25 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 36

Well how are you? I'm just fine thank you for asking...My week is going great so far and I'm in a stupidly good mood. I'm pleased I have managed to maintain a somewhat good mood for the majority of this depressing month, winning! But as payday is in sight now... I feel my mood just getting better and better, hehe.

But here are the little bits that have been putting that extra bit of sparkle on my week...

1. Crocheting. Probably an obvious one for me, but I do genuinely love crocheting.  I love nothing more than sitting down, snuggled under a blanket, in front of the fire and the TV, usually with a Meg mog curled up next to me (or on me) just enjoying some crochet time. I have at least 3 exciting projects on the go currently, can't wait to share them...

2. White crusty bread. Yeah, so I won't lie, my very very fave foods are not exactly on the healthy side.  I won't pretend here that I have been getting super excited about apples or avocados... I do eat healthy food a lot of the time, but the foods I truly love are of the 'naughty' kind.  Fresh, warm, thick white crusty bread smothered in butter (well actually Pure vegan spread cos I'm weird) is just food heaven, right?

4. Long talks about shared interests. Did you used to have enthusiastic interests in things, huge passions for subjects and now you just don't care anymore? How does this happen? It baffles me where these things go and how quickly we change, and yeah, probably how fickle we can be.  But maybe just me? But I've started to try and remember some long forgotten passions and interests and a long talk and walk with a friend really reminded me of obsessions long forgotten and inspired me to take an interest again...

5. Spring flowers. Spotted my first spring flowers shooting up this week! Have you spotted any yet? It seems the Snowdrops and the Daffodils are coming out together.  We have some teeny shoots in the front garden and on a long bike ride at the weekend I saw great rows and rows of them along the roadside. No flowers yet, but the shoots are promising...  Then a friend treated me to a bunch of the most colourful Daffodils (header pic) and they do make me smile every time I walk in the room.

6. Staying on track with goals. I honestly don't know where this willpower and extra effort and energy is coming from, but can I just ask you to indulge me in a little, well, bragging.... I am WINNING at January! I am racing through my resolutions and goals and somehow I have found myself out for 6am jogs every Monday morning, I've filled in my planners, journals, to-dos every day, I'm reading and meditating daily... who am I? But honestly all of this is truly why I think I'm so happy this month.  I feel organised and on top of things for once... let's hope it continues. 

7. Nashville. I've honestly not enjoyed a programme quite as much as this one in a long time.  This series, set in, er Nashville, has returned to screens recently with a brand new series and I am just loving it.  It's the only proper programme I am really watching regularly at the moment (other than YouTube) and I just look forward to it so much. I spend the entire hour with just the biggest smile on my face, so enjoyable. Go, now, watch it if you haven't as yet....

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  1. Well done on sticking with your January resolutions, that's definitely to be applauded! It sounds like there has been lots of lovely stuff for you this week x

  2. How nice to hear you so cheery! And throughout January, good work! You definitely can't beat a crusty but of bread smothered in good salted butter only :o)
    The closest I've come to spring flowers and Marks and Sparks daffs! Close enough for now, looking forward to spying my first ones springing up from the ground.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week
    M x

  3. Oh I love some warm crusty bread with a good helping of butter on top!

  4. So wonderful to hear how cheerful you are, that's no mean feat in January! As you say though, the sight of spring blooms peeping through does help make you feel better - I think I'm going to treat myself to some daffodils to have at home and keep that feeling going for longer. Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

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