1 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 41

Another Wednesday already, how can that be? To be honest I am ALL over the place this week, no idea what day it is, what I am doing, where I am or who I am! I was struck down on Saturday with food poising (or could have been the plague!!), and I'm trying not to be too dramatic here but it really was the worst 'illness' I have ever experienced. I'm just not an ill person, like ever, the old cold yeah, but never 'ILL' ill... 

So I haven't exactly done a lot the last few days, just wondering when I will feel like eating ever again... not even pancakes could tempt me, PANCAKES (I MUST be ill, right!)

But anywho, I'd best get on with it and summon up the brain power to remember some happy bits before I got ill, which frankly feels like the longest time ago ever! (i'm SUCH a baby!)

1. Getting over being ill. So yeah number one HAD to be this. I have to turn it into a positive. Saturday night and Sunday were horrendous, never experienced anything like it.  But Monday evening and Tuesday as I type this I am feeling more like myself and it feels glorious it does! I feel all renewed and positive about stuff. Sunday was seriously the longest day of my life so far, just on and on and on waiting to be 'better', riding it out, moan and groan. The human body might put us through some crappy stuff sometimes, but it's self healing powers really are rather miraculous!

2. Crocus carpets. Have you spotted any yet? I was out for a walk with my lovely friend and her cute as a button baby Sammy for a lunchtime walk late last week and we turned a corner only to be greeted with THE best crocus carpet ever! I thought I had seen the best in our city centre park but NO, this one was in a housing estate in the 'wrong' end of town, and it could not be prettier. We took a de-tour to marvel at the purple, white and occasional sprig of yellow beauties. Of course baby Sammy slept through the entire thing! Then on Saturday whilst out walking in the local graveyard (that's totally normal right!?) the entire place was full of them too! Such a happy sight.

3. An afternoon with my mum. So before I was struck down with what I can only assume was the plague, mummy and I spent a quite lovely afternoon together. We afternoon tea'd in a delightful cute little cafe, ate far too much cake, then wandered graveyards and gazed at the pretty flowers, popped into town to a couple of shops and enjoyed nice long chats about this and that and nothing in particular.

4. Good friend chats. Popped round to a friend's house late last week to catch up and just had THE best chats. Chatting with old friends who know you the best is just the most wonderful thing. I only have a small handful of people I'm ever comfortable fully sharing and being myself with (and I count myself lucky to have those few close people too) and it's just awesome to have chats where you feel like that. Happy, relaxed and just sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings. It feels nice to get it all out and share sometimes.

5. Shopping for earrings. I've got a few piercings in my ears, I blogged about it here. And since that post I have a couple more (hehe, me addicted noooo!) but I simply cannot STOP shopping for new earrings. I have so many already but I cannot help it. I adore this website where they are dirt cheap and there are TOO many to choose from. The only downside is that they ship from some random far away country and take FOREVER... but getting that little parcel in the post full of super new pretties more than makes up for it.

6. My fave cosy cardigan. Did I mention I was ill yet? No, I'm not digging for sympathy or anything, lol... But yeah, when I was dying at the weekend and pretty much every other night of the week the only thing I want to wear is my cosy favourite cardigan. As soon as I get home I put on my tired old leggings, my over-sized slobby t-shirt and throw on my super huge, long, snuggly soft cardigan. It literally could wrap around me twice so it sort of feels like a hug.  It's the softest, acrylic sort of fabric and it was from my fave M&S. I bought it in the sale, and I knew instantly it would be a snuggly 'house' cardigan, it doesn't go outdoors as it's possibly not the most flattering garment ever, but my oh my it does put a smile on my face.

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  1. oh GOSH Jo i'm so so sorry to hear that you've been poorly! I'm with you totally, i am the worst ill person too - i'm not patient enough for it and i think i could probably deal with being shot better than being ill {might be a bit of a dramatic comparison there}.

    I'm so glad you're on the mend though, thats deserved of a huge point all of its own if ever there was. I visited our mutual little 'crocus carpet' in the park recently and it always makes me think of you! Is there any more cheery than these little fellows?!? I'm LOVING all of the daffs too.

    Ooh i'm intrigued to see where else there is left to pierce ho ho ho, and look forward to reading it about it soon.

    As always - thank you so much for joining in and GET WELL SOON LADY!!!

    Sal xxx

  2. Ahhh that sucks that you got so poorly! But glad youre starting to feel a little bit better! It gives you a renewed sense of appreciation for how much we take our healthy normal selves for granted! Maybe you could eat pancakes later on in the week!? xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  3. Glad your on the mend , it was a sad end to what had been a lovely afternoon together , apart from the drizzly weather !! I also love the crocus carpets but more so when the sun shines and they all open up and smile !

  4. Oh Jo!! I hope you're feeling much much better now. There have been some absolutely horrid bugs going around lately, look after yourself and don't try and do anything too quickly! Your cardigan sounds so cosy and lovely - the perfect thing for when you feel under the weather!

    Peta x


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