11 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 34

Well hello! I feel all refreshed and inspired to blog more this year and this has a lot to do with my fancy new blog layout.  If you are reading on your phone or through a blog reader and cannot see my lovely layout properly, then do please visit me on a desktop computer and have a peek...

My lovely blog design is the work of my very talented sister, her portfolio can be viewed here... sorry, couldn't help getting in a little plug there.... :-)

To go with my new blog layout I'm also experimenting with some new Wonderful Wednesday graphics, these will probably change over the next few weeks until I settle on a style I like.  I like to be able to make the little graphics for these on my phone and currently using the app 'Over' SO good!

Anywho... onto the happiness...

1. Routines Well I have been back at work a week today (started last Wednesday back after xmas break) but it is only this week, from Mon, where I feel 'back to normal'. Last week was all kinds of discombobulated due to starting the working week on a Wednesday, no, no, no.  I have a few new little routines as part of new year goals etc and I don't feel I was able to start them properly until I started back at work on a full proper week. (anyone else get me?) so I cannot tell you how excited I was to start the first 'proper' week of the year back to normal routines and the joy of adding in some new ones.

2. Morning rainy runs Well the idea right now of a 6am run in the freezing, pouring rain and dark doesn't sound quite so appealing but trust me it is magical! Kicking myself out of the door is the hard part but once I am out and running I don't even notice the rain and I have the pavements all to myself. And that smug feeling of having completed my workouts for the day whilst everyone else was sleeping is really rather good.

3. New converse I live in Converse. I have done since my teenage years. I have many many other shoes, I often put them on, try them out with outfits, but then put my cons back on instead... nothing goes with everything quite like my trusty cons. I have many pairs, from lows to highs and different colours. I said a sad farewell to a couple of trusty faves over xmas, but a big HELLO to some rather fine new shiny ones. Oh my, they do make me smile! 
Image: Converse

4. Propagating succulents I sound fancy right? Like I know what I'm talking about right? hehe, I don't, but my that's a good word! I have collected succulents for soooo long, in fact I have original plants from childhood that just seem to never die. I'm useless at plants and growing things, but you just cannot kill a succulent, fact! I think much of my succulent successes have been down to sheer good luck. They have been known to go years without watering... But recently with advice from Mark and moving house my little collection has seen wonderous results. I have babies sprouting out everywhere! I have even been chopping bits off and starting new plants. Treated myself to a few new ones too.  Seriously can ANYONE resist those teeny tiny little cute succulents in garden centres?

5. Buying seeds So Mark and I visited a few garden centres to get 'allotment' inspiration at the weekend and I couldn't help but buy some seeds. I know I have just said above I'm useless at growing things, and I am, truly.  But we have the allotment now and obviously I hope to turn this around.  I picked up peas, courgette, and Brussels sprouts, my fave veggies! I cannot quite imagine at this point, ever having perfect veg on my plate that I have grown myself, but putting these little seed packs in my basket, I can dream...

6.  Splashing through muddy puddles Yes I am Peppa Pig! Treated myself to a lovely bike ride at the weekend. Took myself off into the countryside in the pouring rain. Well if you are waiting for fine weather you won't get anywhere! Just get out, you don't notice the rain once you get going. I loved my bike ride. I expected to get a bit muddy on the country roads... but I wasn't quite prepared for just HOW muddy. There's this one track that's always quite muddy, even in summer, but my oh my, there's mud and then there is swamp! But I got there and didn't feel the need to turn round, just chuckled to myself and went for it. Gosh it was fun, I purposely went for the super squelchy bits too.. ahh why not! It was interesting riding back through town with mud all over my face though... haha.

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  1. Loving the new look Jo :) and the new converse! I'm hoping to have my new blog design up soon, also done by your talented sister, and planning on treating myself to some cons...once I've got a job that is! x

  2. Good on your for getting out for those early runs. It's pitch black here at that time! Getting the exercise done in the morning is definitely a winner. I love propagating succulents, the babies are so cute. I often take (steal?) leaves that have fallen off in garden centres to see if they'll grow.

    Debbie x www.hellodeborah.co.uk

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, oooh stealing from garden centres sounds like an idea... they won;t miss teeny tiny fallen off bits, hehe! x

  3. Oooh, I do love the new layout!

    My husband has been back at work for two weeks now and I feel like I've got a handle on my routine around the house, it's a very satisfying feeling. Plus, I reignited the weekly to-do list so I'm extra organised and productive at the moment, which always makes me happy. Who knew that there were so many hours in a day when you organise yourself properly?!

    I must admit, I love my morning cycle, but this time of the year, I don't always feel like it. It was fine, when I was cycling to work, but now I cycle with the OH and then come home again. Usually one day a week, I just don't fancy it... mostly when it's cold and wet!

    Oh I adore my trusty black converse! I re-buy then every time they wear out, I will never be without a pair!

    Yes for cycling! I adore my bike and could never be without it!

  4. Love the new look! It's so cheerful! You will have to teach me how to propagate succulents at some point. Whenever I try and do it they seem to go all squishy and die.

    Sam x

  5. I love your new layout - you have a very talented sister! It looks so fresh and clean. Will definitely keep her in mind when I have a chance to think about what I want to do with my little space.

    Do keep us updated about your allotment progress this year, I really enjoyed reading about it in 2016 :) I'm determined to make something of the patch of earth at the bottom of our garden this year...perhaps buying some seeds now will help with that!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. C x


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