8 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 38

This week I have mostly been ill, not 'real' ill, just an annoying cold. And annoying it really is, I would quite like my tastebuds and sense of smell back now please, oh and being able to breath through my nose to sleep would be a bonus, hehe.

But anywho, I shall focus on the positives... I just went to Spinning class with said cold, and being able to breath is probably advisable for spinning, so was dreading it. But I kicked ass and hopefully sweated out my cold at the same time. I don't do sitting and wallowing when ill, got to fight the thing out....! hehe.

Here's this week's list:

1. Goats of anarchy. OK there is an instagram account your simply MUST follow! If you are like me and gooey about any animals, but goats in particular you will be thanking me greatly for this.  But I must confess you will also be cursing me for this too, I won't lie it's a tear jerker! This is the account of an american lady who devotes her life to rescuing goats with special needs. She rescues them from dairy farms and they have all sorts of horrid problems.  But my oh my, the things she does to help them and the pictures, all the pictures. This woman deserves a medal. I adore this account.

2. Golden eggs. So back when I had tastebuds, so long ago I can barely remember right now, but Galaxy Golden Eggs are really quite marvellous. I think they have been on one of these little lists before and I am so happy to see them popping up again in the shops. You may have noticed my stupidly insane January challenge I set myself, yep, yep, I gave up chocolate. But I can reassure you that chocolate is very much back in my life again, phew! These crunchy golden eggs really are such a fave at the moment. If you have not treated your taste buds to them yet, go buy some NOW!

3. Painting my nails. A super girly one, but I really really do enjoy painting my nails. Anybody who knows me can't fail to have noticed I'm into 'nails'. They are ALWAYS painted, I mean without fail. Not a day, since I was around the age of 16, has gone past when my nails have not been some sort of bright colour or crazy pattern, it's my thing. I detest nude nails on myself, it's just odd. Sometimes I'm in the mood for intricate patterns and dots and nail art, or a different colour on each nail.  Sometimes I simply want to go with a classic neon orange.  But they have to be different each week. Currently they are 2 shades of blue and I really rather like it.

4. Holiday Planning. Wuhu, wuhu, we are off on a wee holiday long weekend, on Friday actually, so this week and next week are both short weeks at work, double win! We are staying in a little cottage in Ennerdale in the Lake District and I cannot wait. It is a little remote part of the lakes, one which neither of us know very well, so we are excited to explore. We have looked at the maps and plotted a long bike ride one day and then a long walk the next, our ideal holiday.

5. New places. Made a visit to a new National Trust property at the weekend, new blog post coming all about it later in the week too. But it was SO nice! It's always super lovely to explore new places, and even better when they are new places in places you already think you know quite well. Gibside is near Gateshead where my sister lives. The place is huge so tons to do and explore, was fab.

6. Little people. I must mention them here every single week, but honestly I don't know how I can not. My nephews, and little people in general make me smile so much. I was hanging out with Corey the other day and he's just mad! Just making up odd little stories and talking, talking, talking. Then at the weekend just watching James walking along, I still can't get over him walking now, he's SO little! He was extra cute in his mittens and hat. Then the other day yet another new little person popped into the world, friends have had a new baby and I'm SO excited to meet her hopefully soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love the Goats of Anarchy feed! Thank you so much for the recommendation - I'm laughing and sniffling in equal measure! <3

    Hope you feel better soon! C x

  2. Ooh, I'm doing the Dechox in March for the British Heart Foundation, I'm not sure how I'm going to cope without chocolate for a whole month!

    Painting nails is so theraputic and it's fun to get all creative with them!

    I LOVE the National Trust, there are so many wonderful places across the UK to visit. I look forward to reading your post all about it!

    Also, Sudafed or Otrivine are the best cures for a blocked nose.

    Have a great weekend xx

  3. Oh my gooness I hope you're feeling a little better now lovely, colds really do take it out of you!

    Peta x


  4. I can't remember the last time I sat down and painted my nails... In fact I did it so infrequently that I got rid of all my nail varnish. It was always nice when I did do it though.

    you can't go wrong with a visit to a new place! I popped out last week, just into town and still managed to find somewhere to see that we hadn't come across before.


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