20 March 2017

Experiences, not things!

What would you rather spend your money on, that pair of designer shoes, the latest must have eyeshadow palette or a day out somewhere lovely with friends or family?

I know which one I would choose every single time... experiences over things always!

This probably hasn't always been the case for me though and I wonder if I have changed as I get older. I remember in my teens and early twenties being obsessed with shopping, with buying stuff. Discovering new cool clothes brands, having the best shoes, jeans etc. I counted down to payday and made lists of the things I wanted to buy next. But now I don't really care too much. A little voice pops up saying 'you don't really need that do you?' I don't know where she came from but she's kinda right! I do treat myself occasionally to 'stuff' but most of my money goes towards experiences these days.

You aren't likely to start reminiscing about those fabulous high heels or that ludicrously over priced blusher as an old lady, instead you might well remember the fun, laughter, the days out, the new places explored and crucially the people you did those things with!

Grab your mates together and spend a weekend camping and exploring, always throw in a pub lunch too!

I've always always been a YES person! Ask me to go out for the evening, to the cinema, for a meal, out to a club, whatever it is I pretty much always say yes. Saying yes has given me my best memories, given me some of my best friends, led me to meet boyfriends and has always given me the best experiences.

I would NEVER turn down chance to hang out with my friends, do something interesting or try something new.  I will always pick going out over staying in, and I love it when I have loads of things and people to see to look forward to.

One of the most expensive experiences ever was our epic 2 week USA/Canada road trip a couple of years ago. I had to be very frugal for a long time to save for this... man it was SO worth it, which I think these expressions prove!

We didn't buy any souvenirs from our USA/Canada trip, instead the only 'thing' I wanted to bring home was a New York apple tattoo. We got our tattoos from a top NY tattoo shop in the middle of the city, just the experience of getting them was enough.

I recently got an invite to a reunion with some old work friends, friends I haven't seen for around 8 years. Initially I thought, yikes, that sounds scary and huge and EXPENSIVE! (I live the opposite end of the country) But then I gave myself a talking to, and thought, well why the hell not? How can I say no? What reason would I have for saying no? I adored the guys I worked with in London, some of my fave nights out ever have been with that gang so I quickly bashed out my excited reply, YES, of course I will be there! Yes it's hugely expensive for me to visit London, with train tickets and hotels costing way over my normal monthly rent and food totals!

I'm making the most of my visit to London and I've arranged to see 2 other friends, to visit Windsor Castle, and various museums and galleries. Yeah I have been frugal the past few months and lived without buying any new dresses but something tells me I will enjoy seeing my old friends WAY more.

Daddy and I enjoying a lovely Lake cruise for his birthday.

Experiences can be expensive, but come on, ask yourself, out of the things you buy how much do you need? Could you save that money and invest it in your future memories? Of course not all things have to cost money either.

I think giving experiences as gifts is always a winner! I love to give 'experience' gifts to my mum and dad for example for birthdays. Spending time with people, sharing something fun is always a winner over that quickly grabbed DVD and box of chocs from the supermarket! haha.

Last year for Dad's birthday my sister and I treated him to a lovely local day out.  And last year for my birthday Mark treated me to a day at Beamish, which was one of the best days that year for me, I adored it. You cannot beat days out for birthday ideas!

Me and Mark about to go down the mine at Beamish.

So in 2017 I am making a huge effort to do things, in fact I make an effort to do things every year. This whole blog is a document of my experiences, my days out, holidays, and I regularly enjoy looking back over my posts and reminiscing.  We are always planning and saving for the next trip, going to new places, going back to cherished favourite places, exploring new walks, new bike rides and campsites.

Bike rides are always more fun if you can convince your buddies to come along too!

Eventbrite* have challenged me to write my 2017 bucket list of experiences. This is an easy one for me as I have a noticeboard in my room where I write my adventures list on an annual basis.

So in 2017 my experiences bucket list so far contains:

Woods weekend (more about this on the blog soon)
London visit
Visit to Windsor Castle
Keswick camping
Hen weekend
Wales mountain biking camping trip

And room for the ones I haven't even thought of yet...

Yes, all these things cost money, all these things I have to save for, but my oh my I just KNOW they will be worth it! :-)

If you don't know where to start with some fun experiences why not check out Eventbrite's list of events and activities in your area or by category. As the events are made by many different people you just never know what you will find. You can also add your own! Want to have a reunion with some workmates, planning a hen-do weekend etc? Create the event and take payment easily online. You can even create free events still with a booking link so you know who is coming along!

My advice is always be a YES person, why not? What's stopping you? Do you need that new top? Or will you have more fun if you buy yourself a train ticket and hang out with a pal you haven't seen for a while? Which will last longer and be more meaningful to you?

I would love to see your bucket list of your 2017 adventures...

* I have not been paid for this post.

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  1. I completely agree, I've increasingly asked for, and gifted, experiences over recent years! Sounds like you have had some brilliant adventures x


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