daily steps and other exercise I do here and I can add in my food and keep a check on calorie intake.

In my little health folder, I also have my gym app, trackers for running and biking and also Headspace for meditation.

Another super useful app is Clue this is a period cycle tracker. There are so many categories you can track each day and it is just really interesting to find patterns enabling me to work on my 'cycle related' slumps and changes in moods.

A big goal of mine is always to spend less time on screens.  This sounds very odd and largely hypocritical after just stating I do all the above on my phone on a daily basis!  But what I am most concerned about is the time I spend idly scrolling social media.

I have an app called moment, a phone usage tracker. Man this is SCARY! It logs number of hours on your phone each day plus number of times you pick it up.  My stats are SO bad.  I am hoping a quick peek at this each day will encourage me to spend less time on my phone. Just think what I could accomplish with those extra hours....?

And lastly back to paper books with another productive habit I hope to cultivate this year.  These little books allow me to log daily the things I am grateful for (helps with my Wonderful Wednesday posts) and a 5 year one line a day diary to keep a quick note of what I have been up to.  I love the idea of looking back over 5 years of my life.  Hopefully with these two simple books I can keep my mind a little less cluttered and focus on the things that make me happy and positive.

So what useful tools are you using in 2017 to keep you on track of your habits and goals? I find this topic super fascinating, so I would love to hear about yours... 


  1. Love that top shot - is that the Lakes? Have a lovely week! H

  2. a great post! I have a filofax that I refill each year, would never be without a paper diary. I am also in my 4th year of one of those 5 year journals, and although it looks a lot more faded and worn than yours, it is great to look back through. Thanks for sharing the apps, there are some there that are definitely going on the download list. x

    1. Thanks Katie. Yeah, I could never be without paper diary! As good as apps and my phone are, sometimes paper can never be replaced. x


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