15 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 39

Well it's been a fantastic few days for me! I have been off work since Friday last week (back in today though boo, I'm typing this in my lunch hour). We enjoyed a delightful few days away in a beautiful cottage in the Lakes and it was really truly wonderful.  I won't go into too much detail because you know there WILL be a blog post (or two! hehe).

But here are the little details that put an extra smile on my face this week:

1. A little visitor through the window. Met a new little cat pal one day on holiday when he popped through the window of our cottage! He was just suddenly there on the window ledge mewing as I washed the dishes, so of course I let him in. He was SUPER friendly, cute and cuddly.  Then Mark got grumpy and put him back out, humph! But he did make me smile for all of five mins!

2. Lambs. Spotted my first spring lambs at the weekend in the fields in the countryside as we were driving past, aw! I get VERY over excited when lamb spotting. I have been known to let out a shriek scary and shocking enough to cause Mark to want to break the car! In my defence when this happened the lambs were wearing little plastic orange jackets tied at their necks (still to this day THE cutest thing I have ever seen!). No orange jackets this year, but I did let out a wee shriek spotting the new little lambs, all gangly legged and skinny skipping through their fields.

3. Kind strangers. So where we were staying over the weekend was pretty remote, and we cycled down a valley that was even more remote.  At the top of the valley is a YHA literally in the middle of absolutely nowhere and difficult to get to. We hadn't seen a sole all the way along.  But we get to the youth hostel and there's this bloke there outside.  He's super friendly, turns out he is from Carlisle too! He showed us inside the building, which I was very excited about, as I'm super nosy! He was renting it for the weekend with a big group of mates. He was fab! It's so odd the random people you meet in the middle of nowhere!

4. Wide open spaces. My header image illustrates this one perfectly. There are obviously many many beautiful places in the Lake District but it is rather popular and you are not often on your own.  But for much of our walk on Sunday the place was completely deserted. No buildings, no people, hardly even any sheep! Just huge wide open spaces and the most stunning scenery all around us and just the two of us there with it ALL to ourselves. When walking through this field, I kept twizzing round and walking backwards just to take in all the views, it was a pinch me moment.... how can this be real, that I'm here in such a spectacular place. ahhhhh......

5. Unplugged. There isn't much phone signal or 3G in the Lakes and especially where we were! So we were pretty much unplugged for a blissful 3 days. It was fab! We actually watched movies without doing anything else, like no scrolling our phones at the same time, we ate nice food, we even talked, we went on walks and appreciated just not having to be so reliant on phones all the time. Ok, ok so we did make a visit to this one pub especially for the free wifi and I had a half an hour scroll... but apart from that was pretty fun to be unplugged for a little while.

6. My bike. I have probably said it here many times and I will no doubt say it again but being on my bike is my happy place. It doesn't really matter where I am going much. Of course stunning, wild new places to explore make it largely better. But even in the drizzly rain, sleet and wind, peddling along little country lanes is just bliss. I rarely think of much when on my bike and I just enjoy the journey. I even love a biking challenge and relish the steep ups as much as the downs. Gosh, I love my bike.

7. Hanging out with my dad. I'm a good daughter, I will boast about that! hehe. I like to think I know my dad quite well.  He is in to vehicles; old planes, old trains, old cars. I follow various random Facebook pages for these things (Dad doesn't really do the internet!) just so that I can keep informed of all things Dad likes. I'm usually the first to tell him about train and plane sightings and new things to visit. Yesterday we spent a lovely lovely day together on a steam train, in fact the first timetabled regular steam train service in 50 years (it was on the national news and everything!) It was another little thing I spotted on Facebook and told Dad about. Well he LOVED it, we had a super lovely day. It makes me happy seeing Dad so happy and excited about things.

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  1. He was a very happy man , bit tired but very happy !! Thankyou xx

  2. I'm so jealous - a break in the Lakes sounds like exactly what I need! Having a few days away from tech can be so good too - it's so easy to get in the habit of using it way too much!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. How have I never done the Lakes? It sounds right up my street. Glad you had a brilliant few days. And how awesome are the lambs?? I totally ruined a best ever speed run (probably) because I got sidetracked cooing at the lambs over the fence.
    Hope you've had an equally good rest of the week (despite being back at work!)
    M x Life Outside London


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