1 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 37

Hello hello! Well this feels nice doesn't it, a new WW post on the first of a brand new month, I do enjoy it when things line up like this.

Let's get straight to it shall we...

1. Resistance. How do you put awful things that are happening around the world into a list about little happy things? Well as this is a WW post I am trying to put a positive spin on it, as much as I can. The news at the moment is horrid, and scary and making me anxious. It is un-real the constant lists of things HE is doing, and I find myself mostly in utter disbelief. But among the news stories of the terrible things, the news stories of the resistance makes me positive... all the celebs and other people in the spotlight using their power to spread their messages, large companies; Starbucks, Air B&B pledging their support to refugees, the President of Canada, the pictures of lawyers sitting on the floor at airports working for free to help those stranded, the petitions.. and ALL the marches.... these things are amazing. Out of all the awful things going on in the world, it does allow you to see all the truly wonderful people in the world too.

It feels odd to continue my list of perhaps silly, inconsequential things here, but I personally think focusing on these little positives in your day to day really does make a difference to your outlook on life.  It is important to stay positive after all, so I will continue as I mean to go on...

2. Spinning. Well, probably that after spinning feeling more to the point. I really do enjoy my weekly spin class, it suits my exercise style, I'm into 'big' cardio and I feel like I do try to put the effort in with spinning. My class all seem to know each other, its a bit cliquey.  It does take courage for me to walk in, I don't really look like a regular gym girl, whatever that is. I often catch glances my way, and in my paranoid brain, I assume they are thinking, 'what is SHE doing here', 'she won't keep up'. But I DO and I CAN, I'm keeping to the beat and all the RPM and levels the instructor shouts out. I bet most of the others in that class haven't biked REAL bikes up REAL mountains! lol. I wear my bright beetroot face with PRIDE walking out that spin room. #ThisGirlCan

3. February. Wuhu, a new month.  Goodbye January! Goodbye January blues (although I did get through fairly unscathed this year phew!) goodbye silly January resolutions (more in a forthcoming post) and hello visits planned to see my sis and family, and little long weekends away in the Lakes with Mark, and day trips on trains with my Dad, it's ALL happening this month, I can't wait, wuhu!

4. New piercings. Might have sort of got myself a couple new little teeny holes in my ears at the weekend. I'm SO excited and happy with them. As you can see here I have stuff in lobes already, and now I have gone for a new piercing in each ear in the upper lobe. I adore my piercer guy I go to (Get Pierced in Carlisle) he is just lovely. I've already sought advice for my next piercings too... (It's getting addictive now...) Just 8 weeks to go until they are healed and I can start collecting fun new jewelry for them, ugh, 8 loooooooong weeks..... (I'm THE most impatient person on the planet).

5. Frosty frostiness. Stepped out the door on Monday morning to be greeted by a visit from Jack Frost. I wasn't expecting him, I didn't even have my 'big' coat on and my mittens were tucked up back in their drawer... brrr it was! I don't think the 'road people' were expecting it either because the roads were slippy and slidey. I wouldn't contemplate ever driving on ice, eek. But it did look super pretty, it was all misty too just to add to the atmosphericness (that's a word right!?) Just a shame I was off to work and not for a beautiful walk in the countryside...

6. Cosyest jumper. I have loads of clothes I like at the moment. This is miraculous to me, as I usually have 'nothing to wear' and hate myself in everything.  I've even been talking myself out of new clothes (what! why??!) a voice pops up whispering, 'you have enough' I don't know WHO that is, but she's certainly new!  But one particular item I just cannot cannot stop wearing is the cosyest, snuggliest, oversized, turquoisey green jumper. It's from Good old M&S and it has a high neck and long fold-down sleeves. It's also the best material and washes super well, as you would expect from good old M&S, right! I simply want to live in this jumper. Nobody at work will notice if I turn up in this daily will they...?

7. Z: The Beginning of Everything. Discovered a new TVs to watch, and ooooh it's good. I think it is brand new to Amazon Prime, a whole new series. But I got too excited and ruined it now, watched the entire thing already... bother! lol. I always do this! hehe. So it is Christina Ricci (who will ALWAYS be a fave for she is in my very very fave movie of all all ALL time, 'Mermaids', of course! - not NOT Disney, look it up!) and she plays Zelda Fitzgerland, the wife of the author. So it's all period drama, with 1920s costumes and jazz and dancing... I really enjoyed it. Put it on your list...

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  1. I think I say thankyou to M+S for ALL of my clothes - they've never let me down! Have a lovely week! h xx

    1. Hehe, yeah a large percentage of mine are M&S too, blooody love that shop. x

  2. ????? 2 piercings ???? Two ??? Did you return after leaving me ??? Lol

  3. You just cannot go wrong with good old M&S can you?! I've been feeling a little bit un-inspired with clothes over the past month but i recently found a jumper i liked so much in M&S that i bought it in BOTH colours *covers face* i think i went into panic mode...

    Go you for spinning class! I'd LOVE to go to one but avoid the gym and classes for most of the reasons you listed - i just don't look gym-y and worry i wouldn't manage the class etc BUT i'm dead proud of you for sticking to it and pushing through!

    Thank you so much as always for joining along - i like you think that these little list are even more important in a world which at the moment feels riddled with rubbish and sad things.

    Sending love xxx

  4. You go girl! Never mind all those other people, let them judge and look all they want, you just do your thing and be amazing!

    Yes to February, I am pretty sure that the year really begins in February and ends at the end of November, there's something quite nice about taking December and January off to hibernate and be cosy. I wholeheartedly plan to do that again at the end of this year.

    I'm still on the hunt for a cosy jumper that I can lounge around, especially one with a higher neck than my others. It would make a nice change for the hoodie I always wear at the moment.

    Happy Thursday! Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Ooh what time spin class do you go to? I went twice before Christmas but I don't know how to set the bike up etc so I get really nervous going, I've got the teacher to help me both times but don't think I can keep doing that so would be nice to have a friend who can help ;)

    Also, when I've got some money back in my pocket I'm planning some piercings, after hearing both you and Sally went to Get Pierced that's where I'm going to go I think, haven't had a piercing for years though!!

    And finally, LOVE LOVE LOVE Mermaids, i'm a big fan of winona ryder because of that film xx

  6. Yes! You go lady! Spinning is hard and all kinds of wonderful and OUCH.
    And I do feel your pain with balancing that tangerine nightmares' continued awfulness with the minutae of our everyday lives and as hideous as he is, it just reminds me to be continuously grateful for those lovely bits of my life that he can't touch and the efforts of so so so many people to stand up and resist. It's a strange old world right now.
    Have a completely fantastic rest of the week.
    M x


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