10 January 2017

Make your own taggy baby sensory toy

I was recently asked to make a baby taggy, sensory toy for a friend's daughter.  I thought I would take a few pics of my process so I can make a little tutorial for this here blog...

Step 1.

Raid your ribbon stash (everyone has a ribbon stash right?) and find some lovely ribbons.  You only need small lengths and best news is you don't need to measure them. I think the ribbons look best in different lengths.  Be sure to pick ribbons of lots of different colours and textures, after all it is a sensory toy!

Step 2. 

Raid your fabric stash (those squirrelled away fat quarters will be ideal, come on, be honest, you will never get round to that quilt!). You will need 2 squares of fabric, I went for a pretty gingham for the 'top' and a softer brushed cotton for the bottom.

Step 3. 

Measure out your fabric. My final taggy toy measures around 15cm square.  So measure out 16.5cm square to give you an edge for sewing and folding in etc.  Gingham is SO easy to measure out with those little squares!

Step 4.

Pin your little ribbon lengths along your fabric where you want them.  Pin to your 'top' piece of fabric and orientate your fabric face up.  You pin onto the patterned side (this didn't apply to me as my fabric was double sided) I tried to keep the colours and textures balanced and even.  I went for a LOT of ribbon, possibly got carried away, this made it a bit trickier in sewing, so bare that in mind!

I love this bright pink ribbed ribbon and it is ideal for a sensory toy!

Step 5.

Move over to your machine and sew on your ribbon.  I simply used a straight stitch and sewed all the way along the length of each side, securing on each ribbon as I went.

Step 6.

I went along each of the edges and just tidied up the ribbons. You don't want edges sticking out as this will make the final toy a bit bulky.

Step 7.

Lay your fabric with newly sewn on ribbon face up and grab your other piece of fabric and lay it face down on top, ensuring that the edges are lined up properly.  (It should be exactly the same size)

Step 8.

Pin both sides of your fabric together with your ribbons tucked safely inside.  Be very careful with placement of your ribbons.  If you put on a lot (like me) and they cross over on the corners just make sure you are not pinning and therefore sewing over them!

Step 9.

Move over to your machine and sew round with a straight stitch.  Sew with around a 1cm margin to the edge.  Make sure you leave a gap in your toy on one edge for turning.

Step 10.

Once your toy has been sewn around, a good idea is to snip the corners off. Be very careful not to snip any stitches, but just cut straight along the corner and it makes for a neater finish when you turn your toy and helps the corner sit flat.

Step 11.

Turn your work, all your ribbons should pop out and you should have no holes or gaps (other than your turning gap)

Your corners may need a little working out, I tend to use a crochet hook or knitting needle for this.

Step 12

Close your turning hole! I nipped mine together, carefully folding under the edges and used my machine to close the hole.

Step 13

Once you have your toy turned right way out and all corners pushed out a good idea is to sew a row round the square again to help it lay flat.

I simply used a straight stitch and left a half cm edge.  You can use a contrast colour thread here for detail, if you are confident with your sewing! (I used white, lol!)

Ta da!

And there you have it! Your final taggy/sensory toy.

You can see the pretty gingham on the top and soft blue brushed cotton on the back.

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