18 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 35

Most wonderfullest of Wednesdays to you!

Looking through my phone to pick out a header image for this post, I realise I haven't really taken any 'proper' photos yet this year! Just a bunch of crap selfies, and screenshots of ear piercings... so I present to you a probably seen before landscape image from a couple of months ago, it's very pretty though!  (must take more photos!)

So have the January blues hit you yet? I am thrilled to report I am GOOD! I am still hanging in there with my resolutions (well, er, mostly) and I feeling quite positive about life... I don't even care that I have no money (nope, not a bit! eek!) and the weather is dreadful...

Let's take a closer peek at what's keeping that smile on my face this week...

1. My genius nephews. If there is a dinosaur or a Pokemon that Corey (3) doesn't know then it is not worth knowing, the boy is a sponge, and amazes me every time. Then playing stacking cups with James (2) thought I would just ask him what the colours were, I had no idea if he knew them... then a teeny, quiet, voice comes out with  "gween", "wewow", "bew" I could have melted, was the cutest thing ever.

2. Digging. Did some good digging at the allotment at the weekend and I felt good. We have a rather large plot and 3 huge beds cover the majority of it. I dug over and weeded 2 of the beds.  (The third bed is covered as we are experimenting with weed suppressants). It was hard work and my arms felt like cooked spaghetti the next day but SO worth it. I love a good dig I do, you get some good thinking and planning done whilst digging.

3. Doing my make up. I've always enjoyed make up, but never been particularly good at it.  But just quite recently I have REALLY got into it, and bought more and more and more and I've been experimenting and making more of an effort. Yes it is entirely the fault of beauty You-Tubers! I never thought I would want to put make up on my eyebrows or wear blusher and highlighter, eeek! But I love making time to do my face in the morning and try out new shades and products...

4. Reading. This one is a bit of a new year resolution. I do not read nearly enough, which is madness as I have a stack of books by my bed, and a great shelf full of lovely books, novels, autobiographies, books on art, gardening etc etc that I am DYING to read but I never find time for it. Why? I honestly don't know. But I am setting aside a little time each day before bed now for a little read and it is just awesome. I won't tell you what I'm reading first, oh, oh alright then... yes, yes I'm reading Zoella's novels (I promise I have more intellectual tomes on the pile too!), yes, yes, I'm a 13 year old fan girl! But I'm loving it...

5. Reunion invites. A little something popped up in my FB notifications quite out of the blue and made me all kinds of happy and excited... a reunion with old workmates, down in that smelly old London town of all places! It's been nearly 8 years since I left the big smoke and I have not had a proper visit back in that time, I think it is WELL overdue. So I'm making plans and looking at hotels and trains and plotting to take just myself away for a good few days of catching up and reminiscing, there might be a little gallery visiting and shopping too, I won't lie! eeeeeek....

6. Little drives. So me and driving don't really get on, I've probably mentioned it before...  But it is a big regret, frustration, blah blah blah that I'm not too great at driving. I seem to get somewhere and feel like I'm making progress only to freak out and stop again. Before a couple of weeks ago I hadn't driven anywhere for a good couple of months.  I feel a bit back to square one.  But I'm trying not to dwell on this and focusing on the fact I've been out for a few little drives of late, Daddy has to come too at the moment (because I'm a HUGE wuss), but it's nice to have company... I'm just glad to be back behind that wheel, my little car is super cute.

7. Meditation. I won't pretend to know how this magic wondrous thing works. I don't have a clue if I am doing it 'right' or maybe it's a placebo effect.  But whatever it is a little meditation in the morning before work sets me up properly for the day. It makes me a lot more calm and focused. Another of this years little resolutions, to focus on meditation and get better and do it more often... Have you tried it? If not, why not? and what techniques, apps, tracks etc, work for you?

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Sorry if I have missed you from this little list, I'm trying to keep up with everybody who is still taking part and all the new ones, drop me a comment and I will add you if you are missing! :-)


  1. Yay for this list!! It really put a smile on my face! Well done for getting back to driving, practice makes perfect! the work reunion sounds amazing and so exciting. Some of my new years resolutions are very similar to yours in respect to reading more and daily meditation. It really does make the world of differene to me too!

    Have a great rest of the week!
    Peta xx


  2. Yay for digging. My granma has an allotment and I always feel so satisfied after helping her. I'm so happy you're feeling chipper and motivated. London is one of my favourite places, you're going to have such a ball at your reunion. Have a good weekend Jo.
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks so much Kate! Yeah for allotments! x

  3. Sounds like some great things going on this week, I am definitely in a make-up rut! Hurrah for the allotment digging, what a great way to spend a day x

  4. Once you put a little time aside each day for reading it gets so much easier to start putting more and more time aside! Good luck with all your reading!


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