10 February 2017

A visit to Gibside

I recently enjoyed a lovely day out with my sister, Phil her husband to be (very soon!) and of course James. We picked somewhere where none of us had been before, but somewhere really close to where they live in Gateshead.

We visited a National Trust property called Gibside and it was lovely! I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area...

There are so many 'bits' and interesting things to explore at Gibside. It is a large country estate, but the main house is now a ruin. The history s interesting too and the family who owned the estate are related to The Queen Mother.

You are free to wander round at your leisure, there are marked trails.  There are also some still standing buildings, such as the stables, chapel and other smaller buildings and structures to see as you walk.

I spied this and couldn't resist a photo. It's a great place for dogs, loads of people seemed to bring theirs to walk in the grounds.

The walks start in the walled garden area. I love a walled garden! This one was huge, and super pretty. They had loads of beds laid out for vegetables etc, which, as a novice allotmenter I do find super interesting...

One thing we did spy was this Plant Theatre, what a cool idea!

Here's wee James as a handy scale guide! hehe.

We were super lucky with the weather, it was freezing cold but bright and sunny, perfect light for photographs! The place seems to be hugely popular, there were loads of people there and the car parks were very busy. I can only imagine what it will be like at the height of summer!

So this is the house, now just a shell. You can't get very near or go inside. There is a sign that says they are hoping to make it stable so visitors can go inside. There are no plans to fully restore it though, it is too far gone now.

The stables have been fully restored though and they are beautiful, gosh I would be happy just living in here! There is a large courtyard area when you walk in and you can see the original stable layouts where the horses lived.

Jen and James made a random cow friend!

Checking my Fitbit stats for the day, we walked over 9 miles! Within the walks there were these cute little deer sculptures.

The picture above shows the Chapel.  This area was awesome, just in front of the Chapel is the market area, with shops and a tea room. I seem to have failed to take any photos of this though. The market is not permanent and just on every now and again. There was also a pop up bakery and pizza oven! They do a pop up pub some evenings too.

The market was super fun, selling crafts and food etc. There was even some live music.

We stopped for lunch in the cafe, it was nice, sandwiches and jacket potatoes etc with lots of choice of freshly baked cakes. The cafe was very busy though!

Just as we began to think about heading home, we had a quick last look at the map to see if we had missed any bits. Turned out we had missed probably the best bit! Just behind the chapel there is a huge wooden adventure playground! Luckily James woke up from his nap just in time.

The play area had loads of picnic tables and a little shop selling ice creams, sweets and coffee!

James took a liking to a little wooden playhouse and would not come out! hehe.  He did look awfully cute though.

Next time you are in the Newcastle/Gateshead area be sure to pay Gibside a visit...


  1. Awww looks great , another one for my list !!

  2. The place looks wonderful for a walk and exploration! :)



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