8 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 42

Helloooo, and a very Wonderful Wednesday to you. I'm actually typing this with sun streaming into the office, actual sun! It almost, almost feels spring like out there.

My picture this week is from a few weeks back in the Lakes, not been anywhere nearly pretty enough lately for photos, boo.

Well if the sun isn't enough to put a smile on your face, here are some other little things that have been keeping me happy this week...

1. A new 'old' bag discovery. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have an old favourite bag back! It's a squishy quilted floral Cath Kidston bag (I ALWAYS go Cath!)which I have had for years now. The strap broke and it was stuffed to the bottom of a drawer and forgotten about. I spied it the other day and thought to myself, why don't I just get this fixed? I adore this bag and there is nothing wrong with it besides the strap, so I did! Is it bad I then wanted to check myself out in all the passing windows on the way to work just so I could see how my bag looked! lol.

2. New glasses. Treated myself a little bit. Yep glasses are usually a huge expense and one I rarely indulge in but I got my new beauties for a stupidly bargaintastic price of £20. I discovered online opticians and voucher codes. Turns out you don't need to fork out hundreds of pounds at your local optician, just get them online. So my new pair are pretty funky! Large colourful, thick plastic tortoiseshell, circular retro frames. I think they are cool!

3. A nephew couple of days. I babysat for Corey (3) at the end of last week and it was just the cutest thing. We had a lovely evening of playing pokemon. That boy is a genius, he knows FAR more about Pokemon now than I do. We played with his awesome sticker book which features pages and pages of stickers of every single pokemon, I'm a little jealous I won't lie.  Then the very next day I popped on the train to Newcastle to visit the littlest one, James (2). I arrived after bedtime so didn't see him until the next morning. I jumped at the chance to get him out of his cot in the morning, and seeing his happy little sleepy face light up and him say 'aunty Jo' as I walked in the room really is all I need to get me through the rest of the week.

4. Exciting creative projects at work. Work feels exciting at the moment, I know, I'm SUCH a bore to bring work into my happy little list.  But honestly I am here at work the majority of my week of course, so It's always good when work makes you smile too. I have a super long list of fun things I am working on, and I am feeling inspired and motivated about it all. I'm pretty lucky with my job, I just need to remind myself of that on the stressy days too!

5. A much needed bike ride. I have been promising myself a big countryside bike ride for what feels like an age. I was SO looking forward to it last weekend, but the dreaded plague hit me so this weekend I was determined. It was actually pretty decent weather for once too, bonus! The crappy weather previously still provided just the right amount of puddles and mud along the way though. I love getting out in the countryside on my own on my bike. I have a very favourite route of around 16 miles, which burns about 1,000 calories which is always a welcome bonus!

6. Nutella and Go. Since my crazy chocolate challenge and the impending doom of the bridesmaid dress (kidding Sis!!! lol!) I have been a bit more careful of late about what I am stuffing down my gob. But on Tuesday evenings for the past couple of weeks I have allowed myself a little treat.  My treat of choice... Nutella and Go! I spin on a Tuesday evening and I burn around the same amount of calories as a Nutella and Go, so I simply eat them all back again straight after. Most people probably think this is mad, but trust me enduring the hell of that sweaty box, cycling to nowhere for my weekly Nutella fix is worth every excruciatingly painful second! hehe. (I do like spinning really, I'm just being dramatic! lol)

7. This is us. Found a new thing to watch, hurrah! An actual nice thing to watch, no zombies, no motorcycle gangs, no guns, makes a nice change from the usual things I have been watching lately. I'm always on the lookout for 'nice' things to watch. This is an american drama about a large family and it is just SO nice, I'm enjoying it a whole lot.

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  1. ooooh what a lovely list Jo! Your nephew sounds adorable! What online opticians did you use? I'm going to have to check out "This is us" as I must say I too really need just a nice tv show to watch.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week,
    Peta x


  2. The online specs buying is a complete game changer eh? I LOVE it. When you're a specsy sort they can get so expensive from the high street!
    And I ompletely get the Nutella/spinning scenario! I now now exactly what I can scoff down for each running route I have, it's important stuff!
    Have a great rest of the week, always celebrate the good bits of work-we spend so much time there you just have to!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Buying glasses online has always intimidated me, how did you get around not being able to actually try them on?

    I am also watching This Is Us and good grief episode 17 broke me!! Just one more to go and I don't think I can take learning about how Jack died :( ALL THE FEELS!!!


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