22 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 40

Another week mid way through already, it's the end of February next week, HOW does this happen? I know it is such an obvious thing to say but my my we are wizzing through this year already aren't we!  I'm starting to feel the pressure now with all those new years goals and resolutions I set myself... yikes!

But this week has been fine, a normal week at work, plodding along same as usual mostly...

Let's get down to business then shall we? Here's what's been keeping that smile on my face this week:

1. The perfect tights. OK so hold the front pages just for a moment... but I think I may have found them! I KNOW right? I adore tights, I love wearing them. I wouldn't even consider a skirt or dress without them (ew naked flesh ew!) now when I say tights I mean full on thick, as thick as you can get, black, plain tights, I like a high denier I do.  I'm always trying new ones, I can't tell you how many tights I own, constantly on the hunt for that elusive perfect pair. Why are tights either always shiny, fall down, wrinkle at the ankle (shudder)... ugh, why, just why? But this week I popped into Matalan, it happens to be on my walk home rather randomly. I picked up a 200 denier pair and wore them the next day, no shinyness, snug, tight fit, no falling down, no hitching up, and no ankle wrinkleage... so far so good.... please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for these ones...

2. A finished crochet project to be proud of. I finished a rather large on-going crochet project this week and I am SO happy with it. I'm not really one to toot my own horn much (mostly the opposite) but I am proud mostly of my crochet makes. I think this is 1 skill I am actually not that bad at. Well I like what I make at least. Of course there is a full blog post coming on this project, so I won't say too much now, but completing on-going projects and being proud and pleased with the final result really does make me smile.

3. A new challenge. Started a new challenge, along the lines of my run every day and my crazy chocolate abstinence... I'm not telling anyone about it, in fact seems rather silly to write about it here. But I may report on it should I succeed. But honestly having this, this little challenge, this little secret, is probably the main thing that is keeping me smiling this week. I enjoy a challenge with myself (and only ever myself) and they really help to motivate me and keep me focused on personal things I wish to achieve.

4. New baby cuddles. Met a teeny weeny new baby this week. Our friends just had their first, a little baby girl. She is only 3 weeks old. I was lucky enough to get lots of cuddles and she is so super cute, I just couldn't take my eyes off her. AW, squishy teeny baby cuddles are the best. Where do all the babies go? hehe.

5. Making plans with friends. They do say don't they that it is other people, communities, family, friends that are one of the fundamental things for our personal happiness. This couldn't be more true! Time flies on, we are all super busy and you have to admit to yourself that you don't make enough time for friends as you should.  Been in touch with a few good friends recently and got some good plans in the diary. I'm never one of these that makes plans and then regrets it when the day comes. I'm always genuinely excited and positive about seeing and spending time with my friends.

6. The first sproutage. I was SUPER excited to pop along to the allotment at the weekend and spy the teeny green shoots of my first allotment, from seed sproutage! Yes they may actually be flowers, not food at all but still! I planted them, from scratch, teeny seeds in OUR allotment and they are shooting. After all the digging I just felt so ready to get planting, but it is still a teeny bit too early yet for actual veggies. So I put in some spring bulbs and seeds I got for my birthday. So happy to see them coming up already. There will be more allotment updates soon, once the weather is a little nicer and we have done something other than constantly digging and turning the same beds over and over... lol!

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  1. I keep saying to anyone who will listen that I can't believe it's March next week. Its INSANE where the time is going !

    I am also very jealous of your holy-grail of tights! Mine are all laddered or have lost elasticity (how #firstworldproblems!)


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lynsey. :-) x


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