23 February 2017

A primary coloured crochet baby blanket

Made another crochet blanket for a baby... This beauty is for a brand new teeny tiny girl born just 3 weeks ago.  This blanket, for a change, was decided upon, designed and made entirely by me and do you know what I do declare it to be my favourite blanket yet. I just adore the colours.

So the yarn is my usual and very very fave Lullaby by Stylecraft. I have gone on and on about this yarn before, but really with good reason it is just PERFECT for baby things and really the only yarn I ever consider. (Please bring out more colours, please pretty please!) I buy all my yarn from Wool Warehouse, they are fab.

So the colours I used are: Winter White (they have 3 whites in their colour range, I learnt this after buying 4 balls of the wrong colour, maaaan!), then Apple, Denim, Primrose and Berry.

My friends did not disclose the sex of their baby so I had to take a gamble with the colours. But primary colours always work for everyone and they are my very fave.  I love these colours though as they are just off bright, they are more a soft, muted bright which just looks super cute.

Lullaby is a Nylon, Acrylic mix and is just super soft. It's also quite thick so works up a super snuggly, warm blanket.  It is entirely washable too.

The blanket is made up of squares, based on this pattern.

So the joins of the blanket, the raised bits for those who are not sure, are also in the Winter White colour to keep the blanket consistent.

I honestly just could not stop taking photos of this blanket, I am so super happy with it.  I gave it to my friends just the other day and they seemed pretty pleased too! Yeah.

I have a NEW crochet hook, screeeeam! For all my makes on this blog I have used my trusty fimo covered, spotty yellow 3.5 hook.  But it very sadly broke, the fimo sort of snapped and started coming off so I have had to retire it.

My new hook is still a 3.5 size, this is a fab universal size and I use it for the majority of my makes. It's by a brand called Clover and it is an Amour hook, you can buy it right here.

This hook is honestly a dream! It is so comfortable and light and the metal is not scratchy or squeaky. Fellow crocheters will know well, that awful squeak that some hooks create with acrylic yarns, eeek, it goes right through me, ew! None of that here with my new hook.

Have I mentioned the border yet? This is my FAVE bit. I love a good border. I cannot bare to leave a blanket un-edged, the horror! I wasn't sure what to really do for the border and just sort of made it up as I went along. I had thought originally to do do a little picot scallop, gosh i love a scallop edge.  But I was keen to pick up each colour from the blanket in the edging to keep it balanced. After I put the final colour in, the blanket just felt done at that point.  It is a simple design, so a scallop edge would just be so wrong here.  I am happy I made this decision. What do you think?

Just in case you didn't see the edge properly in the other pic, here's another....

OOooooh and another edge pic! I just LOVE it! The edge is just a really simple double crochet stitch all the way round with each colour in turn.

And here it is the final ta-dah. It's quite long but the blanket itself in real life is cot size, or pram size, it's not huge.  It's always SO hard to photograph completed full blankets, but hopefully you get the idea here.

To be totally honest, I was a little sad to see this one go, but hey ho, I will just have to make myself one! hehe. I have made countless crochet blankets but I don't own a crochet blanket myself, fun fact! I have about 3 currently on the go for myself though, yeah those will NEVER get completed. hehe.

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